Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ray J. Is That You? Watch The 'Brown Sugar' Video Ft. Lil Wayne

At some point we have to forgive our R&B, Hip Hop, and Rap stars for not knowing that there are all shades of brown. Ray J. has released the visuals to his summer anthem Brown Sugar, but of course there are darker shades of brown missing from the video.

The Brown Sugar video is fun and Lil Wayne also debuts news color is his dreads. Check it out below.

P.S. Despite Ray J. being one of the industry thots, he looks good.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Somebody Come Get Her And Help Her Party A Little Harder

Have you ever just wanted to throw all caution to the wind and see just how wild you could get?

Come here. Come closer. Are you paying attention? Look at your social media pages. Check twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even your Tinder matches. What do they say about you and the people you're following?

At some point in President Obama almost 8 years in office, we forgot how to relax. We forgot how to put the fun before the mourning. Some people have actually said a race war has been created and our once happy social media pages have turned to chaos and tears. I admit that years ago I hit a quarter life crisis and no one around me could pull me out of it. Some people even helped pull me further into that quarter life crisis with their comments, but that's another post. No one could save me from myself, except me. I had to dig deep, but I started my climb back to the light.

There is a light. It's somewhere in that delicious alcoholic beverage. It's also located somewhere in that freakum dress that that your parents don't want to see you in, but you're grown and they'll deal. It may also be located in that trip you want to take, but can't find anyone to go with you. Take the damn trip anyway. The light is that happy place you're constantly searching for and constantly trying to stay in. The light is especially hard to stay in when we look at our current environments.

For a lot of us, our current environments revolve around our social media pages. Social media pages lately have been filled with the worst of the worst news out there and also the craziest of the crazy news too.  This is no exaggeration. The media has been overwhelming with stories that either make you cry or make you wonder how people have managed to create a new level of crazy.

Are you overwhelmed? I am. At times I've been so overwhelmed that is has kept me from updating regularly on here.

However, Independence Day is coming up and that calls for a celebration. People will be going to the Essence Festival and parties all across the United States. The atmosphere is supposed to shift and maybe our minds will shift with it. We'll stop seeing al the terrible and see some of the good in our society.

Can we drink to happier times this weekend? Can we drink to thoughts of what we've been fighting for getting accomplished eventually? I'm going to be at my grandma's house but a drink or two or more can still be squeezed into the weekend.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why We Need The BET Awards

We're fabulous, we look good, and we never know what to expect from each other. Usually the surprises are amazing. This is why we all tune in every year for the BET awards. 

This awards show is a permanent fixture in our lives. For some people, it's one of the few times they can see Black people come together in unity to celebrate talent. For the 2015 BET awards so much talent was celebrated. The show started off with Kendrick Lamar, who is unarguably the best rapper out right now, and ended with Fetty Wap, who has been having the best year ever. 

Speaking of the best year ever, this awards show allows us to get more creative with our looks every year. Last year Debra Lee showcased her new natural look and this year it was obvious she had embraced her natural hair even more. She looked good. We were also able to see Dej Loaf's transformation that's clearly still a work in progress. Dej started off looking like a tomboy and is embracing her femininity more and more as her career grows. We can probably attribute Dej's changing look to her connection to Nicki Minaj. 

While others definitely disagree, my favorite hair look of the night was Keyshia Cole's fabulous Blue hair. It's one of my hair goals. 

As you all probably noticed Keyshia Cole used the platform to let everyone know she's releasing her next album independently. That means no record label will be backing her up. This is one reason why this awards show is important for us. We can promote ourselves to each other. 

For those that disagree, just think about it. Where else can you get Tamar Braxton, K. Michelle, and Patti Labelle on stage together singing one of Mama Patti's classics? We don't want that on MTV. Where else could you have a Bad Boy reunion and be able to laugh as Diddy shows out? We wouldn't want to give that to Billboard awards. No other awards show could do us justice like our own. Plus only on the BET awards could Smokey Robinson remind us to stay humble while receiving his Lifetime Achievement award. 

Really, we need the BET awards. We need to embrace it, love it, and care for it as much as possible. Every year we need to continue tuning in and making the ratings higher because supporting our artists is important no matter what we personally think about them. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

#BETAwards2015 Bad Boy Performance

P. Diddy and some of his artists from Bad Boy records were able to make it to the BET awards this year to perform.

The performance showcased Diddy having so much fun he fell in the middle of dancing, Mase coming out of hiding, Faith Evans being fabulous as usual, and the greatest part was Lil Kim rising from under the stage doing her famous squat. No matter how much she's tried to change herself she'll always be the Queen B. Watch the whole performance below.


Big Sean's 'Martin' Inspired Visuals For 'Play No Games'

Friday, June 26, 2015

Fetty Wap & Jhonni Blaze~ Ride or Die

There are many R&B and Hip Hop artists trying to be heard through the Love & Hip Hop franchise, but not all of them make it past the ratchetness. While Jhonni Blaze seemed like she was going to get lost in the drama on LHHNY, she is now proving otherwise.

She and Fetty Wap recently released a very catchy hit called Ride or Die.  Listen below. 

Celebrities Text Instead of Answer Calls Too

One of our favorite R&B singers/actresses, Brandy, will have a cameo appearance in the upcoming movie The Perfect Match. She talked about how she received the opportunity on her website and in that moment she did what many of us tend to do. Instead of answering the phone when it rings, we sometimes text the person back.

The person calling Brandy was Terrance J and she was glad she responded to him. She has even made a video where she talks about her experience. 

#RomanceInTheSummer 7 Whole Days (Poem)

I used to think Toni Braxton's 7 Whole Days song meant that if he disappeared for a whole week it automatically meant you were single again. However, as I'm getting older and running into more men with commitment phobia, I'm starting to realize maybe there's something deeper. 

When this happens we are single. We are absolutely free to date as many men as we want. However, we have feelings and most of the time we want that man of the moment to be the only man for many moments, if not forever. So from experience, I now know that some men will disappear on you after they've gotten what they initially wanted, but then they'll eventually pop back up again. How do you react to that? Do you push them all back out of your life for good? Do you allow one or two back into your space because of unfinished business? I don't have the answer, but I do have a poem. Keep reading. 

7 Whole Days
7 whole days, not a word from you. 7 whole nights, if you come back around again, you’re just here to fulfill my physical needs.
And I’ll call you a friend, or associate, whatever fits in the moment.
Let’s keep it casual, the way you wanted in the beginning.
See I’m working on suppressing my feelings, trying to not to dream up ideas of what could be, what I know you don’t want.
No, we’re not that beautiful couple that was seen walking down the street holding hands, and we’re not the type to spend all our free time together trying to get to know each other.
Fuck it all, not letting my imagination run wild about wedding ideas and imagining what our beautiful kids could look like.
Forget ideas of growing old together and being an example of what real love looks like.
What’s real love to a man who’s only offering his dick for comfort and what’s real love to a woman who’s only been exposed to males willing to fulfill her sexual desires?
See I’m trying to compromise, give up a fantasy for a reality I’m not so sure about.
I want to feel your touch, let your hands explore my body, let the words you only mean in the moment take control of my mind.

I want to touch you and feel you for as long as you allow, and then when you disappear again I want to accept that too.
Also check out my Twitter hashtag Romance In The Summer. Add to it if you'd like. I'd love to read your romance or road to romance stories.