Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hold On To Your Independence

Earlier today I decided to take a trip to the mall via city bus. While at the bus stop I met this woman. She asked me about myself so I gave her a brief description. I even told her about my website.

Afterwards we became quiet, but then she started talking again. She said something along the lines of 'Stick to your dreams. Don't let anyone distract you.' I told her I was very focused and determined to accomplish my dreams.

She then told me how she married a man right out of college, got what she thought was a good job, and moved to a nice little town in Florida. Then after years of being married her ex husband fell out of love with her.

She was so distraught by this that she quit her job and moved to a different town just so she could get over him. Now she regrets it. She told me if she would have at least kept her good job then she'd be retired now. Instead she's starting her life over again. She feels as if she lost her blessing because she let a man control her actions.

At the end of the conversation she repeated her advice by saying "Don't get so caught up in a man that you lose sight of your own independence."

I'm definitely going to follow her advice and I hope she follows it too.

She told me that she loves to do interior designing. She works for a catering service now, but a month ago she got offered a job at a furniture store. It could be her new blessing so I hope she takes it.

For all of you ladies out there, grab your blessings and do not let anyone take your focus away.

After all, Salt N Pepa did say it aint a man's world.

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