Thursday, June 23, 2011

Unnatural Fears That Most Of Us Have And Don't Realize

Everyone has a fear of something. I have this crazy fear of spiders. I saw all the horror movies that involved them when I was just a baby and ever since I've noticed how they always pop up everywhere. Those things come in different shapes and sizes and can be very hard to kill (if you have a crazy fear of them). The craziest thing is some of them are poisonous. That makes the fear make sense.

For real, when I was 13 my mom made me sweep one up off the floor. We were cleaning the pantry and it was dead, but I was still afraid. I cried throughout the whole experience. Yes, I said I cried over a dead bug and if I was forced to sweep up another dead spider at 24 I'd cry again.

Anyway spiders are strange creatures. They come in so many different forms and their poisonous. They can kill you without you ever seeing them until it's too late. However, there are many things and people in the world that we're afraid of for no reason. These fears just appeared out of thin air one day and now we can't seem to shake them. Continue reading to  find out about some of the unnatural things and people we're afraid of.

Unnatural Things/People We're Afraid Of 

  • Gay People

Recently someone finally responded to the the craziness of Tracey Morgan apologizing to the gay people. I thought I was the only one that thought his actions were crazy, especially knowing that he's a millionaire who doesn't need the support of gays. However, Tracey Morgan is going on this wack-ass apology tour because of some mad gay people. Why? But he's not the only one that's afraid of gay people. Many people walk on their tippy toes and think hard about their words before they say anything that starts with a "G" or an "H." In fact if an entertainer says "gay" they end up gaining a lot of haters and losing money. How is this possible? Where did this unnatural fear come from? I'm five seconds away from developing this unless I already have the fear and didn't realize it. Hmn?!?!

  • Small Penises

I don't know when this fear developed, but I definitely have it. Small penises are the scariest. There are several reasons for this. They are small, women can barely feel them, society laughs at them, and they are small. I realize I repeated myself but it had to be done. The thing about it is my fear wasn't that bad until I saw the movie "Hangover 2." Never again do I ever want to see Mr. Chow's or any other man's small penis again. That was the scariest mess ever. Was I the only one that had nightmares after seeing that? Okay, I'm exaggerating but still. Small penises are a huge fear and you know it's true. 

  • Barney

Remember when we were kids and Barney hypnotized us? Well after that ended we started hating Barney. We made up all these songs about killing Barney, but why? It's simple. Barney is one scary ass guy in a purple suit. He's been accused of being an alcoholic, a smoker, a druggie, a child predator, and yet kids still love him.  However, older kids and adults hate him but he's still on television messing with the children's minds. Barney is  a pimp, but he's so friendly that he's scary. 

  • Roaches

I honestly have no clue of the harms roaches cause. All I know is sometimes they get huge, sometimes they fly, and every time I see one I run. In fact one time I turned on the water in my tub, noticed one, ran for help, and drowned it. It was dead and someone else still had to get it. But for real, what do roaches do? Where did they come from and where do they go? Are they really friendly, but we just can't find out because we're too quick to kill them? Ignore that last question, I'm too afraid of roaches to care about their lives. However, I know that there are many people who share he unnatural fear of roaches with me. 

  • Floating Spider Webs

You already know my fear of spiders, but floating spider webs are the worse fear known to mankind. They form any and everywhere and you can't see those damn things. Instead they form and you walk into their zone. It never ever fails. One is invisible, a happy person walks merrily along, and then starts screaming and jumping around cause they can feel it. They end up looking crazy and frightened and have to explain their fear to onlookers who eventually start laughing. Not funny. Just A Crazy Unnatural Fear.

So tell me, what other unnatural fears do we have? Do you find my list to be accurate or crazy and why? 

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