Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If I Were Kat Stacks

Kat Stacks is a girl who was inspired by the route Karrine Steffans, also known as Super Head, took to build her career. By observing Karrine Steffans, Kat Stacks slept with more men than she could count and she made sure to collect money from these men.Then she created a blog and started telling the world about all of her sexual encounters.

At first people thought she was playing, but then several semi-famous male stars started having negative reactions to her. Men would get caught on tape cussing at her. Men would get caught on tape beating her. Men would get caught on tape furiously denying they were ever with her, but their lies wouldn't get far because she'd have a tape to prove them wrong. The biggest celebrities that she was claiming to have slept with, such as BOW WOW, eventually chose to ignore her.

However, the public didn't ignore Kat Stacks. She was and still is hard to  ignore. She captured the attention of the media without even asking for money in exchange of her juicy gossip. Then she repeatedly allowed cameras to follow her as she was continuously handed money to be disrespected by men. That's the one smart move that Kat Stacks has caught onto. She's realized that her words are nothing without a camera capturing her stories.

So Tuesday a video came out of Kat Stacks and Soulja Boy. Apparently Soulja Boy spent a lot of personal time with her and she taped it all. She taped their lames sexcapades (sexual escapades), their boring moments, and the moments where they sat around doing cocaine. Then, as we all can see, she decided to share Soulja Boy's activities with us.

Now keep in mind that Soulja Boy is a famous rapper. However, Kat Stacks is a hoe with nothing to gain and nothing to lose either. For real, she has absolutely nothing to gain because she's spending her days investing time in pleasing men to make them look bad in the future.

However, if I were Kat Stacks I would have taken a totally different approach. Here's how things might have lined up for me.

* Kat Stacks is a wanna-be model. If I were her I would have followed in Karrine Steffans foot steps a little more. I would have tried to place myself in some music videos so the world would see my face before they hear my words. It only seems right if a person is already sleeping with the rappers.

*Kat Stacks was smart by taking money from the rappers for her services. However, I would be a lot more expensive than her. If the prostitutes in Nevada are getting paid thousands of dollars per customer, why can't the girl that's sleeping with the celebrities get the same amount of pay? After all, sex can be a full time job depending on the man.

*Kat Stacks videotaped her time with Soulja Boy. If I were to videotape my encounter with a celebrity I wouldn't leak it. Instead I would keep it for blackmail. What's worse than getting caught on tape doing drugs? Plus, when it comes down to sex tapes the woman is always going to look bad and the man will always come out looking good.

*Most of all, If I were Kat Stacks I'd have developed an actual talent before throwing my life away for a little bit of cash. The girl can barely spell or read. She burns every bridge that she builds. Once people stop caring about her sexcapades she won't have anything else to fall back on.

Honestly I would never do like Kat Stacks. I care too much about my future reputation to slander my own name before there's any good relevance to it.


  1. I tottally agree with you hunny. I love that how yu said what you have did. If I was that girls father. I would have beat her ass and get her some help.

  2. Thanks, I could never do anything like that for fear of what my family might think.