Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not A Kid (Poetic Heart)

I just wrote this poem in about 5 minutes.


Not A Kid 
By Miss Too Sexy

Not A Kid
Four Foot Ten, skinny, some see me as too thin
Small breasts, no ass, slim waist, and a baby face
People look at me and think I’m in the fifth grade
Make up and heels on
Then people see me as a little girl trying to be grown
But time and time again I respond to those stares by telling them I’m not a kid
I’m a grown ass woman

When I’m out I can feel the looks of the perverts as they watch
They’re not looking for a relationship
Just fresh impressionable meat, barely legal
They’re thrill seekers trying to see if they can still get a hard on
But they’re also looking pass me
They want a 17 or 18 year old
And a girl like me
A girl that’s 23 and looks like she’s 13 is not their style
But I don’t get it because every other word out of my mouth is:
Grown, mature, adult, looking for love, or even a night of fun
I’m not a kid
I’m a grown ass woman

But sometimes I feel trapped
My parents don’t have to say anything
But their silent words still burn in my brain
Where to go, where not to go
What to do, what not to do
Who to talk to, who not to talk to
Even their contradictory statements stay floating in my head to the point where I find myself in the middle of the street, or looking like a lost kid in the mall because I had turned into a 5 year old with no voice trying to look up to others who wasn’t sure of the answer either
But I’m a grown ass woman
Not a kid

I can’t go to the park
Hop on the swing sets
Climb on the monkey bars
And I can’t go to the theme parks
Ride the kiddy rides
Get my daddy to buy me a drumstick that’s too big for me to finish eating
So I continually remind myself to lean on my own opinion
Because I’m a grown ass woman
Not a little kid
I just hope one day the rest of the world wakes up and sees it.

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