Thursday, October 13, 2011

Karrine Superhead Steffans, Star Status People Don't Give Up On Love

There are many achievements that star status people have and then there are many goals that stars continually chase after. One of those goals that stars refuse to give up on is LOVE.

Love will make you do wrong. Love will make you do right. Love will have you crying your eyes out at night. But for some love will put the biggest smile upon your heart and give your life peace. I'm guessing Karrine Steffans is looking for that peace because she's giving love another try. Recently she married a mystery man with dreadlocks.

Just in case you don't know....

 Steffans is a famous video vixen/single mom who became famous from writing a tell-all book. She's continually given love a try, but admits to being beaten by most (if not all) of her ex men. Hopefully this new man won't be the same way as the ones in the past.

Steffans is not the only star that has been known to continually look for love. Others are Lisa Raye McCoy, who married and divorced a prince, and Halle Berry, who only dates fine non-black men. Check out others photos from Ms. Steffans, well Mrs we-don't-know-yet, wedding below.

Star Status People Don't Give Up On Love

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