Monday, February 8, 2016

Woman Manifested Is Currently In the Hands of An Editor

I'm excited. I'm scared. I'm worried that this editor will take my baby and rip her to shreds, but I've ben told too many times I'm a good writer. Soon I can add author to my name. Are you all ready? I hope you are.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Friend Zone Him or Forget Him?

It's 2016 and I've been wanting to do something different. This might get me in trouble if any of the men I've met get nosy enough, but oh well. 

It was his second time cancelling so maybe this time he just didn't find it important to mention again that he had planned to hang out with me for the day. Does this mean I got stood up? He mentioned us hanging together almost a week ago, but then he said something about a friend needing his help. The only reason he mentioned going to help that friend was because we were speaking about something else. In the conversation this guy did not mention the previous plans with me that were supposed to happen on the same day. I didn't care enough to remind him though. 

This is not some guy that was just interested in sex. Even if he was interested in only sex, I shut that down when we met. I told him that I have to feel an attraction to a guy to even get to that level. He seemed like a nice person. He made me laugh during our conversation, but I didn't feel like there could be anything past a friendship. Actually I was slightly annoyed that I had to go to his job, a bar, to even meet him. 

That time at the bar was the last time I saw him. Although he's a nice guy, I haven't felt like getting any more free drinks and it's been very cold at night. His job is sitting outside and checking ID's and then helping close the bar at the end of the night. I'm also tired of being the one that has to go out of my way to make shit happen. 

I went out of my way to meet this guy. He was someone from Tinder, so the expectation was to meet him at some point. But who really wants to meet a person at their work place? However, his lack of money and lacking of being able to go through with his plans is unattractive. 

Or is this unattractive? This guy does not come off as some random weirdo. He really just seems to be an overworked, underpaid, and sometimes forgetful man. Would you be cool with him? Even if he didn't come off as boyfriend material, would you even want to friend zone him? 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Update: I'm Working Hard On The Woman Manifested Book

I haven't abandoned this blog. I'm not trying to become one of those bloggers who post once a week. I'm just serious about getting this book, Woman Manifested, published.

Well, it's not just the publishing that I'm focusing on. I'm preparing to put together a team of people that will help me promote. One little problem with getting help is always money. "I ain't rich yet, but you know I ain't broke;" (in Post Malone voice). Money is just tight, so I'm trying to spend as little as possible while insuring as many people as possible get exposed to Woman Manifested. If you haven't heard about this book yet, read about it on LinkedIn.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Boy Movie Review

I've been to the movies every weekend since Christmas. It's been cold outside and the lines have surprisingly been long. There was one weekend where there was absolutely no popcorn. I decided not to wait so I wouldn't missing the beginning of the movie. I hate missing the beginning of the movies. Always, this weekend I went to see The Boy and this is my review. 

Spoiler Alert: The boy is real. You just don't find out how real until the very end of the movie. You are left thinking a doll is moving on it's on, it's shedding real tears, and it's eating food. You think a doll really wants to listen to classical music, play games, and be tucked into bed every night. There's a point where you have flashbacks to the Annabelle doll and think there's a spirit attached to this one. 

At some points the movie is slow. The parents have disappeared and the babysitter is talking to a doll for God only knows how long. Since we never actually see the doll move on it's on, it's makes me feel a little crazy sitting there waiting to see what will happen next. If there wouldn't have been a romance written into this suspenseful film, it would have been a snooze fest. 

Overall, the movie was good. I wouldn't pay to see it a second time, but it was worth watching. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Don't Leave (Poem)

Remember Omarion's song Don't Leave? I wrote my own version to it.

Don’t leave me now
You’re not the fuck ass nigga I once thought
Please, don’t leave me now
Cause I finally want, no I need you around
You have to stay
Cause you deserve to be with the woman I’ve become
I don’t want to yell
I don’t want to scream
I don’t want to cry anymore
But I’ll beg and plead for you to stay with me
Cause I just want to feel the love of yours
Don’t leave me now
After all the games a girl 'been playing 
I finally pushed you away
But don’t leave me now
I don’t want go back to the loneliness anymore
I promise I’ll love you more
However you want
I’ll love you more
You say I don’t do you the same
Allowed trust issues to get in the way
Now you want leave me alone when I’m tryna get better
But I can’t let you go so easily

I thought I posted this poem a long time ago, but it wasn't on here. I need to stop sharing my work with you all because I plan to put all my writing in books that you'll hopefully read. However, I can't keep this in hiding and not enough people pay attention to Facebook statuses. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know. I'm trying to become a better writer.

Woman Manifested book is coming soon. 

The Dress Looked Better Online

After a month and some days my packages finally arrived.

That's how long it takes to get clothes from a website like Rose Gal. See, the only reason this particular site was on my radar is because the Facebook ad came up. Well, another reason is because I don't get paid enough to afford Nasty Gal clothing, so I have to settle for the cheaper option.

Anyway, I received the clothes and a dress I was anxiously waiting for looked pretty on the website. It had soft fabric and was short on the model. I guess the model was tall, because it wasn't that short on me. Just look at the picture. The fabric isn't the same either. I would feel like I got ripped off, but the dress was on sale for $12 (I think).

Oh well, that's what I get for not going to Rainbow for my cheap winter clothes. I would add links to these websites, but none are paying me.

P.S. Maybe the dress will look better once I pair it with some cute shoes and a belt to give it some shape.