Sunday, January 17, 2010

School Lessons--Fresh Fish

9th grade was the first time I felt like I had to prove myself. I was a freshman and an easy target for bullys. I had to show the students that I was not easily hurt (or pretend to). I had to show my teachers I was smart enough to be there, which I did. I proved myself and moved up.

Then college came. I was a freshman again (or should I say fresh fish). I was one of 12,000 students in college. I had to prove myself all over again. The professors needed to see I was smart and my classmaates had to see I was tough-skinned. I proved myself and moved up.

Then over Christmas break it hit me. In just a couple of months I will be graduating, but I will be at the stage of "fresh fish" again. I will be just another person out in the world trying to prove myself. There will be no one backing me up. I will stand all alone and face strangers once again.

However, after the earthquake hit Haiti I learned something new. Every last one of those people in that country will have to rebuild their lives again. They will have to start over with new homes and new jobs.

This brings me to the lesson of the week:

No matter what stage you are at in life, you will always have to prove yourself.

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