Thursday, June 30, 2011

Are Men Becoming The New Gold Diggers?

You must admit a man like Kanye West will suck the life out of you. 
According to Urban Dictionary the definition of a gold digger is any woman whose primary interest in a relationship is material benefits and  a woman who cares more about a man's bank account than that man. I'm not exactly sure when the word gold digger was invented, but I'm about to make something up.

Gold digger came into existence around the same time women discovered they could work for a living and pay their own bills. When women discovered this big accomplishment they also found out they could raise their standards of what to expect in relationships. Since the black woman was no longer raising the white woman's kids, she didn't want the black man who was picking cotton for money. The black woman was also no longer working as a maid, so she didn't want a man who worked as a cab driver. Since the black woman could finally write out the lyrics to a new song she'd started singing or a new book she wanted to write, she wanted a man who could write and make more money than her. These women were used to men being the head of the household, so they wanted to keep things that way. However, some man didn't like the new morals these women had gained and started calling them gold diggers.

See, unfortunately Urban Diction failed to realize something things. Gold digging is not just about using a person for their money. It's not slavery times, Jim Crow laws, or even at a  point where women are just getting freedom. The definition of gold digging has changed. It's now about taking a person's money, controlling their actions, letting them take care of and love you, and not giving a damn about their feelings in the end. Well, you won't feel bad until they cut you off or they find other ways to gain some type of power. This new definition does't just apply to women either. Men are starting to become the biggest gold diggers, or at least it seems that way.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reasons That Keeps A Single Woman (Like Me) From Getting A Man

I was going to get all serious and talk about goals, growing up, and feeling like nothing you do is an achievement. However, I changed my mind. Every other day I see an article giving single women advice on why they can't get a man and some articles on why single men can't get with good women. These articles are always sad and lean on trying to make people feel guilty for being the way they are. Well, as a single woman I say fuck all the depressing reasons why we (really me) are still single. There are plenty good reasons why women like me should be single at this moment. Of course I'm going to break down a few to you.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pet Peeve: When People Purposely Ignore You

Earlier I read this blog post on growing up and being completely unprepared. I'm dying to point out how great it was and how much I think the author of the post read my mind, but it has to wait until tomorrow. I have something more important to discuss. This other topic is way more important because it happens way too often. It happens so often I want to scream, but I'm not. Instead I'll  just explain my frustration with it. 

This furious act that you may be anxiously wondering about is the art of ignoring. Well, I have a better phrase for it. It's when people don't flat out listen to you and the other day it happened to me. Someone purposely ignored me and then wanted me to repeat myself all over again. Ughhhhhh.....

Nicole Ari Parker And Boris Kodjoe Talks Clothing And Being A Great Couple

Earlier today I saw an interview Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe did with In the interview they do a little joking, talk about fashion, and talk about being a great couple. I always admired them. Check out the interview below.

Monday, June 27, 2011

BET Awards Part 2-- The Inspiration

Sometimes I'm not sure if this blog is about me, others, telling other people's stories, telling my own crazy stories, or just finding stories to tell. I guess it's about them all. Well, anyway if you read my first post about to 2011 BET Awards, then you should have known more was coming. However, I'm not going to talk anymore about the great performances or funny skits. Instead this second edition is about how I was inspired.

The inspiration didn't come from the familiar star status faces that graced the red carpet and it wasn't from the many fabulous stars that graced the stage. Instead it came from a person I've known for a long time. That person is Andrea Brown, owner of The Uptown Lounge.

2011 BET Awards Best Performances And Skits

It's been years since I went to a family reunion. The last time I can remember being at one I might have been 18. While at the family reunion I saw my loved ones that always spoiled me, the bad ones who were in and out of prison, drunk family members who didn't care what was coming out of their mouths, and people I never knew was related to me. The experience was very surreal. It was like watching an unscripted movie form into something everyone couldn't help but appreciate. While I haven't experienced that feeling in a while with family, every year I get that same experience from the BET Awards.

Yesterday (6/26/2011) the 2011 BET Awards premiered. It had many moments that helped it feel like a big family reunion. Some of these amazing stars included Kevin Hart (the host), Mary J. Blige, Kelly Rowland and Patti LaBelle. Check out why these stars and many more made the 2011 BET awards feel like a family reunion.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Drake Marvin's Room And The Star Status Remixes

Every other week a new version of Drake's latest song "Marvin's Room" drops. So far the star status people who have done remixes are long time single JoJo, ghetto princess Teyana Taylor, and child star turned (wanna-be) sexy symbol Sammie. Check out all their versions below and Drake's version at the end.

Drake Is An Emotional Person

In a recent interview Drake describes his music as emotional. He says he makes music about his life. Check it out below.

Sunday Reflections: Sometimes You Have To Do Things For You

Sometimes I feel like I repeat myself. For instance a few days ago this guy wanted me to explain why a "good man" doesn't justify a date-able man. I wrote until I finally told him I was repeating myself and if he didn't get it then that was his problem. However, relationship talk isn't the only aspect of life where I feel like I repeat myself. Another way is through my goals.

See, I've been trying to create these make believe stories since I was ten years old and I've been writing poetry since the age of 14. At the age of 18 I went off to college and decided to major in journalism. At the age of 22 I set up a blog to help develop my article and thinking skills. Throughout all of this I've always found someone who was willing to read all of my crazy thoughts. While still in college I decided one day I'd be an author, poet, blogger, screenplay writer, and reporter. Because of all the writing, at the age of 23 I decided I wanted to be referred to as a writer (money or no money). However, upon graduating college others decided they wanted to tell me all my thoughts were wrong.

I've been told that I wasn't a writer and that I wouldn't be one until I started making a lot of money one day. Granted, this was told to me while I was working as a blogger for an insurance company. I've also been told that I might as well love where I'm at and drop the thought of moving. Granted, this was said by someone who has no motivation whatsoever to leave this place because they have a career they love. I've also been told to smile more, but how can you smile if you don't feel like it? How can you act happy when you're just tired?

So, although I've been told all this stuff I'm still stuck on me. I'm tired of caring what other people think. I'm tired of other people trying to decide what's best for me. I'm tired of people telling me to be happy where I am. Is a 24-yr-old supposed to be satisfied with where they are? I'm exhausted with the thought of getting comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. I'm ready to do things on my own terms. No bad influences. No setbacks. Just accomplishments my own way.

Now I would tell you my future goals and time limits that are set on accomplishing some of them, but you may think I'm crazy and unrealistic.

(Don't worry though. You're not the only one left curious. My mom asked what I needed with a photographer and I didn't tell her.)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Coming Back Tomorrow

Hey friends and readers. I've been absent for what feels like too long. However, don't worry. I'm not abandoning anyone or the blog. I'll be back tomorrow with my "Sunday Reflections" post. Hope you're ready.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Unnatural Fears That Most Of Us Have And Don't Realize

Everyone has a fear of something. I have this crazy fear of spiders. I saw all the horror movies that involved them when I was just a baby and ever since I've noticed how they always pop up everywhere. Those things come in different shapes and sizes and can be very hard to kill (if you have a crazy fear of them). The craziest thing is some of them are poisonous. That makes the fear make sense.

For real, when I was 13 my mom made me sweep one up off the floor. We were cleaning the pantry and it was dead, but I was still afraid. I cried throughout the whole experience. Yes, I said I cried over a dead bug and if I was forced to sweep up another dead spider at 24 I'd cry again.

Anyway spiders are strange creatures. They come in so many different forms and their poisonous. They can kill you without you ever seeing them until it's too late. However, there are many things and people in the world that we're afraid of for no reason. These fears just appeared out of thin air one day and now we can't seem to shake them. Continue reading to  find out about some of the unnatural things and people we're afraid of.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beyonce Schoolin Life

Beyonce has a fun new song called "Schoolin Life." Check it out below.

  Schoolin' Life - BeyoncĂ© by HDMI44

Some Areas That Good Men Fall Short In

This Pic Has Nothing To Do With The Post
Sometimes I talk to people, or let people talk to me. These conversations sometimes get very fun and crazy, but other times they can just be weird. They get weird because these people make me wonder why they are telling their business or feelings to me.

For example, after writing a poem about cheating this woman told me she was sleeping with a married man. It was odd because I didn't know how to respond.

Most recently after writing my post about the best hoes to be on the entertainment scene this guy went on a tangent about how horrible women can be. His way of doing this was messaging me on Facebook in the chat box. But wait, my post was about these women's acting skills so I was very confused. Despite the weirdness of it all, I let him write his heart out to me.

I don't know if it's a gift or a curse, but usually when I get into these conversations I end up rationalizing it all in my head. That's exactly what I did with this guy's words. However, I didn't focus on what he was saying about women. I focused on the fact that he felt like women settle for less than they deserve, always pass up good men like him, and women don't seem to  like him. Yeah, he really said that last part. What I realized is he and some other men really are good men.

However, while their arguments about women are valid, they fall short in several areas too. Continue reading to find out what areas I think good men fall short in.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Halle Berry, The Video Vixen

When you think of Halle Berry a great actress comes to mind. She's played all kind of roles. B.A.P.S., Losing Isaiah, and Monster's Ball are just a few of her best movies. However, Halle Berry has ventured into other areas of the entertainment industry, such as the music industry.

Back in 1992 Halle Berry was a video vixen in R. Kelly's music video Honey Love. Check it out below.

The Best Hoes To Hit The Entertainment Scene

Just One Way Of How Good An Actress Can Be At Being A Hoe

As I was watching Single Ladies on Monday (6/20/2011), the word "hoe" kept crossing my mind. There were several reasons for this. One is Lisa Raye's character seems to have the advice that Karen Steffans forgot to add to her books. Another is Stacey Dash's character pimps men and has sex with someone new on every episode. In the last episode she was juggling three men. The biggest reason is the confused white girl April (have to look up her real name) cheated with the mayor but wanted to stay married to a man that told her what to wear, when to work, how to act, and got mad at her for having a personality. Actually the white girl isn't as bad as the other two. While each of them are wild in their own way, Lisa Raye's character stands out the most.

Lisa Raye's character has good looks, knows when to be sexy and when to be classy, knows the game of playing niggas better than the bible, and is absolutely (no surprise) the most single woman on earth. The funniest part of all this is in an interview with Black Enterprise Magazine the producer of Single Ladies told the magazine that she wrote that role specifically for Lisa Raye. Now why would she do that?

Since the beginning of time Lisa Raye has been a proud video girl, an actress attached to making the big bucks, and woman who would only marry the best  (richest) men (she married a prince). Then again Lisa Raye is best known for her role as a stripper in the movie The Players Club. Actually she was probably the best actress in that movie and she played a damn good hoe, which actually explains why the producer of Single Ladies would put Lisa Raye in the role.

Lisa Raye is one of the best hoes on the entertainment scene and she doesn't have to open her legs in a role to keep the reputation. However, she's not the only star out the famous for easily giving off the sex vibe. There are plenty more.

Keep reading to find out some of my favorite hoes in the entertainment industry (no porn stars mentioned):

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fried Kool-Aid, How Do You Fry Juice?

Fried Kool-Aid, Not A Black Person's Creation
Every year that's a county fair somewhere and at every county fair there's something interesting food. Well, currently San Diego, California is having that county fair and one dish has caught everyone's attention. It's Fried Kool-Aid.

This dish is a new creation by Chicken Charlies, a person who services fried food to fairs across the country. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Fried-Koolaid is a huge hit at the festival.

"It sold 400 to 600 orders of deep-fried Kool-Aid per day the first weekend of the San Diego County Fair." -- Union-Tribune

It definitely sounds like Charlie Boghosian, the creator, is getting paid. Only questions I have is how much fat are in those, how do you fry juice, and would you eat it?

Sunday Reflections: Fathers Day Special

Father's Day Special 
(Why We Should Expect Dads To Be The Way They Are)

For the last couple of days I've been thinking about daddy issues. Bet you didn't think I'd start off a Father's day post this way. The daddy issues thought came up after watching the last two shows of Braxton Family Values. It was laced with daddy issues. These issues didn't even come up when they were children either. The issues sprung up once they were adults and found out their dad was a cheater. These unresolved issues didn't just affect their attitude toward their dad. It changed their perception of men (well all except Tracey). While they are still struggling, truth is at some point everyone has daddy issues, but at some point, some people get over them. They forgive, forget, and move on. 

When Mother's Day comes around we heavily worship our mothers. There's so much to say and so many things to buy. However, Father's Day is a struggle. The gifts don't jump out at us and call our names, some dads are the best dads ever so they deserve it all, some dads aren't in our lives, and some are inactive but still expect respect on this special holiday. Overall, different dads can be happy, mad, silent, and absent. It's a fact of life and we still have to respect them. There's a logic behind this:

Sunday Reflections: Relationship Issues From A Single Woman's Point Of View

(Coming From A (24-Yr-Old) Single Woman)

This week was a long week. For the first time in my life I worked a full 40 hours doing something that didn't involve writing. It was definitely something to drink to Friday night. That same night was a friend's birthday so we went to this club downtown. While there I got numbers from two different men. However, after the club I was curious about a different man. My curiosity led me to call this guy up. 

In a previous post I talked about calling a guy, getting no answer, and leaving a message about how he missed out on an opportunity. Well, the message didn't get left, but he text me a couple minutes later. Stick with me cause this is going somewhere. 

Once he replied back I was almost home and just wanted to eat my breakfast and go to sleep. Yes, I enjoy breakfast before bed. He asked me what I was up to and I told him I'd gotten home from the club. He then asked why I called cause that's booty call hours. I thought he was dumb for saying that, but then let him know that was my intention for calling. His response to it was it couldn't happen because he didn't have protection. Pause... 

The next day (Saturday) the other two men text me throughout the day. It was shocking since I did meet them in a loud, crowded club that played hood music the entire time. Have you ever tried dancing to only hood music for two hours? While both men made a good impression, the club thing still has me thinking "WOW." Who from the club sends you a good morning text the very next morning? Oh wait, those guys. 

So, there were definitely a few things I learned. Yes, even at 24 when you're single you can still learn some stuff about men. My education went a little like this....

Friday, June 17, 2011

Co-Dependent by Gold Diggin Divas

Their group is called Gold Diggin Divas and their song is called "Co-Dependent." Yes, what you think the song is about is exactly what it is about. No, I'm not a gold digger, but I thought you would enjoy this. 

Gold Diggin Divas got the idea for their song from Webbie's hit song "Independent." Listen below. 

Friday Fashion: Trina's Hair At The Braxton Reunion Show

Technically this photo is a couple of weeks old, but The Braxton Family Values reunion special did not premiere on television until last Tuesday. When it came on, all of the women's hair stood out. All of them, except Tracy, was killing lacefront wigs. However, the one that showed off her wig the best was Trina.

Throughout the show people focused on Trina's drinking habit, but I focused on that wig. It has to be a high quality, expensive lacefront wig. While I've never worn a lacefront before, that would be a very first nice one to buy.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Craziest Music Video Any Woman Could Make

Real talk period pussy ain't handicapped. I'm not just saying that because it's true. It is also the name of the music video you're about to watch.

"Period Pussy Ain't Handicapped" is the name of MC Coochiness' new music video. MC Coochiness is a woman who has a strong resemblance to the rapper Eve and to some may look like a cross-dressing man. You may remember her from the music video "Vagina Runs The World," which spread rapidly after it hit the internet scene.

Check out "Period Pussy Ain't Handicapped" below.

For real, although I'm my horniest when I'm on my period (God why did I did write that?), everyone should stay far from it. That goes for men and doctors.

Intellectual Question: How Much Pride Is Too Much Pride?

So I just finished reading a blog post on pain and men opening up to women about past relationships. Women can express themselves freely when it comes to ex-boo's because society says we're an emotional mess. However, men on the other hand struggle with pain. Men are expected to never reveal their pain. Shut up. Man Up. Comfort and not get comforted. Well, those are the words of others, not me. Men are essentially thought of has having too much pride (or at least trying to), but reality is women are not the same as ten years ago. Women have just as much pride as men.

How do prideful people act? Having pride is when you finally stop asking for money. Having pride is when you'd rather sleep on the side of the street instead of run to family and friends for help. Okay, those are extremes, but for real pride is when you say for the first time "I don't need a man." Pride is when you mess up, everyone gets mad at you, and you don't even react (out loud).  Pride is when you tell your family you're grown and you want to live your life your way. Know what I'm mean? Having pride is when you start to act arrogant, conceded, confident, sexy, beautiful, and all those other words to people at the same time. 

While pride can lift you up, it can also destroy you. Having pride can make you feel like your best friend and worse enemy. So how much pride is too much pride?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Star Status Thoughts: To Love, Leave, And Be Left

When People Are In Your Business And Abandoning You At The Same Time

I've hit another realization in this 24th year of my life and this must be shared with you. Well, it really doesn't have to be shared but I don't know who else to tell it to or if it should be held in. But this is what us writers do. Well tell information that probably needs to be kept silent. Okay, so here it goes. 

Remember when you were six years old? Me neither, but I think it went something like this. I was finally discovering myself, the totally dependent girl who needed to feel independent while still wanting everyone's admiration. After all, every six year old wants all eyes on them. Even if they're the ugliest child in the world you can't just ignore them (or developing mental issues will form). 

While trying to discover independence, I was trying to discover what independence was. One thing I learned was that grown-ups have a career. While a real career was not on my mind, I did create my first short fiction story. It was a sign. I was so proud of that book that I showed everyone and everyone claimed to love it. People can be such liars when you're a kid all in the name of love. 

If you're confused, stick with me. There is a point to this. 

From the age of six to 18 I did develop that independent personality. Because of this personality I was called a nerd, weird, too quiet, stuck in my own world, and smart. Sometimes that word was used by strangers, but on several occasions that word was used by family too. Why don't the people closest to you think the stuff they say won't hurt you? Anyway, recently I was going over all the events and everything I should be grateful for when I came to a conclusion. There are three main things that causes us to lose our happy perception of reality:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kelly Rowland Ft. Big Sean Lay It On Me

Kelly Rowland is definitely holding her own in 2011. While Beyonce has been the biggest news on the music scene over the past month, Kelly Rowland has managed to keep some shine on herself. "Motivation" has possibly been remixed by every artist in the music and every wanna-be artist. However, Kelly has a new hot song with another hot rapper. It's called "Lay It On Me" and it features Big Sean

Check it out below.

I feel the words in this song, because if I must play the hoe (covers mouth) instead of housewife I at least want a man who will put his body to good use.

Did You Notice What's Not On Television????

In the beginning of time, well back in the 1980's, MTV ruled the reality television scene with The Real World. However, within the last couple of years there's been a numerous amount of reality shows all all networks. From Flava Flav and the countless dating shows that followed to people like the Kardashians letting us in on their personal lives, we've kept this new from of program in business. In fact stars that otherwise would have stayed normal citizens have been created.

What we've all loved most about these stars is the fake friendliness, the drama following all the fakeness, and the explosive fights.   However, not every show has been as messy. There have been some shows that were free of obscene languages, lacking a bunch of fighting, and portraying family in a positive light. One of these shows is Sinbad, It's Just Family.

Keyshia Cole Channels Her Inner Mary J. Blige

I wanted to deliver this amazing thought provoking post, but instead I discovered something more interesting. It's a recent video of Keyshia Cole singing Mary J. Blige's song "I'm Going Down." Remember how people used to compare Keyshia to Mary?

Well Keyshia Cole definitely didn't sing it like Mary J. Blige. Instead she made it her own. You have to love a singer than can take a classic and turn it into something new. Check the performance out below.

BTW I love that outfit.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The National Black Book Festival (My First One Ever)

I have a secret to tell you. This weekend was the best weekend of my life. But it wasn't spent in a club, at the park alone, or in some restaurant feeding the depressed part of me. Instead it was spent at a book festival, The National Black Book Festival.

The Books I Bought
Now some of you may think that sounds boring. However, those who know the book lover, the girl addicted to reader, the one who just found the courage to share her writing talents with the rest of the world (all of those are me) realize that this was an absolutely huge deal for me. I felt like like a kid in a candy store.

For real, I went to this event alone and for the first time since I've been back in Houston I didn't feel alone. There were authors and writers just like me. In fact they were actually willing to listen to me and I wasn't as prepared business wise as many of them were. I had no book to refer anyone to, no business cards to pass out, and only one author there knew who I was beforehand (and she barely recognized me).
Some Business Cards I Collected
What I did have was credibility (journalism degree to talk about and a blog site to speak of) and they accepted it. They referred me to other book festivals around the country and referred me to places that will help me get started on putting together my own book.

These authors inspired me, encouraged me, and one even said I inspired him. I don't know how I was an inspiration though, but it was great. The best part of all is no one talked about any side jobs they might have. It was all about writing and books.

BTW: I bought several books and took a couple pictures.

30 Day Music Challenge: Treal Lee Prince Rick Throwed Off

I've skipped a few days of celebrating Black Music Month, so here's a new post for the 30 Day Music Challenge. Today's song is Treal Lee and Prince Rick song "Throwed Off." I chose this song because after having a great weekend someone wanted to make me feel dumb. So this is dedicated to all those people that don't understand "I'm In My Own Zone." Listen to the song below.

Destined To Be Alone (2011 Poem)

This poem is based off of my love life. *Blushes* Don't judge me. I'm only human. Now read.

Destined To Be Alone
By Lashuntrice

Destined to be alone, destined to know that the moment he walks into my life is the moment he’ll be gone.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Reflections: Remembering The Past (Reading Addiction)

Today I went to the National Black Book Festival and it was excellent. If I had a million dollars and could easily make a million more I would have bought every single author's book. However, I only spent $40, which included parking, entry fee, books, and a nice t-shirt with the event's name on it. While I want to tell you every lovely detail of the event, it's not really over yet. The last part of it is tomorrow. However, I will give you a tiny glimpse of the fun and how  it made me reminisce on the past in a very good way.

See, there was one specific author there. His name is  Kevin Reeves and he was selling his very first book called "Smile." I suggest you support him because he's an amazing person with the most kind heart. At least that's what I got from our talk. Anyway, he was more curious about my writing experience than telling me about his book. I found it funny, but I told him as much as he needed to know. He was very curious about blogging and asked me if I could do a review or even advertise his book on my blog. I was glad to.

After the conversation I remembered putting a few reviews on the blog in my earlier (as in years ago) posts. Then I decided to go back and look at those posts. Upon searching I found this:

Jerry Lavigne Jr. Teaches Us How To Respond To Ugly Babies

Everybody has encountered one. Babies that look like they've gone through hard times after they've only been alive for 2 weeks do exist. The bad part is the parents of the babies will still show them off. After all, they're proud of their children. However, we don't all know how to respond to ugly babies. If you get confused when it comes to complimenting a rough-looking child Jerry Lavigne Jr., that guy who wants to know that he is loved before he dies, recently did a video educating everyone on what to do.

Watch below:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hoe Activities: How Do You Go About Asking The Question?

(From The Mind Of A Sexual Intellectual Amateur)

Some people say I have nigga tendencies. You know lack of emotions, lack of doing touchy-feely things, way too laid back, and watch too much sports. Okay, I lied about the last one, but you get my point. They think I'm not girly enough. However, inside my head I'm the girliest girl you could ever meet. I'm so girly that I struggle with figuring out the right outfits to wear around men I like, coming up with the right words to say to them, and figuring out how to comfortably doing the touchy-feely things with them. My girliness is what makes it look like I have nigga tendencies. Damnit, I think so much that it starts to look like I'm not thinking at all. The biggest problem that I think about most is something that all of us single (and something people in relationships) struggle with, hormones. Earlier today those hormones made me ask myself a serious question, "How Do You Go About Asking The Question?"

The question specifically being referenced is where a woman lets go of all morals (according to society) and asks for sex. Screams, yes I said it. My conscience and I had a long discussion about this earlier. I know I'm not the only person out there that gets into random conversations with myself inside my head of course. I don't say these things out loud for fear I'll look crazy. Anyway, my conscience and I have been having these back and forth thoughts about sex for a couple of days, but it got really crazy today. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fashion Moment: Rihanna and The Ugly Short Shorts

Is it just me or are stars killing the HELL out of those short shorts? By killing, I don't mean in a good way. They look like big diapers. I used this recent picture of Rihanna because it seems as if she wears them the most. Even if I do happen to reach star status you'll never catch me in those.

Intellectual Question: Should The Friendship End If?!?!?!?

After months of quietness Eddie Long recently reappeared in the spotlight. This time there were no new supposed rape victims. Instead Eddie Long appeared because of a big settlement of $15 million with the accusers. I'm guessing he was either tired of fighting, someone convinced him money was the best way out of the mess, or his conscience got the best of him. Well what really happened between Eddie Long and those grown ass men boys will remain a mystery until the end of time, so why he would give them money will probably remain an even bigger mystery. However, the focus of this is not about how much money Eddie Long gave them or whether he committed the crime. It's about friendship. If you had a friend who supposedly committed a hard to forgive crime, would you stay friends with them?

Pastor Creflo Dollar would. In a recent sermon to his church Pastor Creflo Dollar talked about his devotion to his long time friend Eddie Long. He brought out how the bible says everyone sins and expects forgiveness. He even reminded his audience that a pastor's sin is not any bigger than a regular citizens sin.

Fashion Moment: Selita Ebanks Goes Blonde Sort Of

Selita Ebanks has cut her hair and gone blonde sort of. From the pictures she went halfway blond and left part of her hair black. Have you ever been confused about which color to choose and in the end went with both colors. I have. I mixed blonde and red before, but Selita Ebank's hair looks way better than mines turned out. I'm steal that one day. 

Miss Sexual Intellectual: Sex Sells, Even When It Comes To Attracting The Males

Star Status Thoughts On A Very Long Friday
(From The Mind Of A Sexual Intellectual Amateur)
I once heard that red makes a woman appear sexier. 

Are men offended when we refer to them as males? Most women are offended when called females. I don't really care because being called a hoe or bitch is a lot worse. Anyway, SEX sells. Sex sells everywhere. Whether you're at work, school, a restaurant, the park, or just relaxing at home sex is a big deal

Sexiness is the (thanks Tamar). Sexiness doesn't even have to be based off of other's opinions. I found that out with my underwear addiction. Sexiness is all about how you feel when you look in the mirror. Sexiness is important no matter where you are, but it's most important when you're trying to attract a man. Just ask any stripper how much money they make per night. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The B.I.T.C.H Chronicles Book~ Star Status Thoughts

"The B.I.T.C.H Chronicles" is the title of Tami Roman's, of Basketball Wives, upcoming book. According to Roman B.I.T.C.H stands for Believing In Total And Complete Honesty. Recently she told a radio host that the word Bitch used to send her over the edge (we've seen that anger on television), so she wrote the book in hopes of turning it into something positive.

We haven't managed to give the word nigga a positive meaning. Do you think Tami's book will be able to turn Bitch into a positive word? Would you buy her book?

Story via TheYBF

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 8 K'LA I'm Off It

Honestly K'LA's whole mixtape "The Coldest Winter Ever" speaks to me. Well, the having a kid part doesn't, but you get what I mean. Her songs may just be my life story (or my future life story). That's why I chose "I'm Off It" as my song of the day.

"I can multi-task my ass off, but I can't  manage you"

"I'm Off It" is about relationship drama that she's just tired of. More spefically it's about a woman who realizes it's pointless to continue the pattern. I can relate to this song, because I've grown to realize I can't change a man. Oh, and I don't like waiting for a man either. Listen to "I'm Off It" below.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

All Your Love by K'LA

"All Your Love" by K'LA is my absolute favorite song out right now. It's a soft ballad done over a reggae beat. It makes you want to drop all problems with your significant other and make love.

"All Your Love" can be found on K'LA's mixtape "The Coldest Winder Ever." Check the song out below.

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 7 Monica Before You Walk Out Of My Life

Today's choice for the 30 Day Music Challenge is Monica's "Before You Walk Out Of My Life." Lately I've been thinking about a lot of shit. Maybe it's because life is hard right now. It could be the fear of turning 25 and not having any real accomplishments to brag about. It could also be turning 25 and not ever having a real relationship (yes a boyfriend) to reminisce on. The past doesn't count. I did hoe activities. It could also be the fact of having done all this stuff that I could never go back and change. The memories are part of me. My mindset isn't the same as 4 years ago. However, I don't know what can be made right, what I want to make right, and what to leave alone. Don't ask me how I got all that from this song.

 Anyway, before I get lost in thought reminisce by listening to Monica's classic "Before You Walk Out Of My Life" below.

Miss Sexual Intellectual: Every Woman's Biggest Fear

(From The Mind Of A Sexual Intellectual Amateur)

Or this could just be my fear. As women we're trained to wait for men to make moves. We're trained to stare at the phone and wait for their calls, wait for them to pick us up on dates, and wait for them to express their feelings for us. But have you ever been so desperate for male attention that you broke the rules? You stared at the phone until you couldn't stare any longer, called up that special man, had all the words planned out in your head, and then got his voice mail?!?!?! Nah, me either, but it's my biggest fear. 

I'm afraid that one day I'll be so desperate for affection that I'll pick up the phone and call a guy. Every word will be planned out in my head and ready to slip out of my mouth. I'll finally hear his voice, get excited, and then realize it's the damn voice mail. I'll be defeated in my mission, but at the same time pissed the HELL off. Can a man possibly miss the opportunity to have sex?

Karrine Steffans Is My Hero

Wait, that title doesn't read correctly. Karrine Steffans, or Superhead as she's known to the world, is definitely a role model. However, it's not because she's America's first self titled video vixen and it's not because she teaches women how to give the best head. Well, there's a porn star who claims to give better head than Karrine, but that's a story for another time. Karrine Steffans is a role model, because she tells the absolute best stories.

Whether she's revealing the secret lives of rich and famous men she's slept with or trashing her husbands/boyfriends for supposedly beating her we listen. We eat up everything single thing Karrine says because she's that entertaining. As entertaining as any writer can be.

"For the past six years, I’ve been playing a part, putting on for the crowd, and sparking controversy to market books. And boy did it work! And then –– I got bored. I would put on my make-up and my clothes and practice my words in the mirror at home."

Karrine's life is definitely a made-for-television movie. She puts on a show through her writing and she continually gets rich off of it. Even now we're paying attention to this vixen as she claims she's tired of the game. She claims she's getting old, so there needs to be a change in her life.

Will Karrine Steffans get change? Yeah, probably. She is a writer. Her next book will probably be called "From Video Vixen To House Wife" and it'll be about how you don't have to be married to be a housewife, aka the gold digging chronicles continued.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 6 504 Hot Boys I Need A Hot Girl

Today's pick of the 30 Day Music Challenge is "I Need A Hot Girl" by Hot Boyz. I picked this song for many reasons. This song reminds me of a time when black men took pride in black women (hence the title of the song), where the skin color of the black woman didn't matter, and when I didn't know the words they were saying were offensive to women. I just listened, called myself a hot girl, and thought about how I could learn to do all the things they were saying hot girls did.

Don't laugh at me, because you thought like that too. Now reminisce by listening to the song below.

P.S. Lil Wayne didn't have a problem with dark skinned black women then.

Are Black Women Invisible Or Do We Just Feel That Way?

The Invisible Black Woman?

Earlier today I was browsing blogs and websites as usual when I came across this article about how black women are invisible. When I finally arrived home from work I searched for the article again. The article, which is written by Britni Danielle, goes from how black women feel invisible to how scientific facts have proven that we really are invisible to the world.

Apparently there was a scientific study done to see if people would recognize the faces of black people more than others in a series of photos.The participants picked out all faces except the black women.You may be wondering how is it possible that black women would go unnoticed. After all, we're discussed in the media every 5 seconds.

Oprah (and her billion dollar life) makes the news every couple of weeks. That woman cannot stop coming up with new goals to achieve. Michelle Obama is constantly in the news for positive issues, but as the first African American wife of a president she has no choice but to be. Over the last couple of weeks Beyonce has taken over every newspaper,  magazine, and news station you could think of. Let's not forget about Rihanna. One minute she wants people to think she's a strong black woman (which she is) and the next minute she wants the world to cry for her because of the abuse she suffered at the hands of Chris Brown. All of these women make powerful statements to the world every single day, but they are only part of the few black women you hear about in mainstream media.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Let's Make Love (2011 Poem)

Okay, so this weekend I started to feel the desire to be with a man. Well, I wanted to use a man as a stress reliever. However, none of the men I called answered at the time I called. So, I decided to relieve stress in a different way. A POEM!!! The new poem is now available for your reading pleasure. Today's poem is called "Let's Make Love." It was inspired by the 90's group Silk. Check it out below.
Let's Make Love

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 5 Silk Let's Make Love

Real talk after feeling stressed out all this weekend I'm horny. That's why Silk's song "Let's Make Love" is the song of day number 5. The only problem is I don't have a man and definitely not a reliable friend w/ benefits. However, if you do check out Silk's "Let's Make Love" below and do it to your significant other or whatever you call them.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 4 Unappreciated by Cherish

I wonder what happened to that group of sisters called Cherish. Anyway their song "Unappreciated" is the song of the day in this 30 Day Challenge.

I picked "Unappreciated" because it's the way I've been feeling lately. The bad part is the actual cause of this feeling will probably never go away. So while I get lost in my feelings (sike, I'm about to enjoy some Sunday night television), listen to "Unappreciated" by Cherish below.