Monday, October 31, 2011

Would You Try Bedroom Kandi?

Bedroom Kandi, by Kandi Burruss, is a new line of bedroom toys to spice up your sex life whether you're in a relationship or single. It's a proven fact that some women don't have orgasms until they reach their 30's and some never experience them at all. However, in 2011 going without an orgasm does not have to be a problem ever again.

Kandi Burruss, of Real Housewives of Atlanta and Xscape, has created a new line of sex toys guaranteed to keep your sex life interesting and your orgasms flowing. Some products are listed below.

Happiness And Joy
 a dual stimulation vibrator which will all move to the sounds of your favorite songs
Kandi Kisses
Bullet Massager 
Despite the rumors sex is an important part of making a relationship successful. Would you try Bedroom Kandi? Are you ready to experiment and find satisfaction? Or are you already sexually satisfied?

Mindless Behavior~ Girls Talkin Bout

New Music: Mary J. Blige 25/8

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Star Status Break

Just in case you haven't noticed, the pressure has been heavy on me for the last almost 25 years. However, starting tomorrow I'm going on a break to regain some sanity. The break will take place in Los Angeles, California for four long and hopefully beautiful days. During this trip I plan to visit the walk of fame, the wax museum where they immortalize all the stars, one or two production studios, and the rest of the fun will be made up as I go along. There will be one very hard part to this break.

I'm abandoning the laptop in my lonely room. That means no deep long thoughts or posts about the trip while on the trip. However, I will have my nook with me. If I can figure out how to upload videos or pictures to the blog from the nook, you will see a post. If that doesn't happen, be prepared for a new long thoughtful post on Monday October 31, 2011.

By the way, this vacation is also to celebrate my birthday on October 30, 2011. Happy Early Birthday To Me.

What Jerry Lavigne Jr. Is Afraid Of

Jerry Lavigne Jr. is a cute video blogger who I would probably fall in love with if he wasn't so crazy. However, as crazy as he is I still love his videos. Check out his latest one where he reveals what men (but specifically him) are afraid of.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Basketball Wives LA Drama Recap

We all thought the original Basketball Wives, which consisted of Shaunie O'Neal as the ringleader, was messy, but they were friendly compared to the LA (Los Angeles) Basketball Wives. The Basketball Wives of LA cast have been bullies, good at faking friendliness, bullies again, and then repeating the cycle. Here's a recap of the drama leading up to last night's episode.

If you haven't had an introduction of the cast members and their lives, check out The LA Basketball Wives Lives According to Google.

The Beginning Of LA Basketball Wives Until Now

Starting with the first episode there was drama. The ladies were just meeting each other, so they were judging from appearance and what they'd heard. The mess first popped off with Laura Govan and Malaysia Pargo. They started arguing, broke out into a fight, Laura ended up bleeding, and then they became confused. Both were mad, but neither knew what they were fighting about. Before the confusion could settle into understanding, each of their sisters were brought into it. Gloria, the messy sister of Laura, was ready to fight the world for her upon hearing the news. After getting Gloria calmed down, the mess between Malaysia and Laura was settled. However, the drama turned to someone else.

Following the tradition of finding random gold diggers for reality shows, Draya Howard was introduced to the cast. Draya admitted on the show that she'd dated many celebrities and many men in general, but we all know her from dating Chris Brown. Reality check, Chris Brown is not even a basketball player. Draya immediately showed off her slim beautiful figure and the rest of the women were ready to protect their husbands, boyfriends, and ex's. They went from hating on her figure to digging up dirt on her. In the midst of it all, Draya was unknowingly attacked by Laura in a ring where they were supposed to be boxing for fun. Then Draya became the center of the gossip on the show. It literally went from "Basketball Wives LA" to "Hate On Draya." The finale of the hate came when the women cornered Draya in a club and harassed her about supposedly mistreating her son. The women weren't even satisfied when poor Draya bust into tears, had snot coming out of her nose, and looked like an innocent five year old. They ripped Draya apart, but that wasn't the end of the drama.

Attacking Draya became old so Jackie Christie, wife of Doug Christie, found someone new to focus her hate on. Someone once said people only tear others down to take the focus off of their own problems. Throughout the show there were clips of Jackie taking care of her sick mom and crying about how ill her mom is. So Jackie was bored of hating on Draya and turned the focus to Laura. That leads to last night's episode.

Jackie successfully talked everyone into focusing their hate on Laura. Even when they went to an event, which was hosted by Laura's sister Gloria, they still managed to be mean and spoke to neither girl. Laura, on the other hand, stuck to her bullying ways, and continued to make mean comments about Draya. In the midst of bullying Laura has also been getting counseling (shown in the beginning of the season) to help with her stressful situation. With the exception of saying something mean about Draya, she didn't have many other appearances on this episode.

I must admit, the drama is becoming overwhelming. It's so overwhelming that it's flowing into real life.

While Laura was being attacked, Gloria seemed to back away from the drama. Usually she's all about defending her sister. However, Gloria and Matt Barnes did appear to be a happy couple for the camera. Since the cameras aren't rolling anymore, they are showing their true colors. It was recently announced that Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan are no longer a couple. Did you see this coming?

Well, this is only a recap. The season isn't over yet, which means there's more drama to come.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Lyricist Lounge: Sammie Gettin Em Ft. 2 Chainz

Sammie has a new song "Gettin Em" and he's recruited 2 Chainz to help make it a hit. check the song out below.

Gloria Govan Is Finally A Single Woman

Earlier in this season's episodes of Basketball Wives LA, Gloria Govan discussed her feelings towards Matt Barnes, the father of her children. She talked about their relationship, her love for him, and their almost wedding. She then said that she was in a mind state that if she had to walk way from Barnes, she could do it. Well that time has come.

Recently Matt Barnes announced via an email statement to the LA Times that he and Gloria have went their separate ways. Read the statement below.

“I’d like to address the rumors surrounding mine and Gloria’s relationship. We have reached the difficult decision of ending our relationship and will be going our separate ways at this time. We will work together to raise our sons and wish each other only the best.”

Lyricist Lounge: Sweetest Love by K Michelle

K Michelle is making sweet love to herself. Remember when Tweet came out with the hit song "Oops, Oh My?" It was about touching, feeling, and pleasing herself. The song was raunchy, but the public loved it. Now K Michelle is following in Tweet's footsteps.

K Michelle's new song is called "Sweetest Love" and in it she expresses how the best love that she's ever had involved her left hand. Check out the video below.

Damn, that's raunchy.

Dormtainment Brings You The October Halloween Series

Dormtainment manages to help us smile and laugh every Sunday and somehow every week they top themselves. For the month of October, in honor of Halloween, they are bringing us their hilarious horror series. Check out part one and two below.

Pet Peeve And Star Status Goal: Talking Too Much

Are you ever just in your own zone, but you be nice and speak to someone? It's supposed to be a "Hey, I see you and just want to speak" type of deal, but the other person starts a full blown conversation. They talk and you get lost in thought trying to figure a way to escape from them without coming off mean. Well, that happened to me recently but I was the one talking too much.

See, I have this problem. It's a pet peeve and an uncontrollable issue for me. When I get into conversations that are meant to be short and sweet, I actually want to talk. Maybe it's a loneliness issue or an issue with keeping too much inside for too long, but when I start talking I can't stop. I know they are thinking "What The Hell" and I'm thinking "Shut Up Lashuntrice," but I can never figure out how to just shut up. It's a star status disaster. Then again, it could be in my head. Maybe they are actually listening and the conversation is good. Then again, they could be getting annoyed. I've caught a few friends not listening to me. Then this also leads to another problem. 

I've talked too much and realized I should have been shutting up. So, when someone speaks to me and I know they are not really interested in my last 24 or 48 hours I tend to keep the conversation short and sweet. However, they look for more. They are surprised when I don't want to say any more than I've already said. Why talk when I know you're not interested in the world of entertainment? Why talk when you told me you don't have time on your hands to look up fun stuff on the web? Why talk when you think my life is a waste of time? Why talk if we're not close friends? That last one includes family. Or maybe it's in my mind. Maybe they really want conversation out of me, but I'm afraid I'll talk to much or say the wrong thing. May favorite types of conversations are explicit ones, but you can't talk to everyone in that manner? There are laws against it, so I shut up. 

I fuck up. I talk too much about writing to people who don't care about writing. When strangers approach me and I can't read them, I get quiet because I don't know what to say. I flirt with the wrong men, but get quiet when it comes to the men I like. I don't talk to friends enough, so innocent people get caught in the realm of listening to buried thoughts. That's what happened with that old classmate at the mall. 

Actually this isn't really a pet peeve. It's a problem I need to work on. It's a star status goal. Learn to hold conversations with the right people and shut up when the time is right. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lyricist Lounge: Ride Dick So Good

Earlier this year I heard about a song called "Ride Dick So Good." I knew Plies had a song by the name, but that was not what had people talking. It was the version by Miss NeNe. Check it out below.

Old School Jam: Put It In Your Mouth by Akinyele

Exploring That Sexual Limit, Growing Up, And Taking Control

"It's our first time together and I'm feeling kind of horny. Conventional methods of making love kinda bore me."-- LL Cool J

When we're little all the adults try to hide us from sex and love. If you're eight years old and a couple in a movie kisses, your parent's reaction is to cover your eyes. If the couple starts to do more than kiss, you're kicked out of the room. I don't remember much from when I was eight, but as I got older my parents kicked me out of rooms for movies that I should have been old enough to handle. Either that or they become very uncomfortable. One instance where my mom became very uncomfortable and made me leave the room was during an episode of Soul Food. The particular episode had a very hot and heavy sex scene between Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe. That scene also inspired my longing to have mind blowing sex in the sitting position. Anyway, I was a teenager when that sex scene happened, but because my mom didn't understand that I was old enough to understand what I was seeing she wanted me to not see it. I did see it later on out of curiosity. While they are trying to protect you from grown-up actions and they were trying to protect me, they're also giving you the impression that kissing and anything more is either bad or the best thing in the world. For me, it was looked at as the best thing in the world.
What more can I say? Some people die from driving. When hearing it people either try to be safer drivers or they become afraid to get into cars. There are areas in every town that are dangerous. When people hear about the dangerous parts, they either play it safe when visiting new land or they stay in familiar territory forever of out fear of the unknown. When a person gets beat up  in a fight, they either learn to fight battles better or they become afraid of everyone for fear of being beaten again. When I was sheltered from sex, I wanted to know more about it.

It started out with just wanting to watch the scenes my family always made me avoid. That wasn't even about sex. It was curiosity. I went back and watched Training Day on my own. I rebought the R. Kelly CD my mom once took from me as soon as she gave to me because she felt it was too much grown-up talk in it. More than anything else, I made sure no one knew that I knew about the HBO porn shows that came on late at night because I wanted to keep watching them. They revealed stuff about sex that neither my family nor friends could ever explain to me. Well, mostly they increased my curiosity. But I tried to find out all the reasons why sex was so big of a subject that my parents would want to keep it hidden from me. This curiosity is probably what made me say "fuck it" at 20 years old and finally do it.

As knowledgeable as I was, I was a late bloomer to the game of having sex.

The first guy was not special at all, not good, not a friend, not an enemy. He was nothing to me, except some guy that wanted to sleep with me and since I was ready I said yes. That night was supposed to break my curiosity. It was supposed to finally give me a peak, sexual peak, into the world that so many people enjoyed but wanted me to avoid. It was supposed to satisfy my curiosity. I didn't expect a mind blowing experience right away or excruciating pain. I did expect music, which was playing and I expected romance, which I didn't want afterward. It's hard to describe my experience, but I was left feeling more curious than ever. The curiosity would not continue with this guy, however.

Some might call my actions that followed  a little pimpish and a little nympho. That next day I lied to the guy about how I felt, but made plans to never call again. Then a month later I moved  onto the next guy. However, this time I was looking for real pleasure and creativity. While I looked for it, the full extent of what I was doing did not occur to me. Maybe it was because I was looking at it as pure fun and the boyfriend/husband aspect abandoned my mind. However, years later it would hit me. It wasn't just about sex. It became about exploring my sexual limit.
For sexual pleasures some people enjoy the missionary position. It involves a woman laying flat on her back the whole time. Some people enjoy switching positions every few minutes and others want to be spanked. However, some people want a mixture of pleasure and pain. Rough sex is different than being punched and bloodied during intercourse. While I knew I didn't want to be punched or bloodied, I didn't have a particular sex limit or restrictions set. It didn't seem important either.

However, earlier this year I discovered the importance of exploring the sexual limit and setting restrictions. It was after dealing with a guy. On the particular night we hooked up he'd had a bad day. What's better than sex to end a bad day? Before getting into the act, he discussed what he wanted from me. I obliged, but after we'd started I became brave and started making requests. In the midst of taking a break, I told him I wanted him to  take out the anger he'd felt earlier on me using sex. For those of you that are reading, this is a very dangerous act when expressed the wrong way. So, I told him to fuck me with the anger he'd felt and before doing it he asked if I was sure. It was the best and most startling experience ever during sex. The startling part happened when he reached his hands towards my neck as if he was going to choke me, but it wasn't actually choking and I loved it. As great as it was it wasn't my sexual limit, but it did teach me something.

It was past his sexual limit. While he did it, he couldn't  handle it. That was also the moment when I realized I needed to grow up and take more control. The growing up aspect comes with  finding out my sexual limit and using that sexual limit on the perfect man for me. When I've grown up and found my sexual limit, the control will be there.

I suck at endings and this isn't really and end to the story, so until next time....

Exciting Future Entertainment: The Woman In Black

"Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack All Dressed In Black Black Black" and I don't remember the rest of the rhyme. When we were kids Mary Mack was looked at as a woman in a fun hand game. However, the woman who loved to wear black will be turned into someone we should fear. It'll be done in an upcoming move that I'm anticipating heavily called "The Woman In Black. Check out the preview below.

Grab a significant other because this movie should come out in February, the month of love. 

Sunday Reflections: Thou Art Not Stress

So I  read the latest post on Seth's Blog titled "When Is It Okay To Start Worrying?" and this is what I came up with. Earlier today I woke up and it was quiet in the house. I assumed I was alone. Once I became a little thirsty I decided to walk down to the kitchen. Upon entering the kitchen I ran into my mom. We spoke and then she brought up one of my cousin's. This cousin recently had an appearance on the Maury show. He's a motivational speaker, so his job was to give troubled children advice. I didn't watch the show, but my mom said she was looking at the clips he posted online. Upon watching them, she realized just how good he was. She watched, paid attention, and realized he is doing what he is doing because he is talented. He has been blessed with a gift and he is using it. That's good for him, but why would she tell me that?

See, my parents are strange people. They see other's accomplishments and are willing to support them. Well, the probably support them because they see they're successful at it. On the other hand, they treat me as if I know absolutely nothing and am doing absolutely nothing. They probably think I'm doing absolutely nothing because when thrown potential career ideas, I always brush them off. Start selling health products for a little? Whatever. Go into the banking industry? I can't fake it. However, the part of knowing nothing I don't understand. Sure I'm young and I'm learning, but a whole lot of shit has happened in the past almost 25 years that only I could have handled or learned about how to handle. Therefore I'm no dumb broad. However, their words tend to come off that way and I never know what to do about it. Therefore I stress.

Disclaimer: I'm a writer and I'm serious about my shit, so don't laugh at the following:

A girl stresses about a multitude of things.

Growing Up:
I stress about getting older. Getting older means falling into a happy career, finding a perfect husband, having a perfect child, and living a perfect lifestyle. However, since the day that I started actually thinking about this messed up world deeply, nothing has been perfect. So, how do I know that it will one day get perfect? I don't. Stress.

Spending Money:
Before the age of 13 there was a birthday for me almost every year. Nope, lying. It was a party where family remembers came over just to eat and be greedy. After that the celebrating stopped. I did have a 17th birthday party, but it was only because my parents felt bad for not giving me a sweet 16. Who doesn't give their daughter a sweet 16 party? Ever since then I've tried to figure out how to do it big for birthdays, but money was always an issue. So, for the 25th birthday I've tried to look at is an not an issue. So far, there's been $300 spent on a plane ticket, $400 on a camera, and $200 on nice photos to express the turn of  a quarter life. This is all before the actual plane trip and a girl is not ballin. I really don't know if I have the money to make myself feel as special as God says I am, so every time I spend I get excited and check my account at the same time. Stress.

Quality Time:
The only time I can seem to have real quality time is when I'm writing. Odd, right? Well, there was one time where I went to the movies and I was the only person in the theater watching the movie. It was a comedy, so it was amazing. Now, there was a time where I went to the movies recently and it was a bunch of people, too much noise, and I found myself longing for one of those items called a significant other. Stress.

However, according to Seth's Blog you're not supposed to worry. Stress forms when you start worrying. But how do I stopped the worry from happening, so the stress does not eventually form? This is just another issue to reflect on.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Marriage Counselor Movie, With Kim Kardashian

Tyler Perry is working on a new movie, The Marriage Counselor, which will star Jurnee Smollett as the marriage counselor and Kim Kardashian as her co-worker. Jurnee Smollett will play the marriage counselor who is struggling in her own marriage and has a low self confidence. Kim is going to play her co-worker who gives her a make-over and boosts her confidence. Her struggles will then become worse after she rekindles a romance with an old flame. 

This is going to be interesting. 

For those you of that didn't see The Marriage Counselor play, the marriage counselor gave great advice to her clients, but when she went home she struggled to gain her husband's attention. On top of it, their parents were living with them. The counselor's life eventually spun out of control and she left her husband for the man she was cheating with. In the midst of the drama, it was revealed that her sexy new lover was HIV + and also abusing her. She walked out looking for excitement, but ended up in a worse situation. In the end, she was able to walk away without any diseases but her life had to be restarted again. One of the points that Tyler Perry never addressed was the husband's issues, however. 

If the movie is anything similar to the play, it's going to be interesting how Perry approaches everything. It will also be interesting to see Smollett play a lead role in a comedy and Kim act.

Living On My Own~ Star Status Dreams And Goals

It was was a Saturday morning in 2005 right before my freshman year of college would start. That morning my parents and I walked into a relatively okay-looking dorm and moved all of my necessities into my new room. The room was approximately the same size as the room I'd been sleeping in at home by myself, but this new room was made to fit two people.

It had two small closets, which when put together was the same size as the closet I'd been using the last couple years of my life. In a way clothes define who we are at the moment, so I had to figure out how to fit my life into half the space. For the items that didn't fit into the closet I also had a trunk, which was slid in front of my bed for decorative purposes, and also suitcases, which went under the bed. After this I was left with a desk. There were two desks in the room and one was mine. There was also a small dresser stand meant to hold a television at the top. The television that was placed there would be mine, because my roommate at the time didn't see a purpose in buying one. You're probably wondering where a bathroom and kitchen comes in. Since it was a dorm there was no kitchen. The bathroom, on the other hand, was shared by around 20 girls. At 18 this scenario was the start of my new life and the start of longing for my own place.

Dorm style living aside, people close to me thought it would be best for me to live with someone. They thought as long as there was a person near me, even if they weren't exactly watching over me, I should be happy. However, that first roommate drove me crazy. When I was awake, she was sleep. When she was trying to sleep, my being awake was disturbing her. Somehow her things always ended up on my side of the room. There was one night where I woke up and tripped over a box, a box that she'd brought in with some of her belongings and hadn't bothered to move. I never saw it coming. There were moments where I fell out of friendship with people. Then she'd continue being friends with them and allow them into our room to taunt me.There were moments where we could go places together, but when we walked back into our dorm room it was hell all over again. Okay, maybe it wasn't hell but it was clear that I should be living in a space fit for only me. She felt the same way about me. Eventually we'd have to move out of the dorm and into a new place. Her new place became a nice two bedroom apartment that she shared with her older sister. My new place would consist of three new roommates and torture all over again.

It was apparent that first year of college that a place of my own would be the best thing since God created earth, but others didn't see it that way. My parents, who were helping me financially, thought it would always be best for me to have roommates. They thought "No, you can't survive living by yourself." So I let their words marinate and always ended up in unhappy situations. There was a roommate who continuously smoked weed. There was a roommate who was okay sometimes, but tried to continuously report me to the housing managers because  she liked it cold and I liked it warm.  There was a roommate who, when I was 22, was 18. The age difference does make a big difference. Then there was a roommate who continuously lied, smoked weed, and tried to move her broke boyfriend in. She was the last and worse of them all. However, they could have gotten worse or even better and it would have been the same. The longing for my own personal space would still be there and it is still there.

It still lives on because I thought I would finally have an apartment by myself after college. I was convinced I would get a great job and be able to survive alone. No help from family, still hanging out with friends every now and then, no sleep overs, no being inconvenienced or being the inconvenience, just me by myself in my own place with the doors safely locked, late night television in my ears as I'm wrapped in a blanket on my own couch half sleep. Yes, I realize that is a run-on sentence, but the point is that is what I thought I would have. However, there was no job and there is now my parents house.

I'm back in the same room I spent my high school years sleeping in. When I leave my room I have to deal with annoying little brothers who don't understand the value of space. I have to deal with getting yelled at by parents because I'm not perfect and they've never understood me. Even more than anything else, I have to deal with dreams of still living on my own and the people that don't understand.

Years ago I wanted to graduate from college and move to Atlanta. The immediate thoughts of people close to me was either "It's not possible" or "You have family you can stay with." Neither of those scenarios would have worked. But about a year ago I decided that California is where I want to make my new start. Still no one understands. My parents reaction was "There is no one out there that you know" and other's reactions were "How will you find a roommate?", which I don't want anyway.

While California has various writers, a flourishing movie industry, a fashion industry worth writing about, and enough schools to keep giving a writer hope, it also contains the freedom to really move and be in a place on my own.

Okay, this started out as a longing for my own comfortable crib, but the lessons over the past 6 years has taught me that it's about more. It's about my own crib, my own space, a new start, and proving I can make it in the world on my own.

The idea of this post came from an article on Clutch Mag called A Place Of My Own. If you want to read about my experience of apartment hunting read A Place To Call My Own.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lyricist Lounge: The Real Her Drake Ft. Lil Wayne

New Obama Parody: I'm Gonna Win

Imagine if President Barack Obama actually tried to rap. Then he wouldn't be winning anything. However, this video was hilarious. Looks like Alphacat really is back and he will be providing us with laughter every Thursday on his youtube video.

Jealous Women, Trying To Make Sense Of The Jealousy Conspiracy

The only picture of four women I could find
There are four girls in a room. One girl has pretty hazel eyes that the men love to stare at. Some men have told her the longer they look into her eyes the more it starts to change to different shades of brown.  Another girl has long thick naturally curly hair that is down her back. Her hair is the kind that is so beautiful men run their fingers through it before they even realize what they're doing. Then another girl has a slim waist and a big behind. When she's in the club men fight each other just to get one dance with her. The fourth girl has a relatively perfect figure. Her curves fall into the right places, she has nice size boobs and a perfectly round butt to match, and her hair is long.

However, the fourth girl is jealous of the other girls because they are good at engaging in conversations. While they can talk for hours, she gets awkwardly quiet because she has no idea what to talk about or how to start.

The third girl with the slim waist and big behind is jealous of two of the other girls because their hair is long. Her hair, on the other hand, has always been short. When she continually got perms her hair was short and since she decided to cut it off, it feels as if it is taking forever to grow back. When looking in the mirror at her short afro, she envies the long haired girls.

The second girl with the long naturally curly hair is jealous of the other girls because they physically stand out in various ways. They have mesmerizing eyes and body shapes that grab people's attention, but she is a skinny girl with no shape. All she has to offer is her hair, but even that overshadows her personality. She envies the girls with big butts and colorful eyes.

The first girl with the hazel eyes envies the rest of the girl's. While people say her eyes are pretty and they can look for hours, she doesn't feel like anyone actually pays attention to her. Men will ask her what she said to them over and over again and her family even focuses on the beauty of her eyes. She longs to have something other than that, so she envies the women around her.

In front of each other, they spread fake smiles. Behind each others backs, they gossip out of insecurity and jealousy. However, they're all smart and they have common interests. If only they'd stop hating, then they would each notice.
If I had more time, that could be turned into an excellent story but that wasn't the point. Lately I've been thinking about why we as women envy others for having what we don't. Is it because of those that influence us? I have a friend who is very successful in every venture that she tries and while I'm proud of her, it is obvious my family wishes I could be more like her.

Why do we hate women for looking certain ways when we weren't made like them? Is it the music videos? Lil Wayne and several other rappers have made several remarks about red boned women/light skinned women being prettier.

Is the media the people to blame? The news constantly tells us black women what we are doing wrong when it comes to finding love and looking good. Reality television shows portray us as men and hateful, so many of us start to think that is how we should be. Someone once said there is always going to be a person that is better in every aspect, so could that phrase be the reason why we are constantly jealous of others that have what we don't? Think about it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kandi Talks About Motivation, Sex, And More In Rolling Out Mag

Kandi, of Xscape and Real Housewives of Atlanta, is covering the latest issue of Rolling Out Magazine. In the issue she talks about what motivates her and being able to freely express herself sexually.

On What Motivates Her

“How can I go from being in the music industry or being on television, or whatever I’m doing, where do I go from that? To me, I’m constantly trying to think of things so I can maintain my lifestyle, and to take care of my family in the way they are accustomed to being taken care of. What keeps me motivated is providing the best life possible for my daughter, my mother and myself. That puts me in that grind mode; I want to keep my security.”

On Expressing Herself Sexually

“Some people want us to be so hush-hush when it comes to sex, and we all have sex, so what’s the big deal? Maybe, if we talked about it more we wouldn’t have so many issues … like when people feel that have to live in secret, because they have alternate lifestyles and they don’t want people to know. Or with children, I’ve been noticing a lot of kids are having sex in middle school and they’re not able to have that conversation with their parents, or talk about the issue of teen pregnancy. Maybe if they were having this discussion at home with their parents, these things won’t be going on,” 

On Keeping Her Success Factor

“It’s very important to take risks, because I hear so many people say, ‘I would love to do this,’ or, ‘I have dreams of doing that …’ And they never take the step to do it. Fear has no business being in your head if you want to take things in your life and your career to another level of success.”

“There’s only one queen bee; there are thousands of worker bees. They have a team, they go out and gather the honey, and they do what they are told what to do all the time.” 

“I don’t want to be a worker bee. People work that nine-to-five job that they don’t really like or they don’t want to do. But they’re used to getting that check every two weeks and they don’t know what they would do if that check didn’t come.”

“I don’t know if I’ll get a check next week, or next month, but if I go real hard within so many months, I should see something. Sometimes you have to step out on faith and just go for it, [otherwise] you’ll be stuck in the worker bee syndrome forever.”

Via Rolling Out Mag

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Art Of Redoing: Reed Between The Lines and Other 21st Century Creations

Recently BET introduced it's newest scripted television series Reed Between The Lines. However, this show was not marketed as another television show to come out in 2011. It was said to be a new way of showing black family love, the 21st century Cosby's, and the married version of Joan (from Girlfriend's). However, this week is it's second week of airing and some people will still not tune into Reed Between The Lines. My mom is one of them. When asked why she wouldn't watch it, she said "Because The Cosby's have already been done." While that's an interesting reason to not watch, couldn't that argument be used on everything. Hasn't all of the current trends and television shows we enjoy been done before?

For instance Reed Between The Lines is a new show and BET's highest rated show at the moment. However, it's biggest comparison that the creator, Mara Brock Akil, is going for is the Cosby Show, which started in 1989 or 90. The show featured many great actors, such as Malcolm Jamaal Warner who is on Reed Between The Lines. The show has also been said to portray the married version of Joan from Girlfriends. How many of us wanted to see Joan get married? Everyone. Another comparison that popped into my mind was My Wife And Kids. My Wife and Kids was about a husband and wife with three children. One child was heavily into her looks, another was a regular dumb boy, and the youngest was spoiled. The show was a success for the time it lasted. Now everything that Reed Between The Lines can be compared to was a huge success, so it's really about the art of redoing. This show has successfully taken from various hit shows, so that should make it more appealing to an audience, right?

It has worked for other shows, such as current reality television. As for reality television we have Basketball Wives, LaLa's Full Court Life, The T.O. Show, Why Am I Single, And Tough Love. At least those are all on Vh1. It's hard to trace back to when the first reality television show started where several people's lives were constantly followed with cameras, but it was the 21st century. I'm guessing it had something to do with newlyweds, but that doesn't matter. These types of shows started a couple years ago, but recreating the same types of reality shows in news ways have become a form of art. For instance Basketball Wives is full of girlfriends and divorced women with a sprinkle of marriage every now and then. LaLa's Full Court Life, which came afterwards, is all about a woman balanced being a basketball wife and still having an actual career. They have the same theme and at the same time have been redone to give off totally different, yet interesting vibes.

Really I find it so odd that someone would refuse to watch a show because its already been done. Fashion is continually done, but we still wear the clothes. We take hairstyles from 20 years ago and try to make them relevant again. So why not embrace giving old school television shows our own new and improved look? It's only art.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

America's Favorite Freak Adina Howard Is Married

America's favorite freak Adina Howard has finally let a man put a ring on her finger. In case you didn't know Adina Howard is the woman who taught us that freaks have their freak match (Freak Like Me), a person should recognize a freak when they see 'em (My Up And Down,) and the whole world is filled with freaks (The World Has Too Many Freaks). In fact according to Hello Beautiful he waited 13 years for her and she initiated the engagement. Check out Adina Howard's wedding story at Hello Beautiful.

Check out our favorite classic songs by Adina Howard below. 

Miss Sexual Intellectual: The Art Of Biting

There's this saying that goes "Try anything at least once." That is exactly why I feel I missed an opportunity to try something really interesting a couple years ago. This is what happened.

This guy was continuously trying to convince me to hang with him. At the time I was 22 and he was 27. He wasn't exactly eye candy, but he wasn't ugly either. He was a frat boy too and I had never went out with those kinds. Frat boys have an unwritten reputation. Anyway I finally agreed to chill with him.

It was nothing big. We decided to go walking around the campus. We walked and talked for hours about everything except family. Family came up in a later conversation which also gave me a whole new perspective on him, but that's a story for another time. It was a cool night with a nice breeze, so it was easy to just relax and let go. After a while we decided to sit down in a building on campus. Skipping all the boring details, the conversation got a little sexual but in an odd way.

Maybe it was too soon to actually talk about sex, so he avoided that. It was also too soon to talk about kissing and stuff, because the impression was nice but not that good. However, in his mind it was just right to talk about the art of biting.

Well his words weren't exactly about biting as an art, but he wasn't talking about drawing blood either. Blood is the first thing that always comes to mind when biting is brought up. I blame Mike Tyson and several horror movies for that. Anyway, his biting was about biting as a seduction technique.

Wait, scratch the technique part. He just wanted to bite me. Not as in give me a hickey, but really bite me without drawing blood. It was the oddest and most seductive thing that had ever been said to me. It was as if my whole world froze when he asked me if he could bite me.

The thought of being bitten was odd in so many ways. When Evander Holyfield was bitten by Mike Tyson, the experience looked pretty painful. When people get bitten by dogs and other animals the experience is always painful, traumatizing, and risky because of diseases. It was also odd because it was a huge turn-on. While being bitten can be exaggerated to look like the worse experience in the world, I'm guessing when it comes to sexual ways being bitten or biting is more like getting a hickey. It feels so damn good.

However, I didn't seize the opportunity that night. It was my first time being out with him and I'm lady. However, biting and being bitten in a sexual way is one of those experiences that every sexual intellectual should try at least once.

Let someone bite you and then report back to me on how it felt.

Star Status Natural Hair Product Talk

As many of you know a month and three days ago I became natural. It was an easier process than I thought it would be. All it took was a hair appointment and a whole bunch of hair being cut off my head. Well, actually it was most of the hair. It was all of the permed hair and it was sort of spur of the moment. I didn't want another perm, braids, cornrows, or a new wig. I was craving new and going natural seems to be the best way to meet up with new-ness. But that's not point of this post. It's all about the products.

India Arie may not be her hair, but many of us are. However, being our hair means finding the best products to make our hair look the best. Below are the products I'm having fun with so far. 

Kinky Curly Products

So far I've fallen in love with Kinky Curly shampoo and Kinky Curly Knot Today leave-in conditioner. The shampoo just feels excellent and works. The only problem with the leave-in conditioner that I have is it tends to flake once it dries, so in order to avoid the flaking I splash a little more water on it to make the conditioner soak into my head. 

Taliaj Waajid African Healing Oil

Approximately two weeks ago I bought the Taliah Waajid African Healing oil and it smells wonderful. It feels wonderful too. I also bought the shampoo, but haven't used it yet. I'll let you know when that finally happens. 

Curls, Lavish Curls Moisturizer 

Curls, Lavish Curls Moisturizer, is a daily moisturizer that is supposed to keep our natural curls looking radiant. I think it's working. If it isn't working then it sure is keeping my hair smelling good. It smells just like Tangerines or some fruit similar to that. 

Olive Oil Smooth N Hold Pudding

The beautician suggested I buy Taliah Waajid hair pudding, but I already had Olive Oil Smooth N Hold Pudding. She asked me if it's for natural hair, but I don't know. Someone actually told me if all else fails use gel, so this is substituting as my gel. 

Garnier Fructisse Silky Leave-In Conditioner

Garnier Fructis Silky Leave-In Conditioner smells great, but I think my hair is just eating this stuff up. I've started using this less since I use the Curls. 

Star Status Products I Started Using, But Stopped:

Mizani Products

The day my hair was chopped off I found out Mizani has a line of natural products and they're not cheap. That day I bought a cleanser that's supposed to be used between shampoo's and two curl products. The only problem is the curl products continually flaked and using extra water didn't help. The flaking looked worst than dandruff and I couldn't deal. Maybe when my hair grows some I'll try them again. Those products are too expensive to just toss. 

The story many people are telling is natural hair is healthier than perms. I don't know if it's true yet, but natural hair is a lot more fun. By the way, I took the above with my new Sony camera. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Spend A Milli, Lil Kim Dumbs It Way Down In Her New Song

Lil Kim has realized something about the music industry in 2011. You have to dumb your lyrics to the lowest percentage to have a hit and that is exactly what she did in her latest release. It's called "Spend A Milli." I don't know if it would be called a hit though, but she's trying.

Check out "Spend A Milli" below.

Spend a Mill - Lil' Kim by HDMI44

Beyonce Is Beautifully Huge

Beyonce is beautifully huge. Some stars look a hot mess pregnant. As the baby grows inside of them, every physical thing about them changes. Their boobs get hug, face gets fat,  thighs go crazy, and heels get replaces with flats or sneakers. However, Beyonce refuses to change her lifestyle as the weight gain happens. Instead she is becoming beautifully huge.

The heels are still there. The hair is fresh. The dress is definitely not a maternity dress. In fact the dress is cute and I want it. The sunglasses are unexplainable. Her skin is glowing. She is smiling. There appears to be no signs of morning sickness.

Nicki Minaj Is Transformed Into Classic Stars

 Nicki Minaj has been transformed into several classic courtesans of the 18th century. The pictures were taken by photographer Francesco Vezzoli and his idea was to recreate Ms. Minaj into four of the most famous courtesans.

“I wanted to play with the public image of a female hip-hop star. During my entire career, I have always been fascinated by powerful women in history. I have spent a lot of time researching the ways they were represented in art and how their images were used to mold the public imagination—and to convey aesthetic and philosophical ideas about beauty and sexual desire."

“In her performances, Minaj makes very explicit and ­challenging use of her beauty and her body, so I thought of comparing her to some of the most famous courtesans in history: the Marquise de ­Montespan, Comtesse du Barry, Madame de Pompadour, and ­Madame Rimsky-­Korsakov. My idea was to reproduce four iconic portraits of some of the most fascinating females of the past in a series starring an American pop-culture role model."

They are pretty cool.

Pictures and quotes via 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lyricist Lounge: Mr Wired Up Somebody Like You

I haven't posted any Houston music lately, so here's a new song by Mr. Wired Up  titled "Somebody Like You."

Karrine Superhead Steffans, Star Status People Don't Give Up On Love

There are many achievements that star status people have and then there are many goals that stars continually chase after. One of those goals that stars refuse to give up on is LOVE.

Love will make you do wrong. Love will make you do right. Love will have you crying your eyes out at night. But for some love will put the biggest smile upon your heart and give your life peace. I'm guessing Karrine Steffans is looking for that peace because she's giving love another try. Recently she married a mystery man with dreadlocks.

Just in case you don't know....

 Steffans is a famous video vixen/single mom who became famous from writing a tell-all book. She's continually given love a try, but admits to being beaten by most (if not all) of her ex men. Hopefully this new man won't be the same way as the ones in the past.

Steffans is not the only star that has been known to continually look for love. Others are Lisa Raye McCoy, who married and divorced a prince, and Halle Berry, who only dates fine non-black men. Check out others photos from Ms. Steffans, well Mrs we-don't-know-yet, wedding below.

Star Status People Don't Give Up On Love