Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Did You Notice What's Not On Television????

In the beginning of time, well back in the 1980's, MTV ruled the reality television scene with The Real World. However, within the last couple of years there's been a numerous amount of reality shows all all networks. From Flava Flav and the countless dating shows that followed to people like the Kardashians letting us in on their personal lives, we've kept this new from of program in business. In fact stars that otherwise would have stayed normal citizens have been created.

What we've all loved most about these stars is the fake friendliness, the drama following all the fakeness, and the explosive fights.   However, not every show has been as messy. There have been some shows that were free of obscene languages, lacking a bunch of fighting, and portraying family in a positive light. One of these shows is Sinbad, It's Just Family.

Sinbad, It's Just Family is a show based off of Sinbad's family. After years of being out of the spotlight Sinbad decided to relaunch his career the same way many other possibly washed up stars are. However, he didn't want craziness on his show and he surely couldn't have profanity. As far as fighting there was one scene where he and his son spent forever choking each other in the shower. This show premiered earlier this year.

The premier of Sinbad, It's Just Family was the start of a new series. It wasn't a pilot series where people just get a feel for the show. It was the real deal. Sinbad and his family did tons of interviews to build up publicity. Around the same time of the interviews the who started on We (Women's Entertainment) right behind the popular show The Braxton Family Values. However, something must have went wrong, because only The Braxton Family Values is still on.

For real, after six full episodes and commercials continuing to advertise Sinbad's show (those commercials finally stopped a week ago), both Sinbad and the show disappeared. Now there's nothing, no talk, no publicity, no happy family friendly programming (unless you count Shaunie O'Neal showing off her kids), absolutely no Sinbad.

What happened? I guess it's true. We love drama and Sinbad just didn't have it.

Update: While writing this blog, I did some research and apparently the sixth episode was the last episode. This means Sinbad might grace the television scene again and there is more to reality tv than watching grown women fight each other. 

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