Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#Blogtober14 Pet Peeves

One of my pet peeves is breaking my own rules. I'm supposed to be following this challenge throughout the whole month, but guess what? There was no Blogtober post yesterday. It was all about dream jobs and I skipped it. A post was written, but before it could get typed up exhaustion gave way. As you can see, I do need a vacation and that is coming up real soon. Next week is my week of doing nothing, but another pet peeve will show its ugly.

That's the one that involves having no money to spend during vacation days. I can't try tons of new places in Houston during my break because, no money. All the money will go towards making sure bills are paid (1st of the month is next week) and basic survival. UGH! Now that you know a few of my pet peeves, here's a couple more.

Inconsistent Men
They put my hormones on Fleek, but then act as if nothing just happened. They act as if they're not teasing me, not building up my expectations, not putting thoughts into my head. UGH! I really just wanted to use the word Fleek.

Dumb Questions
Just in case you need examples of dumb questions: Why do you like writing so much? (newspapers exist, books and bookstores exist, magazines exist, and they all get read by someone) Why do you always want to go out and do something? (why do you like sitting around the house and working yourself to death?) Why do you like watching scary movies? (why do you like watching the news?) There are so many more.

People Trying To Force Me To Do The Opposite Of Everything I Want
I don't want to buy a house any time soon, so why do I have to hear someone try to talk me into it? I want a surprise birthday party one day, but why do I have to beg people to celebrate my birthday with me? When I need help, no one seems to be around. However, everyone can tell me how they think I want to live my life. Living alone has been my proudest experience, but only my best friend supported the idea before I took the big leap. I do not want to spend the rest of my life hearing people question every decision of idea that pops into my mind.

"This is all I have left in me"- Jhene Aiko
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

(Music) Iz U Mad by Surreall

The Biggest Visual Sex Without Touching Lesson

I've learned a lesson. This isn't the kind of lesson that is taught in textbooks. It's also not whispered throughout the streets either. It is just something you have to learn on your own. I've learned this. You're probably curious. Its all about men and pictures.

Men love to request pictures of you. They want to see you naked is all kinds of lights and at every angle they can imagine. They beg you to send something showing a little skin or even a lot of skin. They don't stop begging. This is part of the lesson. Men never stop asking. They even tease you with their egos in an effort to get what they want. They want those nudes so badly.

It doesn't matter that nudes get leaked all the time. Just this year alone so many celebrity women woke up to find their naked bodies being passed around the web. Some woman's naked photos are getting leaked as I type this. She won't even know until some men are retweeting her photos and bragging about how good she looks. Well, they might brag or they might spread the pictures in an effort to embarrass her because of something they didn't like. It's a cruel world.

Either way, when the pictures usually hit the internet there is no turning back. There is no hiding your face, unless your face wasn't in it. There is no lying because lying would only hint that you're ashamed of your body.

Wait, you get it. Pictures get leaked. However, sometimes pictures don't get leaked. Men just want them for their own personal collection. They ask and its up to you to actually send anything. What I've learned is if you don't send a picture a man will continue to ask. If you do send a picture, a man will want more pictures from you. It's never-ending. It's a lose/lose situation. Well, it's a win if you want to keep sending more pictures.

The problem with this lesson is I don't know if its valuable. Maybe pictures is just a part of my generation. We like visuals. The part about pictures possibly getting leaked still ruins a girl's reputation if she is still at the bottom trying to climb her way to the top of the career ladder. However, the idea of ruining careers doesn't stop men from asking.

Monday, October 20, 2014

#Blogtober14 What If I Gave Up...

What if I gave up? Outside of work my life revolves around being a writer, researcher, and editor (when I'm not lazy). However, sometimes I feel like my dream career hasn't come quick enough and I just need to focus on paying bills.

What if I stopped everything to focus on only bills?
Money and debt is what makes Americans a part of America. Although Raven Symone wants to be known as an American, she doesn't realize that she's missing the debt part. Most of the people I know have crazy amounts of students loans that they might never be able to pay off. They also have credit cards because there is no way possible for them to survive on only the paychecks they receive every two weeks. I know this because I am just like them. I'm struggling, so the struggle makes it that much harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What if there is no tunnel leading to my dream job?
Maybe, just maybe I'm crazy for being a dreamer. I own several motivational books by successful people. Some of these people go into detail about how they started from the bottom and now they've made it to the top. I started from the comfort of my parents house, but now it feels as if I'm at the very bottom trying to crawl my way to the top. There are so many setbacks.

Clearly I haven't given up yet. If I had, I would be sleep right now. It is approximately 3 am on a Monday. However, my biggest fear is giving up and whatever results come with giving up. I promise you sometimes I look at older people who have worked jobs just to provide for the household all their lives and wonder if they ever had goals for themselves. Maybe not, but I do have so many ideas planned out for my own life. I'm so scared of losing those ideas.

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(Music Video) A Peek Into The Miami Dating Scene

"Well how do you say I want to fuck?"

During a conversation with a male friend, we started talking about the dating scene in Miami. How it came up is a mystery, but he wanted me to understand one major part about dating out there. That is the beautiful women (his words) usually speak a totally different language and while the men don't understand them, it doesn't matter either.

The men think these women are beautiful, so they want sex and sexy only. The hard part is the language barriers. How can these men get sex when they can't even understand what the women are saying?

There's a song for everything, right? Well a song called Translation (by Vein featuring J. Balvin and Belinda) already has over a million views on youtube. It describes the struggle perfectly.

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