Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sexiest Men

This is Miss Too Sexy's pic of some of the sexiest men out.


Trey Songz melts me with his smile. Plus, he's 25; perfect age.

Avant caught my heart when he started doing songs with Keke Wyatt and no matter how old he is sexy will still be stamped on him.

Lance Gross. He looks gooood. Too bad Eva met him first.

Why is Reggie Bush with Kim Kardasian? He's adorable and I have this fantasy of playing with his bellybutton. It's an outtie.

Terrance Howard has this old school sophisticated sexy.

Fredro Starr has been hot ever since his days on Moesha.

He's shaped like a teddy bear and his personality says BEST OF BOTH WORLDS

See, best of both worlds

I'm not finished yet, but until next time ENYOY!!!!

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