Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Girl's Biggest Dream (Modeling)

One of my dreams has been to model. Since I'm 4'10 I don't think anyone would actually hire me at their agency, but I'd love to at least feel like a model. A couple of months ago I tried to make that feeling become a reality by having some do a photo shoot of me in my cap and gown. While that person said they would be my photographer, they never actually did it so I'm still holding on to the dream.

On the other hand, a girl (and hopefully friend for life) that I met my freshman year in college can now call herself a model. Her name's Kim Mason, but she's better known as Sheree. She's a fashion designer and owns two blogs called Sparkleshock and Jade Pheenix. For as long as I've known her she's always been a creative girl, so I'm glad to see her creativity show through in her photos.

In each of the pictures she is wearing clothing she designed.

I really love all of her photos. I'm going to ask her for advice when I finally get a chance to do a photo shoot. I once heard that poetry can be created from a picture. Anyway, for more of her photo shoot, her designs, and the kind of artists (fashion and all others) that she likes check out her two blogs.

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