Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Marry Me-- A Mad Man's Rant About The Ultimate Commitment

Earlier I was browsing blogs and I saw this.

Some of his points were valid. Getting married won't take away from the problems that are already there. If people want to just have sex then there is no point for marriage.

However, most people don't get married because they think their problems will go away. They also don't get married with the idea of signing a contract in mind. When people marry with the idea of signing contracts, they usually get divorced five minutes later because they weren't ready. Marriage is also not just about the money. Well, for some it's about the money, but for others it's about spending the rest of their life with the one they love. Love triumphs the thought of how money is being spent.

 "Women are going to defend marriage til they die, generation after generation, because it benefits women. That’s y’all day."

This is not true. Well, I am defending marriage, but I know that marriage is as important to women as it is to men. Men are the ones who eventually propose. Men are the ones who decide that they've met the woman they want to spend the rest of their lives with

"Why do you want to get married? How is it gonna benefit you and your boyfriend or girlfriend? We are expected to be committed and faithful before we get married. All the same demands are there before we get married."

 The way I see it is if a man wants dinner on the table every night for the rest of his life he'll put a ring on it. If a man wants good sex, not okay sex, he'll put a ring on it. If a man wants a family, not baby mammas that he talks bad about, he'll put a ring on it. If a man wants happiness he'll put a ring on it because hoe-ing (and good looks) only lasts so long. 

These are just my opinions though. Read another good article on this topic at BitchieLife.

Monday, August 30, 2010

PhD In Stripping And Being a Doctor The Same

A few minutes ago I happened to see a post on http://blogxilla.com about a conflicted stripper. Just by the name of the post I had to read it. 

However, when I clicked on it, I didn't find words. Instead I saw a youtube video of a very confused girl. In this video this girl tries to compare stripping and being a doctor. Here, watch for yourself. 

Crazy, right?

The Many Faces Of Gucci

Gucci Mane is showing off his many different sides on the cover of his album that will drop September 28th.

I like the one of him in the suit.

Not Another Mystery (Real World Lessons)

When the thought of moving back home first came into my mind, I knew one thing I would have to drop was a love life. Well, I should really call it a dating life. I had it made up in my mind that men would forever, or at least until situations were in my favor again, be put aside. 

However, since I'm a little man crazy the thought didn't last long. In fact a few days ago I became brave enough to give out my number again. I gave the number out to someone through facebook. I don't know if that's the smartest thing to do yet, but it's been done. So far this guy through facebook is the only guy who has received my number since I've been back. In fact chatting with him has been interesting so far. I've learned some things about him so far and he's asked me a question that made me think. 

The question was "When is a good time to come over?" 

It wouldn't be such a bad question if I lived by myself, but I don't. I live with my parents and brothers. That basically means no time is a good time to come over. I do realize that at some point in my future I'm going to have to bring a guy over. I'll have to chill with a guy even with my current situation. Dreams don't fulfill the desire as good as reality. At some point my parents are going to get curious about the guy (whoever that may be) that is in my life at the current time. At some point a guy is going to have to meet my parents and brothers.  

I do realize that the after midnight visits have been left back in the college years. However, the dilemma now is when is a good time to see a guy. When is a good time for me to be alone with a guy even if it's in my house? 

If you're reading this help me out please. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ben Feldman (Just Sexy Enough)

I can't help it. I've fallen in love with his character on Drop Dead Diva. If you watch the show you already know why.

I Need A Soldier

Lately I've been posting new music, but tonight I was inspired by someone I follow on  twitter to take it back again.

This particular person was listening to Destiny's Child songs. I always loved Destiny's Child. Since I've also been thinking about my future "Tupac With A College Degree" the song I had to play first "Soldier."

Friday, August 27, 2010

50 Cent Wants Your Attention

Some people will do anything (and I do mean anything) to get the attention of their twitter followers. This is what 50 Cent has chosen to do.
12PM Saturday the 28th 50 Cent will be tweeting. By the look of the pictures he better have some interesting stuff to say.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not A Kid (Poetic Heart)

I just wrote this poem in about 5 minutes.


Not A Kid 
By Miss Too Sexy

Not A Kid
Four Foot Ten, skinny, some see me as too thin
Small breasts, no ass, slim waist, and a baby face
People look at me and think I’m in the fifth grade
Make up and heels on
Then people see me as a little girl trying to be grown
But time and time again I respond to those stares by telling them I’m not a kid
I’m a grown ass woman

When I’m out I can feel the looks of the perverts as they watch
They’re not looking for a relationship
Just fresh impressionable meat, barely legal
They’re thrill seekers trying to see if they can still get a hard on
But they’re also looking pass me
They want a 17 or 18 year old
And a girl like me
A girl that’s 23 and looks like she’s 13 is not their style
But I don’t get it because every other word out of my mouth is:
Grown, mature, adult, looking for love, or even a night of fun
I’m not a kid
I’m a grown ass woman

But sometimes I feel trapped
My parents don’t have to say anything
But their silent words still burn in my brain
Where to go, where not to go
What to do, what not to do
Who to talk to, who not to talk to
Even their contradictory statements stay floating in my head to the point where I find myself in the middle of the street, or looking like a lost kid in the mall because I had turned into a 5 year old with no voice trying to look up to others who wasn’t sure of the answer either
But I’m a grown ass woman
Not a kid

I can’t go to the park
Hop on the swing sets
Climb on the monkey bars
And I can’t go to the theme parks
Ride the kiddy rides
Get my daddy to buy me a drumstick that’s too big for me to finish eating
So I continually remind myself to lean on my own opinion
Because I’m a grown ass woman
Not a little kid
I just hope one day the rest of the world wakes up and sees it.

Food For Thought (Black on Black Crime)

Earlier I asked someone to leave a review on my blog. Instead he left this.

It's interesting how the world has changed. We try to classify people based on color still. I look at myself and they would say I am White and Old. I look at Rome and they would say she is a blonde, yet our skin color shows we are Black. Why must be classified in this World. Because we are black, we are expected to listen to rap hip hop and r & b. Its wrong for us to listen to rock, or we are looked down upon BY OUR OWN DAMN RACE! (Excuse the language) I guess my point is to judge the individual by the individual and not by what is expected of our race. It's sad that Racism against Blacks are committed by blacks. Just a food for thought.
Kerry Alfred Moore II

This is something to think about. 

Drew Barrymore Likes The Natural Smell Of A Person

Drew Barrymore was on "Lopez Tonight" Wednesday night to promote her new movie "Going The Distance." While on the show she revealed something that many people might find disgusting.

While blushing Barrymore told George Lopez that she prefers the natural scent that people have over wearing deodorant. Sounds nasty, right? Well, when I think about it people do smell good naturally right after they come out of the shower and before they start sweating. That means Barrymore's enjoyment might be good.

In the interview she also mentioned loving to laugh. She said she likes dangerous laughter, which is the kind where a person laughs so hard they can't control themselves. Hmn, that explains why she said she loves people without deodorant on. She was trying to make people laugh uncontrollably. It worked for me.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Short Hair, Don't Care

Remember the days of reciting "Long Hair, Don't Care?" Well it was originally stated by Lil Wayne and then became one of America's favorite phrases when people everywhere raved about their long hair. However, now since I have short hair I think it's safe to change the phrase.

"Short Hair, Don't Care"

I'm really feeling my hair right now. It gives me more confidence. It makes me feel older. It makes feel feel wiser. It makes me feel sexy. It gives me part of that freedom that I've been longing for.

It's both great and weird because I did have doubts before going for it. Maybe the doubts came from listening to others. Even on the day of getting it done I had others opinions in my head, but I realized I had to do what's best for me. I had to get it cut because it was a part of freeing myself.

The only thing that scares me now is keeping it pretty. Every day I give myself the motivation to re-curl it or re-straighten. I do it even if I'm not going anywhere. I want to prove those people that don't think I can handle short hair wrong and I want to prove to myself that I am becoming a star in every way, including my looks.

I wrote post before on how Monica was one of the inspirations for my hair style. Hear are some more ladies that make short hair look fabulous.

Fantasia And Family Address Personal Issues on Behind The Music

There have been lots of talk about Fantasia since her suicide attempt recently. There were rumors as to why she tried to kill herself and there were rumors as to whether her suicide attempt was a publicity stunt. However, Tuesday night on VH1's Behind The Music Fantasia set that and many other situations in her life straight. 

First she addressed the suicide attempt by stating that she knew what she was doing when she took the whole bottle of pills. She said that it is impossible to take a whole bottle of pills and expect to live. Her manager also described finding her in the closet and calling 911. It was a horrible time for Fantasia, but she looked as though she was happy to still be alive. 

Other issues in Fantasia's life were addressed. One instance was her relationship with her father. The first occurrence that was brought up was his reaction to her being raped. She said that his reaction was as if she deserved to be raped. He was also interviewed and he stuck to thinking that Fantasia was asking for it by wearing tight clothing. That pissed me off because no man should have that attitude towards his daughter. Instead  , a father should be protecting his daughter and trying to make the person who commits the crime pay. 

Fantasia's father wasn't the only one put on the spot in the documentary. Her ex boyfriend/baby daddy was also put on the spot when she brought up the fact that he punched her during one of their fights. When he was being interviewed it was clear that he was embarrassed. He talked about it and then quickly stated how wrong his actions were. 

Overall I was moved by Fantasia's documentary. In fact I'm about to play "Bittersweet" right now. 

If I Were Kat Stacks

Kat Stacks is a girl who was inspired by the route Karrine Steffans, also known as Super Head, took to build her career. By observing Karrine Steffans, Kat Stacks slept with more men than she could count and she made sure to collect money from these men.Then she created a blog and started telling the world about all of her sexual encounters.

At first people thought she was playing, but then several semi-famous male stars started having negative reactions to her. Men would get caught on tape cussing at her. Men would get caught on tape beating her. Men would get caught on tape furiously denying they were ever with her, but their lies wouldn't get far because she'd have a tape to prove them wrong. The biggest celebrities that she was claiming to have slept with, such as BOW WOW, eventually chose to ignore her.

However, the public didn't ignore Kat Stacks. She was and still is hard to  ignore. She captured the attention of the media without even asking for money in exchange of her juicy gossip. Then she repeatedly allowed cameras to follow her as she was continuously handed money to be disrespected by men. That's the one smart move that Kat Stacks has caught onto. She's realized that her words are nothing without a camera capturing her stories.

So Tuesday a video came out of Kat Stacks and Soulja Boy. Apparently Soulja Boy spent a lot of personal time with her and she taped it all. She taped their lames sexcapades (sexual escapades), their boring moments, and the moments where they sat around doing cocaine. Then, as we all can see, she decided to share Soulja Boy's activities with us.

Now keep in mind that Soulja Boy is a famous rapper. However, Kat Stacks is a hoe with nothing to gain and nothing to lose either. For real, she has absolutely nothing to gain because she's spending her days investing time in pleasing men to make them look bad in the future.

However, if I were Kat Stacks I would have taken a totally different approach. Here's how things might have lined up for me.

* Kat Stacks is a wanna-be model. If I were her I would have followed in Karrine Steffans foot steps a little more. I would have tried to place myself in some music videos so the world would see my face before they hear my words. It only seems right if a person is already sleeping with the rappers.

*Kat Stacks was smart by taking money from the rappers for her services. However, I would be a lot more expensive than her. If the prostitutes in Nevada are getting paid thousands of dollars per customer, why can't the girl that's sleeping with the celebrities get the same amount of pay? After all, sex can be a full time job depending on the man.

*Kat Stacks videotaped her time with Soulja Boy. If I were to videotape my encounter with a celebrity I wouldn't leak it. Instead I would keep it for blackmail. What's worse than getting caught on tape doing drugs? Plus, when it comes down to sex tapes the woman is always going to look bad and the man will always come out looking good.

*Most of all, If I were Kat Stacks I'd have developed an actual talent before throwing my life away for a little bit of cash. The girl can barely spell or read. She burns every bridge that she builds. Once people stop caring about her sexcapades she won't have anything else to fall back on.

Honestly I would never do like Kat Stacks. I care too much about my future reputation to slander my own name before there's any good relevance to it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Barack Obama Controversies

Every time I turn on the television or log onto the internet I see a new controversy surrounding President Barack Obama. People complain about him not showing up to conventions when he was obviously at other conventions that took place at the same time. People complain about whether he's really an American. I thought that problem was solved back in the 1800's when African Americans became citizens. People are even complaining about his religion. His religion is what inspired me to write this blog post.

Two weeks ago I saw one of my old classmates complaining about Obama's religion. This girl has always been a proud republican and she's one of those people that complain just because other republicans complain. Since she's such a proud republican she joined the conversation about his religion. Only thing is who the fuck really cares about Obama's religion?

He was elected as our president to help revive our economy. His religion is not going to help keep terrorists away. His religion is not going to save him from criticisms about how he handled a press conference. His religion is not going to be brought up when he goes shopping for new clothes. So why the fuck are people complaining about it?

For those people who care so much GET OVER IT. Focus on Obama's efforts and success and stop worrying about things that don't matter.

Stars Don't Worry About Their Health

The majority of stars are so rich the only thing they tend to worry about is how the media will perceive them. They don't worry about other things such as getting sick, getting their annual eye check-ups, going to dentist appointments, fixing issues to their bodies, etc. They just do those things without any real thought.

Earlier today I was watching the Style network and a plastic surgery show came on. Comedian Debra Wilson was one of the people featured on the show. Years ago she'd gotten surgery on her breasts to remove fibroids and her breasts ended up turning out uneven. In this episode she was getting surgery on her breasts to fix the problem. She went into the surgery with no fears and she was happy with the final product.

Years ago Hillary Duff had an issue with one of her teeth. She chipped a tooth while performing at a concert. It was one of her front teeth so she had to get it fixed immediately. When she came out she had brand new veneers and the problem no longer existed.

However, while there are many like Wilson who can easily slip into a plastic surgeon's office and while there are many who can go to a dentist days after hurting a tooth, there are lots of others who have been stripped of that opportunity. I'm one of those people who use to have insurance, but don't anymore. I was covered under many parents, but the day I turned 23 I was cut off. The insurance company did not even bother to notify me. They notified my parents.

Now I feel naked without any insurance. Although I don't want to, I don't have the luxury of getting any problems on my body fixed. I don't have the luxury of going in for an eye examination and getting new glasses. I used to get new glasses yearly until I decided to try out contact lenses. The contact lenses was the last thing my parent's insurance company had the pleasure of helping me pay for. I don't even have the luxury of going to get the exams that doctors say women should get yearly to make sure they have no issues with their bodies. When I was 18 I thought I felt a lump and went to the doctor to make sure I didn't have cancer. I didn't then, but now I have been stripped of the opportunity to run to the doctor to make sure I am healthy.

It's scary because my health is important. Being protected is important. Insurance is there to protect a person in case of emergencies, but if I have any emergencies now I'm screwed. I just have to pray that over the counter medicines are good enough. However, the stars are lucky. They don't have to worry about their health. They always have a doctor on call to make sure they are ready for the moments they step into the spotlight.

One day I hope to have the luxury of the stars. I hope that insurance will not be a worry. Actually I hope the only thing I have to worry about is how people are perceiving me.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chico DeBarge Is Back

Sexy is definitely back in style when it comes to R&B singers. Recently Chico DeBarge decided to come back out and do a photo shoot. He is currently in the studio working on new material.

I don't know if his voice still sounds good, but he is still sexy.

Pictures courtesy of helltodanaw.com

Friday, August 20, 2010

No Free Work

I saw this on a friend's facebook page and loved it.
In most ways, I believe it to be true. Who will value your work if you don't value it yourself.

A Fashion Dream

Earlier as I was watching old Xscape videos I started to long for the clothes they were wearing. They were great singers with a great fashion sense. I think they're clothing consisted of choices everyone woman would want to make. 
For example I'd love to have a red dress in my closet. I definitely need to get one as soon as possible. Nothing says sexy better than a red dress or a red outfit period. 
In the picture above and to the side the women are showing off their bras. That's always been a fantasy of mines. I want to one day be comfortable enough to walk out of the house with some shorts and a bra on.

Then again can a person do that? Is it only reserved for the stars?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trying To Express Myself Through Poetry

Trying To Express Myself Through Poetry
By Miss Too Sexy
(Disclaimer: This is an update from a poem I wrote back in 2006. I am not my poetry. Therefore, don't judge me on this. I promise to write a happy poem soon.)

But not finding the right words to convey
Mad as hell at the world right now
Because the worlds got me feeling this way
Thinking of angry words
Wanting To call someone a bitch or a slut
Wanting to cuss you out
Even though you're my friend
But needing someone to blame after
I’ve fucked up my life
Crying out for God to send me some direction
Because life seems so hard right now
But then contradicting myself by losing focus
What are those?
I don’t even know anymore
Praying to God that I don't become some mean ass bitch
Praying to God that I'll never have to turn tricks
Success is what I’m hoping for
But it seems like success won’t unlock it’s door
So I’m mad ass hell at the world right now
Because the worlds got me feeling this way
Trying to express myself through poetry
Oh hell, I don't know what to say

Pouring my frustrations onto this paper
Then watching the news and screaming out
Why did Fantasia have to be with a married man
Why’d she have to try to commit suicide over him
Then remembering my past
Looking into his eyes
Thinking I've found the right one
But all he wanted is what was between my thighs
He wasn’t married
He wasn’t even in a relationship
But the pain from the realization that he was a no-good nigga was more than I could take.
So trying to match her pain with mines
Trying to figure out whose is worst
Trying to get away from all this madness
Trying to feel more than sadness
Saying the word SHIT!!!
Cause right now I'm so angry
What's wrong with me??
This isn't the girl I used to be
Mad ass hell at the world right now
Because the worlds got me feeling this way
Trying to express myself through poetry
Oh hell, I don't know what to say

Remembering my parents say, "Do your best"
And trying not to settle for less
But even less can see my anxiety to conform in society
So it rejects me
Tells me I’m not good enough
So I try not to stress it
Someone once said wait and you’ll receive blessings
Patience used to be a virtue
But now all I here is what the fuck is wrong with you
Get out there
Do anything to make some money
Crying my soul out
For what??
I don't even know anymore
Just barely remembering to pray
Because I'm so damn caught up in the things of today
Money, friends, men, the fabulous life that isn’t even mines
Mad ass hell at the world right now
Because the worlds got me feeling this way
Trying to express myself through poetry
Oh hell, I don't know what to say

Screaming on the inside
Wanting to call that man an asshole
Mothafuckin bitch ass negro
Because I didn’t ask for his advice
But he offered it up anyway
And I didn’t know how it could help me
Because the only thing he offered that I liked was the money
But I’m not mad at him
More mad at me
Because I’m searching for the source of all this anger
Trying to figure out when it began
But in the end just feeling lost and lonely
Oh wait, where are my friends
Right there
Watching me break down within
Praying to God and hoping he hears me
Crying because I know I've sinned
Feeling the pain deep within
Mad as hell at the world right now
Because the world's got me feeling this way
Trying to express myself through poetry
Oh hell, I don't know what to say

Mark Curry's Life After

When I think back to my childhood years I must say the 90's was the best. The 90's had the best music and the best television shows. One show in particular was "Hanging With Mr. Cooper."

"Hanging With Mr. Cooper" was a very funny show because Mark Curry, who played the lead role, was a very funny comedian. However, after the show he disappeared. However, if you've been wondering what happened to him, he will be telling his story on TV One's "Life After" this Monday. 

I'm tuning in. You should too. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Horny For You

This is a corny little love poem I wrote back in 2006.


Horny For You
By Miss Too Sexy

Horny For You
What am I to do?
Getting wet at the thought of your name
Breaking out in sweat
Boy you know you got some tight game
Wanting to see you more and more
But afraid to unlock that door
The door to my true feelings
But maybe for you I should be willing
Frustrated and afraid
On the real scared to get played
Seeing you in my dreams
For you I'm becoming a feign
Wanting to tell you what's in my heart
But getting distracted from thoughts of you becoming hard
While at the same time touching me
In places I wouldn't want another guy to see
Watching my icecream melt before my eyes
Because I'm daydreaming of you putting your hands between my thighs
Yeah, I got a nasty mind
But we're two of a kind
I really like you
For you I really care
Wherever you are I wish I could be there
Afraid to express my emotions
But every time I think of you I get horny
I know this sounds corny
But this is what's real
Horny for you
Damn, what am I to do?

Second Chance By El DeBarge

This song is beautiful.

The One I Gave My Heart To

Of all the men I've met, there was one that I accidentally gave my heart to.

See, I met this guy a long time ago. At first he was just another name in my memory bank. I'd see him around say hi. He'd see me around and speak. I guess you could say we were acquaintances. Then one semester in college we ended up having a class together.

I was taking this particular class for fun. I think he was taking it because it was required for him. Anyway, he trapped me into chillin with him one day with the stupidest line. Well, he used school the class as the reason to see me, but I should have known better. I wasn't mad about it though. On that particular day we talked and got to know a little about each other. Something about him made me let my guard down. I don't know if it was his good looks or his nice personality. It might have been a combination of both.

After that day we continued to see more of each other. We went from acquaintances to friends with benefits. I was cool with what we were doing as long as he was cool with it too. Although my guard was down, I didn't realize it at first. I didn't realize until the semester ended and he didn't want to see me anymore. I didn't realize that I had given him my heart until the tears of disappointment started dropping down my face.

The worse part was months later when he called me wanting to see me again I quickly agreed. I never told him about the pain I felt from what he had done. I kept it to myself just because I knew it was my fault for settling in the first place. I knew that if I was going to hand my heart out I should have at  least had the title of girlfriend first.

However, I did let him back into my life. In fact even though I didn't tell him how I felt I think he knew. No, I know he knew that he had my heart. He'd call me and come over anytime he wanted. He would then get what  he wanted and leave. He never stayed long enough for my satisfaction. He played me and I let him. When I was tiring of getting played I did tell him I didn't want to see him anymore.

After that I had one more encounter with him alone. That day was a bitter sweet day.

P.S. I understand Fantasia and every other woman out there that has gotten attached to the wrong type of man. Once you get attached it's hard to let go. It's like taking candy back to the candy store.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Black Men Wearing Sandals

I saw this article over on Necolebitchie.com about black men wearing sandals. That article talks about why it's such a horror to see black men wearing sandals.

I personally don't like to see any man wearing sandals unless they are worn in the privacy of his house.

Nelly Still Has It (Just Sexy Enough)

Nelly shows that he's still sexy in his Apple Bottom Jeans Fall 2010 clothing line ad. More photos can be found at Celebrity Clothing Line.

I'd definitely rock those clothes.