Sunday, August 8, 2010

12 Donut Holes

 Disclaimer: I told myself I wouldn't write about family anymore, but I broke my rule.

12 Donut Holes
By Miss Too Sexy

1st donut represent this morning when I woke up and heard my dad asking my brothers if they wanted him to stop by Shipley’s.
2nd donut represents the memory of me asking “Mommy, can I have Shipley’s?”
3rd donut represents the minute the question slipped out of my mouth. That was the moment Shipley’s 12 donut holes became my snack of choice one summer.
4th donut represents how each bite into each donut hole represented my innocence. I didn’t know any better. All I knew was the delicious taste of Shipley’s 12 donut holes.
5th donut represents the sweetness in each bite. The sweetness is enough to fulfill a sugar craving, but not enough to send a person into a sugar coma.
6th donut showed how the inevitable cycle was being formed.
 7th donut represents my hesitation about having kids.
8th donut represents how cute and innocent they are. The moment a child comes to a person they open themselves up. They give you all of their happiness, joy, and pain. They shower you with love and force you to show your happiness, joy, and most of all forget about your pain. They remind you that it’s not all about you.
9th donut represents goals and aspirations that get put on hold because there’s someone like a child that’s more important. It also represents the little things that get put on hold because a child is sick, is being bad, or is just lonely and wants attention.
10th donut hole represents my goals that are waiting to be fulfilled. I don’t have children yet, but I have younger brothers. In fact as I was writing this they were banging on my door. Imagine the hard knocking and when I ask what they want they respond with a simple term, “Nothing.” However, one day it won’t be siblings. It will be a little one, a mini me, banging and then responding to the question “What do you want?” with the word nothing.
11th donut reminds me that I’m trying to hold on to every second of every minute that I have by myself. I’m trying to live every moment to the fullest before someone else comes in and humbles me. I’m trying to fly before it’s time to land and teach someone else how to fly.
12th donut represents the question, “Mommy can I have Shipley’s donuts.” That’s not me. That’s the future reminding me to be all about me before my time is up. 

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