Friday, May 29, 2015

#BraxtonFamilyValues Should Men Get Half Of Everything Upon Divorce?

Trina Braxton is officially divorced. As of April 2015 she became a single woman again. There was no more Gabe drama, or at least none we know of yet. We haven't been exposed to what they had to agree upon once it was all finalized. We only know of what we are currently seeing on Braxton Family values this season.

So far we know that during the process of the divorce Trina and Gabe did a lot of arguing because Gabe wanted way more than he came into the marriage with. Over the course of BFV, Trina has been able to make some money singing and also start up her own drink company, Bar Chix. Gabe wanted half of what she had already made and her to pay for his living situation once they officially split. That sounds like a lot, right? Well, judges have been granting men a lot in recent divorces from celebrity women.

Tasha Smith (Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married) gave her ex-husband $50,000 December 2014 and now has to pay him $7,000 a month in spousal support. For all we know he doesn't have an actual job and doesn't need one for as long as she can afford the payments.

While Sherri Shepherd had an iron-clad prenup, she made the mistake of wanting to have a child with her ex-husband Lamar Sally. Biologically the baby wasn't hers, but in the process of getting a surrogate Sherri had already agreed to be a mom. There was evidence that she was initially happy. So even though Lamar Sally can't get spousal support, the judge in the case has granted him child support.

Women, would you want to give up half of everything you have to an ex-husband? Men, would you take half of everything your ex-wife has upon leaving her? I don't have anything of value that a man would want.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

#SmileOnLifetime Lifetime Show Helps People To Smile

There is a reality television show for every subject. Even our smiles, or lack there-of, is getting a time to shine in the world of television and Lifetime is showcasing the transformations.

Smile is the title of the show. In the first episode it features two people from two very different backgrounds. One is a young adult named Alyssa and she's in her junior year of college. As Alyssa grew up five teeth that should have grown in when she was a child never appeared.

The other is a former drug addict whose teeth look a hot mess. While he imagines having a big huge smile on his face, he can't bring himself to showcase what is really going on in his mouth. His only fear of getting a brand new smile is that he may become addicted the medicine that comes along with the new smile.

These people are being promised miracles by four different doctors that we will see throughout the season of the show. The dentists are located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and New York City. We can only assume that because of the locations of the dental offices, these are the best dentists anyone could ever go to. They are probably super expensive too, can they create miracles? Miracles are what Smile is all about.

If you're one of those people that get emotional quickly, make sure to have tissue nearby when watching this show.

Pictures are screenshots from the show.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

(Music) Tamar Braxton~ If I Don't Have You

If you've been waiting for new music from Tamar Braxton, it's your lucky day. Her new single is a love ballad titled If I Don't Have You. Listen below.

Chocolate City Movie: Why You Should And Shouldn't Watch It

Chocolate City is out, sort of. Over the weekend it was released in select theaters around the country and on Demand. Out of all the movies featuring Black actors in the last few years, this movie was probably promoted in the most unique way. We didn't see a lot of commercials on television. Instead we had social media postings featuring the men working their beautiful bodies, especially Tyson Beckford. Even though Richard Ri'chard is the star of Chocolate City, Tyson set the tone by doing way more than actors usually do for promotion. However, was the movie as good as we expected?

You shouldn't watch this movie if you're expecting nudity. While watching Chocolate City one question kept popping into my mind over and over again. How do you make a movie about male strippers without the men getting completely naked? Yes, I wanted to see it all. I also hate that whole Sexy Chocolate name. Hello, the main character is light skinned. There is a way better stripper name for him. 

However, you should watch if you just want to admire beautiful Black men. You know how some movies have those story lines that by the end of the movie really doesn't matter? The story line for Chocolate City doesn't matter? The family is poor, but they don't seem to mind being in that situation. The men in the strip club is all that matters. There's Ginuwine's character. This is a spoiler, but he does a routine to his song Pony. There's Tyson Beckford, who acts as if Richard Ri'chard's character is his competition. Then there are a couple other men gyrating for crazy amounts of money. 

Almost every scene dealing with the male strip club makes this movie worth watching. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Poltergeist Highlights Bad Parenting Skills of 2015

Poltergeist has really been remade, sort of. While still a remake, this one is a little different. We meet the Bowens, who are so desperate for housing that's practically free since they are unemployed that they don't ask any real questions about the house before moving in.

The children in the movie (Madison, Griffin, and Kendra) are very disrespectful toward their parents (Eric and Amy). The writer, David Lindsay-Abaire, also messes up a very important scene with changes made in the script. That scene messed up the whole movie actually because in the original movie there was an important meaning to it. You have to watch to find out what I'm talking about, but the lack of parenting was very apparent.

Maybe it was because both parents were unemployed. Their unemployment did lead them to buy a house built on top of a gravesite and get sold for pennies. They also ignored several weird occurrences that happened to their children.

Don't Talk To Strangers. Whatever happened to staying as far away from strangers as possible? I'm guessing Eric and Amy did not teach their children that lesson. Within the first part of the movie Madison is communicating with the poltergeist and Griffin is attempting to communicate.

Madison who should be named Carol Ann started talking to the closet on her first day there. Both parents ignored the fact that Griffin could sense something was wrong, but they should have caught on to their daughter having full on conversations with a closet that wouldn't open.

If having conversations with a closed door wasn't enough Madison also talked to the television. The only person that caught her conversation was her brother Griffin, but everyone else shook off the weirdness and moved on until the next occurrence. Why did they act as if that had not just happened?

Griffin was put in the attic. They gave their kid son the attic as a room. It had a window opening and a scary tree hovering over it. There was also a weird clown hidden in the attic. The clown practically moved on it's on, which is how Griffin initially noticed it. It wanted to be found. However, upon checking the father (Eric) found a way to rationalize a strange clown being up there. Then to make it crazier he didn't bother to get rid of the scary clown doll. He left it on the dresser. The Hell kind of parenting is that?

Kendra wasn't really a problem or even played an important role. Kendra was the oldest child and while she experienced the poltergeist, they weren't worried about her at all. She was disrespectful but no one really cared. She was simply the oldest child and she might as well have not existed until the next moment she needed a new material possession.

However, Erica and Amy had one part of parenting correct. They knew they could not tell the police that the house kidnapped their child. They knew they would be arrested.

Oh, and just in case you are thinking about watching the movie, this is not even close to the 1982 version. Don't expect greatness while watching.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Why Some Topics Are Hard To Discuss

Jouelzy is preaching in this video about the topic of transgenders. This is just not a topic some of us women can discuss. I'm with her on it. I'm trying to learn myself, so I can't throw my opinion into that particular topic. I for one try to avoid getting into discussions that involve the gay movement, children having two moms or two dads, and healthy eating. I can't relate to any of it. Seriously, my eating habits are horrible and I'm just skinny by the grace of God. However, as a bloggers and vloggers people expect us to have opinions on every single thing that exists. Watch the video below.