Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Celebrating The Holidays: Old Traditions And Future Ideas

Christmas/ Thanksgiving
In a perfect world no one would ever think about how they would be spending the holidays. It would be an automatic assumption that a family gathering would take place. Everyone in the family would get together and lots of home cooked food would be eaten in the midst of laughter, bonding, and reminiscing over memories. However, perfect is only a figment of the imagination.

In reality homeless people are forever on the streets begging for any amount of change they can get. More jobs tend to stay open during the holidays and some jobs just can never afford to shut down even around major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even entrepreneurs get stuck in the hustle of continuing future planning and have to avoid what others do to celebrate. This means there is always someone that is not celebrating like others they know. It also means that during the holidays there are some people who spend that celebratory time alone. Yeah, for some people yearly gatherings during these wonderful holidays ends at 18 years of age and sometimes 21 if they make it through college.

For me, every year up until I was 18 I would spend every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and college homecomings around family members. After stepping into adulthood my schedule started becoming harder to get away to family. College professors never ceased on assignments, so I would sometimes skip seeing them on Thanksgiving but be sure to spend time with everyone during Christmas. Well, the routine officially ended in 2011. 2010 was the last year I went to Plant City, Florida to be with everyone. The majority of my family is not in Houston and has rarely left the state of Florida. That means a new routine is needed.

In the last couple of years I've developed an obsession with creating special memories. You can't create memories if you're always at work or always following the same routine. It gets monotonous. You lose track of time. You find 500 and then 1,000 days passing by and they all look the exact same way. You can't separate the first day from the 1,000th day. I'm not one of those people that can live happily ever after by the responsibilities that are never ending. This is all where the obsession comes in.

It's always easy to brainstorm new spontaneous ideas upon waking up on a day off. It's also easy to plan for that future family that I'll one day have. Hopefully my future husband will agree to this, but we're definitely not spending every year deciding who celebrates with which side of the family. We'll create vacation ideas of our own. However, at the moment I'm stuck on how to make the holidays special.

Thanksgiving is definitely going to be a day for rest, but Christmas is different. Maybe this year I'll actually have a few decorations to make it feel more like a holiday season. If you've stopped the tradition of being with family, how do you celebrate now?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The People Behind Social Media Are Not To Blame

For hours last night we waited for a decision we already knew the answer to. A little after 9 pm eastern Attorney Robert McCulloch announced the verdict of whether Darren Wilson would be indicted or not. Of course Darren Wilson was not indicted, but before getting to that point McCulloch did something super shocking. He blamed the citizens of Ferguson and social media for spreading the death of Michael Brown.

"On August 9th Michael Brown was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson. Within minutes various accounts of the incident began appearing on social media; accounts filled with speculation and little, if any, solid accurate information. Almost immediately neighbors began gathering and anger began growing because of the various descriptions of what had happened and because of the underlying tension between the police and a significant part of the neighborhood."
the reaction of @feministajones

McCulloch blamed you, me, and all our friends that use sites like twitter for spreading what was going on. He accused everyone that may have tweeted about Michael Brown being killed and subsequently said we had a negative affect on how the citizens reacted. He blamed the distrust that the citizens already had for the police on the citizens, even though a police officer had killed one of the citizens.

Michael Brown's death is not our fault. Anything anyone said on twitter at the time and in the months since then have not had any negative affect on anyone. What talking about this has done was put the issue at the front of everyone's eyes. Continuing the conversation has opened a dialogue for how safe we all really feel in the United States of America, how to protect ourselves more, how to avoid innocent people getting recklessly killed by police officers. In no way did we contribute negatively to a case that Ferguson, Missouri police was desperate to initially pretend didn't even happen.

This kind of stuff really makes me angry. We have young adults working so hard to be in jobs that don't pay enough, youth work their way up the corporate ladder, youth becoming entrepreneurs, and still taking the time for the ones they love. However, when these young adults are showing that they are getting involved in important events, whether good or bad, to make a stand, people like this idiot attorney want to demean them. I don't understand that part.

#LHHHollywood Lil Fizz Calls Himself A Mother On National Television

"I will always be the mother if I have to be the mother"- Dreux Pierre Frederic, aka Lil Fizz

Traditionally we hear lots about single mothers. Since there's a Mothers Day and a Fathers Day, we often hear single mothers calling themselves fathers too since they feel as if they do both jobs. However, times have really changed. It was two yeas ago that I came in contact with a single father raising his child all by himself. In a sense you could say he was acting as mother and father since the mother was absent in the partnership. It was fascinating to hear his story of how he ended up as the sole person caring for the child, especially since we always imagine the one that gives birth wouldn't want to abandon her most precious creation.

However, although men have not started a single father movement yet, they are making progress to show their responsibilities. One such person helping to bring light to the situation is former B2K member Lil Fizz. Courtesy of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, we were able to hear Lil Fizz describe himself as both a mother and a father this. His exact quote was "I will always be the mother if I have to be the mother."

So you've heard women call themselves the mom and dad in the situation. How do you feel about men calling themselves the dads and moms when they are the only ones parenting?

Monday, November 24, 2014

#DumbAndDumberTo I Lost A Couple Brain Cells And Didn't Mind

If you are one of those people that take your money budgeting to the extreme, Dumb and Dumber To is not the movie for you. Don't waste your money. However, if you are in dire need of a good laugh and don't mind losing a couple of those genius brain cells in the process, go watch Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels act a fool.

Without giving way the movie, I'm about to try to point out some of my favorite aspects of it.

The Sexual Fetish
A comedy isn't a comedy if sex isn't included. Since this movie was made for all audience, it made the PG13 mark but still had to have some form of sex. To keep it classy while still being hilarious the rich stuck up woman had a toe fetish. She liked sucking toes even if the man she was with didn't like it.

The Pranks
Imagine changing someone's diaper, switching out their pee bags, and having to visit them at least once a week for 20 years. It makes you feel sad for the person they used to be. Well Lloyd Christmas pretended to be the helpless person in a nursing home for 20 years while Harry Dunn was the faithful friend visiting and caring for him the whole time. Of course at the beginning of the movie Lloyd screams "Gotcha." It was all a joke, but that shit wouldn't have been funny to the average person.

The Plot Twists
Their were several plot twists that scared me and the reason why is because of a movie Adam Sandler did a while ago. It was called Funny People and after an hour I wanted to commit suicide for going to see it. Funny People went three hours long and it was the worst thing ever made. The plot twists in Dumb and Dumber To had me panicking thinking it was going to go on for hours and hours and I would have to walk out before the end. Instead the movie stayed nice and sweet with the timing.

Now remember, this isn't the kind of movie you spend if you're great at budgeting. Obviously I'm not and I needed the laughs. There were 3 of us in total yesterday at the 3:15 showing.

Friday, November 21, 2014

(Music) Beyonce 7/11 and Ring Off

"Never drop that alcohol." "Mad cause I'm so fresh. Fresher than you."

The days of trying to read the Knowles family is over. Beyonce is laying out all the family's dirty laundry in her new music, but of course she's also getting ratchet too. In her new track 7/11 Bey reminds us of the value of having fun by partying to the full extent.

 However, although it's cuffing season Bey has a new track called Ring Off, which describes her steps in helping her mother move on after divorce. Ring Off is very motivational. Listen to both songs below.

Photo via Instagram.

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