Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Miss Sexual Intellectual: The Right Way To Kiss

(Coming From A Sexual Intellectual Amateur)

A couple of months ago I was with this guy (my ex) and we were kissing. In the midst of thing he said I was weird because I kiss with my eyes open. Well, I thought it was weird that he kisses with his eyes close, but it didn't both me too much. Then a couple of days ago something was talking about kissing on twitter. They said a person who kisses with their eyes open are amateurs and don't know what they are doing. However, in my very small amount of experience I've learned that different people have different ways of kissing. So, is there really a right way to kiss? Should eyes being open or closed matter? See, there are a few things about kissing that bothers me, but intrigues me at the same time. 

For instance, kissing with the eyes open or closed. Yes, this is an issue now. When it was brought to my attention I tried kissing with my eyes closed, but it didn't work out. My mind is a creative bomb waiting to explode. Therefore when I kissed with my eyes closed I lost concentration. My mind wandered to 50 million different things. At the time I was asked how it felt and I lied because I didn't want to upset him. But HELL, I'm a creative person and even more a writer. If I did things with my eyes closed, my mind would always run blank when it came time to write. I have to see to feel the emotions of others.That's how I get caught up in the moment and recreate it on a computer screen later. 

Another thing is the fact that everyone kisses differently. For instance the guy that kisses with his eyes closed. He's not the only one that I know that does that, but I do know others who prefer to keep their eyes open. Then there's the ways people kiss.

Some people give soft kisses while others have to French kiss. The French kissers aren't happy when they don't get any tongue. In fact some French kissers try to suffocate you with their tongue. 

Then there are others who kiss like babies. I experienced a man who did the baby mouth all wide open type kissing and it was disgusting. But it was what he knew and what he thought of as right. He is married now with a child, so his wife must have liked the way he kiss. 

That is why there really is no right way to kiss. That person on twitter is really the person who knows nothing about kissing if she thinks it has to be a certain way. There are actually preferences when it comes to kissing. 

So are you the type that likes to kiss with your eyes open or closed? Do you prefer French kissing, no tongue,  baby type kissing, or no kissing at all?

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