Sunday, May 31, 2009


(picture titled The Dance)

I usually don't like to use myself as an example, but there's this guy on my mind...This guy hasn't done much for me emotional wise. In fact, I don't even remember how I met this guy. I do remember the reason I started talking to him, but that is not important.

He's been in and out of my life for a while now...and unfortunately a pattern has been created. In the beginning I thought if it was easy for this guy to get into my life it would be easy to get him out....but evey once in a while he contacts me again and I find myself allowing him right back in my life...

Sounds stupid doesn't it, but I was reading this Love Facts guide on AOL today and there's a term for this...It's called
-This is settling for someone because you already know them and already have a history with them. Doesn't matter if that history is good or bad, but just the fact that you've known them for a while makes you want them around still.
Usually a person does this because they're feeling weak at the moment (perfect time for the past to intercept with the now), feeling emotional (the past always comes when your emotions are not all intact2), or just feeling lonely...

Women and men, don't fall for the familiar just because you feel you need attention (physically and emotionally). Be strong and give only those people who have the qualities you are looking for a chance...

Song for this is...
Emotional Rollercoaster by Vivian Green

copywritten by Lashuntrice

Friday, May 29, 2009


Women, care about yourself before you care about anyone else and make sure those you care about care about you...It's not being conceded, it's making sure you are confident...


"If you stroke a man's dick you get him for one night, if you stroke his ego you get him for a lifetime..."-Halle Berry

This is one of my favorite quotes from Halle Berry's movie "Perfect Stranger." It's true. Women we need to make me feel good in other ways than sex in order to keep them, but....before we concentrate on making men feel good we need to make sure they make us feel good...

I got a secret for you all...
Women, most times we concentrate on keeping a man so much we neglect ourselves and when we neglect ourselves we allow men to neglect us also. We let them control us and treat us wrong, but we try to please them anyway...

When you meet a man make sure he can take you out to a nice dinner. Make sure that dinner is not at his house on the first, second, or third date.

Make sure that man can hold an intelligent conversation with you (intelligent as in it is not just about sex or sex is not even in the conversation at the time).

Yeah, make sure he can hold at least a 20 minute conversation without bringing up sex or at least if it comes up make sure you bring it up first.

Women, make sure a guy can chill with you. Chill as in make sure if he says he wants to come over and watch a movie the two of you actually watch a movie. Make sure if the two of you want to have a nice dinner at home, let that be an actual dinner..

Women, some of us do want to get down to sex, sex, sex, and if you do that is fine...but for those of us looking for more don't fall into the trap of pleasing a man who's not willing to please you in every way possible (every way you want) because if you do then you might as well be a perfect stranger to him...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Today Tyra Banks did an episode whic featured a group of married women and a group of single women. Each group argued the points of why it's better living life the way they do..
I have to say the person who argued their point the most was this single woman. She saw getting married as being submissive and being afraid to spend the rest of your life alone. She rolled her eyes and gave a mean look everytime a married woman made a point. This woman had her mind set to live the rest of her life as a single workaholic..

There was a couple at the end of the show. This man and woman was set on not having kids. The woman said she knew at 10yrs old she didn't want kids. She said she had been to several doctors over the years trying to get her tubes tied, but no doctor was willing to do the surgery on her. Finally, her husband went and found a doctor who was willing to give him a viscetomy....but there's a twist. This couple has two dogs, which they gave human names...

So, this is my evaluation (it may be wrong or it might just be right)...

If you're single and you say you don't want to have children, but you have some kind of animal for a pet...STOP LYING TO YOURSELF. If you named your dog Christina you're treating it like a child. If you're fertile go on, have sex, and have a baby. It's so much better than having a dog or cat that cannot even speak to you but will still cost a lot.

If you are single with no pets and have a good job, but you find yourself working 20 hrs a day when you only need to be there 8 and your work load may only keep you there at the most of 10, then STOP LYING TO YOURSELF. You're lonely so you're using your work to ignore it. You don't have to be that way. Go out, socialize, fall in love one day, and start a family. You are the only one stopping yourself.

If you are single and you use the excuse that children cost money and you can buy so much more for yourself without having a child, then YOU ARE SELFISH, SELFISH, SELFISH...You are only thinking of yourself. Hell, someone spent money on you when you were growing up.

Quote by A Hip Hop Queen

I wish I had an icecream that looked just like you, sweet tasting chocolate all the way through.
-- MC Lyte

Old School Mood

Today after watching Tyra Show I started to let my mind wander on what I want and the only song I can think of that would describe my mood is...
Icrecream Dream by MC Lyte

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I hate it when...
People do good and say it happened because they are blessed. So, are you telling me that if you do bad you are not blessed? Damn, does this mean that when I mess up it's because God does not like me on that day? NO IT DOES NOT!!!

So, I wish people would stop saying they are blessed when they do something right or something goes there way...because the minute something bad happened you're not hollering that bad thing was a blessing. Instead you are pissed off. You are mad at the world. You are trying to figure out what you did wrong for bad things to happen to you.

So, next time I'm having a bad day and you are having a good day don't holler you are blessed because your day is going well...


Chew it up, spit it out, and don't say it around me.

And to go with this is a song I get tired of, but it's a good song..

Halo by Beyonce

Monday, May 25, 2009


Don't be a bitch if your actions don't back it up..

Women, sometimes we tend to complain about not getting certain attention, affection, a man, etc...But then we turn around and do not show in actions that these types of things are what we want..

Example of the moment:DAISY OF LOVE

In case no one knows this woman originally went on Rock of Love to try to win Brett Michaels heart. In the end, he did not want her, so VH1 gave her a show of her own.

This show has had several episodes and I've watched a few of them. I watched last night's because there was a skunk running through the house and I've never even seen a skunk near any house before..

But back to the each episode Daisy has a distinct pattern..she relishes on the attention she gets. Then some guy tries to have a real conversation with her and while this guy is talking she's thinking about only kissing him or she's just ignoring him. Then later on the guy gets mad and realizes he's not being respected and then she's upset because she feels no one is taking her seriously..

Well, HELL YEAH these men are not taking her seriously because she is not taking herself seriously. She's not acting like she really wants a relationship with any of them. She's just thriving off the attention she's getting from them.

Well, she's not acting serious about wanting to find love and none of them are acting like they really truly want to love her..

So, women if you feel passionate about finding love or anything else that can apply (ex:a job, car, house, etc.) act serious about it. Don't play games and then get confused when others get tired of you..
Don't be a bitch if your actions don't back it up

Copywritten by Lashuntrice Bradley


There is only one way to happiness, and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.

Oh Happy Day
clip from the movie Sister Act 2


I hate it when...
People twit on facebook.. Why are you doing that? Facebook already tell me too many of your conversations with others? And then you complain about facebook telling people about your conversations with others? If you're going to complain why are you taking the time to add your twitter conversations to facebook?

I think people like to let the internet world know all of their business and then likes to complain about it, but I don't like it so stop DAMNIT...JUST STOP.

I don't really want to know all of your conversations with your friends on facebook, but facebook tells me anyway..and being a writer and loving to read sometimes I catch myself reading these things that pop up on my news feed.

I really don't want to read it all and I definitely don't want to read the twitter stuff..I don't even have twitter...(P.S. It took me almost two weeks to realize people were putting their twitter stuff on facebook, sad I know)

So in conclusion I say STOP STOP STOP..and Thank you

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I hate it when guys use the words baby, hunny, sweetie, etc.

Sentimental words just make me feel like puking. Yeah, they're nice and all and it's nice for someone to use them...but after being a college student for God only knows how many years the words just don't seem as valuable.

People use these words out of context and don't care. Men, if you just want to have sex with a woman, why would you call her your baby?? Women, if you just met a man yesterday, why would you call him your "pooh bear" today?"

I want someone to use those words towards me one day and I want to be able to call someone my "I can't even say", but I want the words to feel real..I want the words to be genuine, but until then uggggghhhh PEOPLE STOP USING THOSE WORDS IF YOU DON'T REALLY MEAN IT..

Song of choice::::
TLC's Good At Being Bad


Something about this woman's voice just makes me forget everything and just listen...

Breathless by Corrine Bailey Rae


Despite statitics that say more than half of marriages aren't working, there's no real reason to give up hope...

So when you meet someone you're in love with dive into it 100%...and when problems seem to rise work through them so you'll get back to the happy times..

Celebrate love everyday...

Quote by an Author

I am thirteen today, but by tomorrow I'll be thirty-one years old, because all you need to change time is a pen that doesn't erase.
--Darnella Ford, book Naked Love


Sometimes when you're feeling at your worst all you need is a tiny bit of inspiration..and this book does that trick

Naked Love, written by Darnella Ford, is a suicide book...It's the first that I have read that was written the way it was and it was breathtaking. This book will take you from sad to feeling sorry and then to understanding..

So go to a bookstore near you and read this book NOW!!!

When I'm most tired
All Alone
And feel like I have no one to keep me going....
I escape reality...
Go to a far, far awwwwwaaaayyyy place....
That type of place that can only be found in a good book...
And right about now...
I'm at that breaking point...
Like headaches all around....
So time to excape...
--written by Lashuntrice


I don't know how I feel about this song yet but it's new...

It's Lil Kim, T- Pain, and Charlie Wilson so listen...

Computer Love

Shawty I been lookin at these pictures of you,
So when you gon' call me?
When you gunna come thru?
(what's your fantasy?)
All I wanna do is download
When you gunna let me download?
Shawty up shawty down low
When you gunna let me download?

[Verse: Lil Kim]
I'm on myspace and it's type late
My baby got me number one on his top eight
It's computer love
We don't mind to hate
They just myspace freaks tryna find a date
We up all night, havin cybersex
He chat, I chat though we neva met
He said he wanna explore me like tha internet
It's like a orgasm everytime he send a text
He wanna download
He likes to download
Lil Kim songs and put em on his ringtone
He even got my screen saver on his iphone
I get more hits than a t-inzone
We goin back and forth
Sendin emails
He a thug so I hit em' on his gmail
His sense of humor got me writin L-O-L
I sent pictures of myself straight to tha cell

Shawty I been lookin at these pictures of you,
So when you gun' call me?
When you gun' come thru?
All I wanna do is download
When you gun' let me download?
Shawty up shawty down low
When you gun' let me download?

[Verse: Lil Kim]
He been lookin at my sexy pics
Said he diggin my sexy hips
He wanna kiss my sexy lips
And download me on his floppy disk
Lil Kim is the only one on his mind
He wanna come thru and put me on his hard drive
Three o'clock in the morning, we be online
Others send friend requests
But they get denied
He type I miss you
I type back to let him know the feelings mutual
It's just myspace love
But it's beautiful
He love to watch my videos on youtube
Hey, it's like everytime I log on
I get so turned on
Computer love playin in tha back
(thas ma song)
The only one that have me up all night long
Feel like a fantasy
Chemistry is so strong

Shawty I been lookin at these pictures of you,
So when you gon' call me?
When you gon' come thru
All I wanna do is download
When you gon' let me download?
Shawty up shawty down low
When you gon' let me download?

[Verse: T-Pain]
I'm hopin you look like your pictures do
And when I see you
Up close and personal
So I can't touch you
Late night
Like an insomniac
I'm here now
Grab me where my hard drives at?
I meant what I said when I typed that
Lil mama scream my name if you like that
Ain't nothin like computer love

Shawty I been lookin at these pictures of you,
So when you gon' call me?
When you gon' come thru
All I wanna do is download
When you gon' let me download?
Shawty up shawty down low
When you gon' let me download?

[Lil Kim:]
Screamin all night
Till we go sign out
Where we go from here?
Well we gun' find out
I gave him my number
I got his number
Thas how it is with computer love
If you a myspace freak thro it up one time
Come thru show a little love one time
Browsin for my friend
My baby's not around
So hit me up if you online right now

Shawty I been lookin at these pictures of you,
So when you gun' call me?
When you gun' come thru
All I wanna do is download
When you gun' let me download?
Shawty up shawty down low
When you gunn' let me download?

Phillip Edwards

I wish I had all the answers in the world..... Cause then I would never have to worry what's going on..... But I guess that is what makes life LIFE not knowing but waking up everyday and trying to figure out what we don't know.....
--Phillip Edwards, college student


Hmm...blogger world are you ready?

Pet Peeve:
Late night texts that say "Why are are you still up?"

My #1 thought is always don't these people know that the same question could go towards them.. Why ask someone a question that you should be asking yourself also. Plus, having a reason for being up doesn't change the fact that you're not sleep. I wish people would not send texts like that. It's a waste of texting.

People who do that next time you think about asking someone why are they up at a late night why don't you just go to sleep and forget about the other person, cause obviously you need to be sleep too.

This song is a little over the top for the topic, but whatever...enjoy

Project Pat's Don't Call Me No More, Don't Text Me No More

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Something has been on my mind, but I'm not going to go indebt about it..Just wondering about this one question...

Should a person in need apologize??
Should you feel bad when caught up in a helpless state?
Or should you just chunk up the deuce and be like "there was no other choice anyway?"

I guess in some situations an apology is needed and in others.....well, in life seems like you need to decipher between what's really what..

Here's a song I like...

One Republic's Apologize


Word of Advice:

Always try to love what you do even if you don't really want to do it. Love it because noone else will. Well, someone might love one thing you do, but that doesn't mean they will love the next thing. Plus, if they don't love the next thing they won't remember any good things you've done, just that you failed.

So, find a way to uplift yourself. If you do you might be happy for just a little bit longer...

Inspirational song coming your way in 5..4...3..

Jill Scott's Gotta Get Up


"One day you won't have to worry about that..."
"One day you'll have all the fun you want..."
"Things will get easier...."

UGH...I hate when people say stuff like that..
I hate that whole saying "Do what you have to do now so you can do what you want later."

I mean when are you really doing what you want?
In order to have food on the table, be able to pay rent, and pay for college I have to take out a loan. I want to eat, have somewhere to sleep, and have a better education but who said I wanted to take out loans that I will one day have to pay back to the government..

Oh yeah and I want to have fun. I want to travel all over the world but these stupid college expenses aren't allowing me to...Some say one day after college I will be able to do this, but how can anyone afford to this after college when they're trying to pay back college loans??? UGH

What do I want to do after college? I want to have to not pay back loans, not work a nine to five, read and write as much as possible (and make a profit off of that), and have that cinderella life (whatever that is). That's not going to happen. I'm going to be worried about paying loans, finding any kind of job to support myself, hopefully I'll be making a profit off of reading and writing (but I might just have to read some stuff I don't want to), and only God knows about that Cinderella life...So, I will not be doing all that I want.

But on the other hand, people say when you get to heaven you have eternal peace. Well, that sounds nice, happy, all that other good stuff, but I don't want to wait til I die to achieve the happiness that I'm looking for. Can't I get peace while I'm still alive??? UGH..

This pet peeve causes for a really angry song so listen..


Copywritten by Lashuntrice

Thursday, May 21, 2009


A lot of people say GO HARD OR GOME HOME...

Well, when I think about it if you go hard then aren't you going home at the end of the that I mean if you don't go hard (give your all) won't you be at a loss...

A home is a place that you can go to relax. You feel comfortable and you can think about all that you have achieved. At a certain age you're even going to that lovely family you've created and is inspiring you to continue your journey of hard work..

A house on the other hand is just a place where you rest your burdens for a little. You go there to sleep, eat, relax a little (only a little cause you're reminded of your problems), and get ready to leave again to continue your day to day activities..

So, I think the say should be GO HARD AND THEN GO HOME...
That way you can celebrate your hard earned work with those who care..

I know, this is crazy..but if you understand my mind then it makes perfect

Here's a nice song to listen to

A House Is Not A Home by Luther Vandross

Copywritten by Lashuntrice


Another Pet Peeve

I hate it when people try to tell me how I am...How can anyone tell a person how they act? You're not around a person 24/7 and definitely if you just work with that person and have not hung out with them how can you make an absolute judgment...

Oh, I am the most dedicated person to my work, but that's not all there is to me...dang

This song doesn't exactly go with the pet peeve, but I like it so listen..

They Don't Know by Paul Wall

Copywritten by Lashuntrice

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I've read several of Greg's "Gear Grinder" posts and I've decided to do my own version. I will put up one pet peeve of mine (hence the name PET PEEVES).

The first pet peeve came to me a few minutes ago when I was listening to Project Pat's "Don't Save Her." It is.....

I hate when men save you can't turn a hoe into a housewife, but they think after they've fucked every hoe a respectable housewife is really going to want them..UGH

Men if you don't want a hoe don't be one.

Copywritten by Lashuntrice

IBW (Lil Kim)

Kimberly Denise Jones, also known as Lil Kim, was born in 1975 and grew up in Brooklyn, New York.

With the help of Notorious BIG, Lil Kim started off her rap career in 1994 when she was a part of a group called Juinor MAFIA, which only released one album..

Since hitting the scenes she's released four albums, been in nine movies, and been on several televisions shows ( Dancing With The Stars being her latest appearance).

A lot of people will probably look at this and shake their heads because they do not understand how anyone could see Lil Kim as inspiring. She's been portrayed negatively throughout the media several times. There have been rumors of her sleeping around with several men and she went to prison for a crime she could have easily avoided. Also, since the moment she stepped out into the rap scene she made herself a walking sex symbol..

Well, througout all of Lil Kim's drama, I think she is inspirational because til this day she can hold her head up high and be proud of herself. She never let any bad rumors stop her from succeeding. She's shown to be a true friend (only a true friend wouold be willing to go to prison to protect someone).

Also, Lil Kim is still as hardcore as she was when she first stepped out on the scene. While Lil Kim has been known to have an image that not everyone would be proud of, she's always kept up her confidence. Her confidence can be so intimidating and that makes her so inspiring. She's only 5 feet tall, yet she can face any woman or man. She knows how to stand her ground.

oh wait, and who else could get Diana Ross to feel on their boob..

Check out this sexy hardcore diva in this video:: song NO TIME

copywritten by Lashuntrice

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lil Kim

Some might feel different about the title, but oh well here goes..

"If I had a penis I'd be hard as for real though"- Lil Kim

Friday, May 15, 2009

IBW (Part One)

Recently someone on my facebook list posted up a photo album of the most inspirational people to them. They gave reasons for why they like each and every person. This inspired me to start a section on my blog about the inspirational women I look up to.

The section will be called IBW, which stands for inspirational black women.

First person feature will be Jada Pinkett Smith.
Jada Pinkett Smith is a 37 yr old mom and wife who stands at just 5 feet tall.
Mrs. Smith Smith is not an inspirational woman because she's been on countless amount of television shows, such as True Colors (1990) and A Different World (1991).

She's not an inspirational woman because she's been in a countless amount of movies, such as Menace II Society and Bamboozled.

She is an inspirational woman because throughout all of her successful she still manages to put her family first. She has a strong bond with her mother. "A mother and daughter's relationship is usually the most honest, and we are so close (" She makes sure her family stays together, even making sure Will Smith's first child is included in family life.

She inspirational because although she's been in a countless amount of movies and television shows, she still manages to do charity and give back to the commmunity. She along with her husband started the Will And Jada Family Foundation in Baltimore, Maryland. This focuses on youth in urban cities and family support.

Mrs. Smith hasn't just inspired me because of her movies or her charity. She inspires me because she has a this glow about her like no one else I've ever seen. She's sassy and she's confident. She's successful and at the end of the day she's real. She puts herself and her family first and in turn it allows her to be happy.

Also, like me she's short. She's just five feet tall. She's married to very tall Will Smith, but anyone can see she's the ruler of that relationship. If she has messed up in anyway no one knows. She knows how to hide her troubles (if she has any) and only show the world the leader that she is.

To me Jada Pinkett Smith is an woman worth looking up to. She has success, happiness, and sex appeal. She is an Inspirational Black Woman.

P.S. She has an amazing website. You should check it out.

copywritten by Lashuntrice

Monday, May 11, 2009


Sometimes reality tv can be so entertaining you forget these people are real people with real lives. You forget that like many others these people's trouble's are laughed at and then ignored. You forget these people and then they forget themselves..

Today kicked off a new season of Charm School. The host this season is Ricki Lake. While Ricki Lake has been a great role model for many, just like the other hosts I don't she can actually help these girls...She can only make their problems worst.

See, with every reality show there is comedy, amazement, and just pure sadness. Tonight at the end of the show pure sadness hit with one of the girls. I can't speak for others, but Gia's reaction at the end of the show showed me she really needed help. She was suspended from Charm School because she is a black-out alcoholic, but it was apparent that she had real problems, problems that maybe a psychiatrist could handle. She screamed, she shouted, and all the while the camera stayed on her.

In our everyday lives where there are no cameras we go through things. We have ups, but we also have downs. Our downs aren't shown on national television and we have close friends to help us through our problems. But what about those reality stars who get kicked off of shows because of their problems? Beverly clearly had issues on Rock of Love. She was told she had problems and then was dismissed from the show. Then tonight she was on Charm School with the same problems and still was just dismissed. Now, Gia has been dismissed too. These people need help, but who's helping them?

Are you thinking how you wish you could help in some way or are you just laughing at them? Sure reality tv is entertaining but when problems like Ghia's are shown it makes it hard to laugh...or at least for me it does.

Someone really needs to help these girls. Clearly MoNique couldn't, Sharon Osborne couldn't, and Riki Lake is just throwing these women the same old routine that everyone else has already tried.

I give them their props for trying, but think about it. The last thing these girls need is to be on another television show if they are serious about getting their lives straight..would you want a camera following you around when you're at your worst? Someone needs to step in and help these women to find themselves. The only way they can become better women is to get in touch with themselves and they do not have remember

Sometimes reality tv can be so entertaining you forget these people are real people with real lives. You forget that like many others these people's trouble's are laughed at and then ignored. You forget these people and then they forget themselves..

copywritten by Lashuntrice

Friday, May 8, 2009


While new songs are good, old songs know how to inspire like no other..

Here's an inspirational song from the past...
Envogue-Free Your Mind

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I AM MY OWN WORST ENEMY!!!!! If I put my mind to it I can do anything, but if I tear myself down there's nothing I can do.

Nothing but empowerment here...Drama encourages me so bring it on...

Friday, May 1, 2009


Every time I mess up I re-evaluate myself. Every time I lose a friend I re-evaluate myself. Every time I receive a failing grade I re-evaluate myself. Every time I meet someone and they do not like me I re-evaluate myself. Every time I'm put into the spotlight I re-evaluate myself.

I try to judge myself before anyone else, because when I mess up or when it seems I've messed up I want to be able to recognize the problem. I want to be able to repair it without anyone pointing it out to me, but it hurts.

It hurts badly when I can't recognize the problem myself. I've been told not to blame myself for every bad situation I'm in. I've been told that it's not always my fault. However, my willing to perfect myself makes me blame myself.

I have to admit that 2009 has been the hardest year for me. I've never had so much trouble just dealing with one class, the men are the same as they have always been, and I find myself spending more and more time alone. More time alone seems to give me more time to re-evaluate where my life is going.

In this year of 2009 sometimes I feel I have grown because I'm smarter (thank you TV News), wiser (the internet blogs have opened me up to a whole new way of reading and understand, and stronger because I'm realizing my capabilities.

On the other hand, I'm scared of the world. My struggles in Tallahassee, Fl. are starting to make me realize that once I leave I'll be susceptible to a lot more. There will be happy times, but there will be a lot more painful times (lots more tears). SCARY!!!

As I'm writing I'm re-evaluating my life some more. I'm trying to stop. Remember the days when we were kids and we could brush every worry off within five seconds. Can sometime tell me how to do that again. Tell me how to stop the evaluating and the celebrate the moment. Enjoy the moment in time I am living in...