Monday, January 11, 2010

Sexual Healing

Two days ago my roommate told me a story about a guy who she'd met right before Christmas. I actually met him soon after when she invited him over, but had forgot about him. Well...

(Don't think love. It was nothing like this picture.)

The night I met him (and first time she invited him over) he showed up three hours after he was supposed to come over. She later revealed to me that he wanted sex from her, but she turned him down. I knew then that he did was not the type looking for a relationship, but did not say anything.

Well, she told me that when the break started he called her everyday for about a week and then stopped calling her. Then she got tired of him, but as soon as she was ready to move on to another man he begged her to give him another chance. Sooo...
She did give him another chance, but she told him he was going to have to be on time when hanging with her. She also told him that she was not looking for a man just for sexual pleasure. He told her he would do better, but of course...

He did not. A few days ago she wanted to go to the movies, so she called him. She wanted to go in the middle of the day, but he wanted to go at night. He also told her that he would have to see if he had any other plans before he could decide on going to the movies with her. However, when she called him he did not have any plans for the day. She did go to the movies with one of her girl friends, but she called him at the end of the day to tell him he had messed up for the last time.

My conclusion on this situation was this guy was never into her romantically. He never wanted to get to know her as a friend or even more than friends. He only thought his lack of respect for her time would sooner or later get him an invitation into her bed (kind of like the song by New Boys).

Now if you are a male and you are reading this remember he did try to get her to have sex with him after he showed up to her house hours late.

While he did not come right out to her with exactly what he wanted, he did do something else. He "stringed" her along. Instead of letting her go when he originally messed up, he begged her to stay in his life knowing he was not going to change.

Now, I titled this sexual healing because when in their teens and 20's, people's sexual feelings tend to overpower emotional needs.

However, you can't get your sexual healing if your emotional needs are not taken care of.

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