Friday, July 31, 2015

Remember Gocha From RHOA? She's An LA Hair Cast Member

From the side chick to the newest hairstylist, reality stars are upgrading to better roles.

During the last season of RHOA, singer/actress Demetria McKinney found out that an Atlanta hairstylist by the name of Gocha was dating her man at the same time as her. They do look alike, so Roger Bobb has a type. However, since that embarrassing moment on the show, both women have moved on. Demetria is continuing to work on her music career while Gocha is on another reality show. This time she's a cast member. 

Gocha is the newest face on Kim Kimble's hit show LA Hair. While we remember her from RHOA, she was also on an episode of LA Hair last season too. We all know by now that Kim only works with the best, so we don't have to question what kind of job she does. 

If Meek Mill Wants A Ghostwriter...

Its safe to say that no one will be showing up to rest of the Pink Print tour dates for the opening act. After almost a week of fans and haters around the world taunting Meek Mill to respond to Drake's two diss tracks, Wanna Know was released.

Why did it take Meek Mill so long to release his diss? Who knows, but he probably should have kept that record to himself. A large majority of folks on all social media sites are talking about how horrible it is. However, there is a silver lining.

If Meek Mill ever wanted to hire his own ghostwriter, an aspiring rapper by the name of Schama Noel wrote what his lyrics should have been. Listen to Wanna Know one more time and read those lyrics. Would you hire this fairly unknown rapper as your ghostwriter?
This is from Schama Noel's Sound Cloud. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Columbus Short Is "Mr. Right"

While Columbus Short is no longer on Scandal, he is still acting. This year he co-stars in a romance move titled Mr. Right. Actually he is Mr. Right.

The movie is all about how a pretty brown skinned author/blogger, Erica Tazel, is tired of dating and tries to run away from it. Her friend wants to see her happy, so she creates a profile for her. Columbus' character works for the dating site, but upon first site he falls in love. She does too.

Maybe this is the answer to all of our dating problems. We should join dating sites and stop trying to do it the old fashioned way.

The movie is already out. Catch it on your favorite cable station that plays Blackbusters or buy it on Amazon.

Birdman (@Birdman5Star) Is Promoting A Lil Wayne Look-A-Like

Lil Wayne's looks are not original. There are tons of men in Texas and Louisiana walking around looking just like him. As of recently, we know there are men in Atlanta walking around looking like Wayne too. However, can his star status be duplicated? Our favorite Cash Money CEO, Birdman, may be trying to recreate Wayne's fame in another artist. 

With artists leaving Cash Money, Birdman has had to find new talent. One of his newest talents is a singer that goes by the stage name of Jaquees. 

Rodriquez Jaquees Broadnax isn't exactly like Lil Wayne. He's a 21 year old singer from Atlanta, GA. He's under Rich Gang Management and was signed to Cash Money this year. The only similarity they have so far his looks. 

It might just be a coincidence, but do you think Jaquees' looks will bring the positive attention back to Cash Money or are you just concerned about his skills? If you resembled an artist, would you sign to the label they were having drama with?

Friday, July 24, 2015

Why It's Okay For Rappers To Get Help When Creating Songs

"Now if Drake is over here and he finds a stair and it lights up, I'm not gonna be an idiot and say, 'Oh, I'm only gonna use my stair. I don't care about the stairs. All I care about is going higher. I'll step on Drake's stair and then I'll find my own stair."- Jaden Smith

A conversation has been going on about whether or not rappers should write their own rhymes. Sometimes authors don't even write their own books, so should rappers be responsible for coming up with every single lyric that flows out of their mouth?

Earlier this week Jaden Smith was featured in a video where he talked about being successful and ways to become better. He used a metaphor of walking up his stairs. He threw in Drake's name and said if Drake's stairs are lighting up then he'll walk up Drake's stairs too. Basically that means he could use Drake as inspiration while trying to find out what works best for him as an individual.
However, then Meek Mill pointed out something we all should have known. Drake has help in writing the lyrics to his songs. He even credits other writers on his albums. That means Drake sometimes uses other people's steps to get ahead. Meek's rant came from the fact that Drake is on a song from his new album, but never actually took the time to share the album to his own audience. Meek was looking for Drake to spread the word, but he never did. The reason behind Meek's outburst became null when some people actually started questioning whether or not Drake is a good rapper if he's not writing every single thing.

Not every author writers his/her own book. Author V.C. Andrews died in the 80's, but dozens of books have still been published in her name since then. Cornel West, one of our favorite Black leaders, has a ghost writer.

Not all singers write their own lyrics. Beyonce's greatest songs were not written by her. Rihanna's 2015 hit BBHMM has been done a million times by a million people in a million different ways. When we're waiting on a singer's album for years it's usually because they're not feeling the lyrics that are being handed to them so they wait for better writing.

Bernie Mac's Unsung episode came on this week. When other comedians were speaking on him, they mentioned how he studied the successful comedians that came before him. He wanted to know what others did right, so he could succeed too.

Should we expect rappers to come up with their own lyrics? Meek Mill does. We should expect them to have talent, but getting help never hurts. We all get help no matter what career field we're in.

Picture via Twitter

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

MTV VMA's Makes Some Celebs Get Mad & Others Start Fake Beefs

The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards is coming up in August and the conversations surrounding it is heavy. However, not all of the publicity is good publicity.

It all started when Nicki Minaj received her Best Hip Hop video nomination for Anaconda. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, received 9 nominations. MTV actually gave Taylor Swift the most nominations of all artists. Well, Nicki had a lot to say, which you can still see on her Twitter account, towards the VMA's and representation of Black people. Taylor Swift responded to Nicki's tweets, but then after Nicki responded back with love she never said anything else. 

Nicki wasn't alone in her ranting though. Meek Mill later jumped in and voiced his opinion on the VMA's. While Meek was tweeting, he also took the time to reveal to all of us that Drake doesn't write his own lyrics. We're not sure what happened, but we can assume that Meek and Drake don't like each other right now.

Well, following behind Meek was Bruno Mars. Bruno woke up from a nap (he tweeted it) and said he wanted to get in on the beef. Bruno then started a fake beef with Ed Sheeran. Someone even created a meme to go along with their fake beef. 

The VMA's is interesting already, but one fact we should have gathered from this awards show a long time ago is that it doesn't cater to Black people. Will you be watching? Miley Cyrus is the host this year. It comes on August 30th.