Friday, October 2, 2015

Tinder and My Addiction To Personalities

Hello, my name is Lashuntrice Chevelle Bradley, and recently I joined a dating site. Its part of why I've slowed down with updating posts. Cuffing season is approaching soon for us Houston folks and I want to get chose. I'm not exactly sure if Tinder is the right spot to meet that man of my winter dreams, but it's a start.

Initially I joined Meld (click the word to read my post about it) and after a couple weeks I was over it. I was swiping many profiles, but most of them were nowhere near Houston or the state of Texas. Someone told me to join Plenty of Fish to have more fun, but for some reason I ended up on Tinder instead.

Tinder started off boring. My method was to swipe past any man that was not Black or was younger than me. As I was swiping I was making screenshots of profiles I thought were cute, even though I had no access to message them yet. I was actually posting some screenshots on my Facebook page for added fun. No one initially commented, but then one day a girl felt the need to complain, so I stopped. My posts have never been reported and I didn't want to tempt her.

A couple of matches finally happened and then a guy finally messaged me. He was in his 30's and really looking for love. He started telling me about the kind of woman he wasn't looking for and I eventually hit that un-match button. Then I started another conversation and actually gave that guy my number. The second guy is either a potential winter boo or a good phone buddy (aka pretend boyfriend).

You know how you hear about people having long-distance relationships with people they've never even met in person? Outside of being catfished, has anyone ever started a relationship with someone in their own city that they've never met in person? Don't be afraid to let me know.

While I haven't met anyone from this dating app in person, I've matched up with around 30 men, did a little un-matching, and had conversations with half of them. Oh, and I've taken a risk and given out my number to a few of them. Seven years ago a man would have had to be an avid Facebook user to talk to me or know one of my friends, because I was not giving out my number that easily. What happened to that girl that had to have a full background check on him before giving him her contact information?

Tinder is annoying. Some of the men really can't spell, some are too lazy to read even the description on the profile, some have some really sad sob stories, and some of them are worthy of writing about. In the last couple years I've either come in contact with men I already knew or met them at some club. It hasn't been easy, but on this dating site there are a crazy amount of men sending messages just to start conversations. While I'm overwhelmed and have no plans of giving my number to anyone else, I'm also developing an addiction to these messages on the site. There are tons of personalities and my creativity is being fed from them.

Then again, I can turn the app off at any time.

Rosewood, Morris Chestnut, And His Many Acting Talents

What can Morris Chestnut not do?

We already knew that Morris Chestnut was good at acting conceited from his numerous roles. We also knew that he was good at playing a sex symbol, because just look at him. Then in his last big movie role as the (supposedly) good boyfriend for Sanaa's Lathan's character in The Perfect Guy, we found out he can play a man afraid of commitment. Well, in the show Rosewood all of Morris' talents are combined to make an interesting show.

What is Rosewood about exactly? I think it's all about watching that dark chocolate man do what he does best. That is be an actor. If you were looking for an actual review of the show Rosewood, you came to the wrong blog.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Would You Want August Alsina Touching Your Body? (Video)

There is a video where August Alsina serenades a fan on stage. While singing he has one arm wrapped around her shoulder and neck initially. Then he starts to move his hand down further to her breasts. He gets a good feel before she realizes what's going on and moves his arm. We can clearly say that the fan did not want the famous R&B singer feeling on her body. 
The exchange actually reminds me of the first time alone with a guy. Everything is all cool at first. Maybe things are a little awkward because you're trying to get to know him still and you might just know where his mind is going to. He's thinking about sex and all you can do is get ready to push the advances away once he starts. A good example would be Monica's song The First Night. 

Kim Kardashian and The Art of Selling Sex While Pregnant

If we didn't already know how selling sex works, Kim Kardashian West has shown us just that in the past couple years.

She's gotten into a relationship and married a man with a similar personality as her. With the help of her husband Kanye West, Kim has worn the wildest and most skin tight maternity clothes available, posed naked on the cover of a very popular magazine to show off her fabulous mommy figure, and continues to sell sex.
Ciara Mack 

In it's purest form, sex is meant for a man and woman to create this intense passion which leads to a baby. Sometimes sex does lead to pregnancy and once pregnant a woman's body goes through a whole lot while that child is growing inside of her. Those changes can also affect how she starts to feel about her body. Maybe she might not feel as attractive, but she has to keep up that appearance of attraction. This is what Kim and other women are doing. What do you think?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Michael Sam and How Being Gay Influenced His NFL Career

In an interview with The Dan Patrick Show former NFL player Michael Sam talks about being gay and no longer being in the NFL.

In 2014 Sam was drafted by the St. Louis Rams. Around that same time he announced that he was gay and became the first openly gay football player in the league. His sexuality was broadcast to a higher level when ESPN caught him and his boyfriend kissing live on camera during the big day.

Media attention soon went from talking about Sam's sexuality to him no longer being in the spotlight as a football player. The team had let him go. Was he not a good football player? Sam admits that his skills were not getting better at the time. Did his sexuality influence his short-lived career? Watch the interview below where he talks all about his experience with football.

Initialize ads

It sounds as if he's still passionate about football so maybe we'll see him again in the future. He just probably should not broadcast his sexuality anymore when it comes to his career moves. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sevyn Streeter Makes An Updated Version of Brownstone's 'If You Love Me'

In the 90's there was If You Me by Brownstone and in 2015 there is Say It by Sevyn Streeter.

Usually remakes make us cringe in judgement as we prepare to hear someone tackle timeless music, there's no need to cover your ears this time. Say It is a remix that is both good and gives off vibes of love. Listen below.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Gag Orders On Baby Mamas Mean Nothing, According To Laura Govan

Recently in an Instagram post Gilbert Arenas let the world know that he had a gag order on Laura Govan. His gag order had been placed during her Basketball Wives days so she wouldn't be revealing a lot on the show. However, his court ordered document means nothing to her.

Remember when gag orders meant something to the baby mamas of famous men? Our first acknowledgment of the power came from Royce Reed, one of the many mothers of Dwight Howard's children. Royce was one of the original cast members of Basketball Wives Miami. Many of us watched her because she graduated from the #1 HBCU and some watched her because she was a dancer that worked her way into basketball player money. The other women on the show didn't like Royce. Because she was a dancer who had gotten pregnant by a basketball player they saw her as a threat.

There was huge one problem with her. She couldn't talk about her life as the mother of a basketball player's child. She was the only one on the show not talking. Shauni O'Neal talked, Evelyn Lozada talked, and of course Tami Roman talked the loudest of all the women. Other women on the show talked too, but Royce tried to do something different. She either stayed defending herself against the other women or she focused on her career. Not once did she show her child or talk about her experience as a mother. It was all because Dwight had a gag order on her.

Later on down the line Royce did break the gag order by posting a picture of her son, but more drama between her and her baby daddy broke out from it. Too bad it didn't make television. However, she did show us just how quiet a gag order could keep a woman.

However, Laura Govan is a different type of woman. Laura and Gilbert Arenas had four kids together. She would have had a 5th, but a miscarriage occurred. After four kids, an engagement ring, and a miscarriage their relationship was officially over. Instead of taking her regular checks from Gilbert and going to a quiet place, both of them stay in the blogs arguing.

According to Gilbert, Laura takes stories about him and feed them to the media. According to Laura, he's a terrible person who cheated, had STD's, and had children outside of their relationship. Clearly in her world a gag order doesn't matter. She's not worried about the checks no longer coming or her ex suing her. Just look at her Instagram posts.

Picture above via Instagram.