Friday, October 21, 2011

Jealous Women, Trying To Make Sense Of The Jealousy Conspiracy

The only picture of four women I could find
There are four girls in a room. One girl has pretty hazel eyes that the men love to stare at. Some men have told her the longer they look into her eyes the more it starts to change to different shades of brown.  Another girl has long thick naturally curly hair that is down her back. Her hair is the kind that is so beautiful men run their fingers through it before they even realize what they're doing. Then another girl has a slim waist and a big behind. When she's in the club men fight each other just to get one dance with her. The fourth girl has a relatively perfect figure. Her curves fall into the right places, she has nice size boobs and a perfectly round butt to match, and her hair is long.

However, the fourth girl is jealous of the other girls because they are good at engaging in conversations. While they can talk for hours, she gets awkwardly quiet because she has no idea what to talk about or how to start.

The third girl with the slim waist and big behind is jealous of two of the other girls because their hair is long. Her hair, on the other hand, has always been short. When she continually got perms her hair was short and since she decided to cut it off, it feels as if it is taking forever to grow back. When looking in the mirror at her short afro, she envies the long haired girls.

The second girl with the long naturally curly hair is jealous of the other girls because they physically stand out in various ways. They have mesmerizing eyes and body shapes that grab people's attention, but she is a skinny girl with no shape. All she has to offer is her hair, but even that overshadows her personality. She envies the girls with big butts and colorful eyes.

The first girl with the hazel eyes envies the rest of the girl's. While people say her eyes are pretty and they can look for hours, she doesn't feel like anyone actually pays attention to her. Men will ask her what she said to them over and over again and her family even focuses on the beauty of her eyes. She longs to have something other than that, so she envies the women around her.

In front of each other, they spread fake smiles. Behind each others backs, they gossip out of insecurity and jealousy. However, they're all smart and they have common interests. If only they'd stop hating, then they would each notice.
If I had more time, that could be turned into an excellent story but that wasn't the point. Lately I've been thinking about why we as women envy others for having what we don't. Is it because of those that influence us? I have a friend who is very successful in every venture that she tries and while I'm proud of her, it is obvious my family wishes I could be more like her.

Why do we hate women for looking certain ways when we weren't made like them? Is it the music videos? Lil Wayne and several other rappers have made several remarks about red boned women/light skinned women being prettier.

Is the media the people to blame? The news constantly tells us black women what we are doing wrong when it comes to finding love and looking good. Reality television shows portray us as men and hateful, so many of us start to think that is how we should be. Someone once said there is always going to be a person that is better in every aspect, so could that phrase be the reason why we are constantly jealous of others that have what we don't? Think about it.

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