Sunday, April 26, 2015

#RIP This One Is Dedicated To The Homie, Body Central

The most horrible news came my way this weekend. One of my favorite places to shop is closing it's doors everywhere. Body Central is official out of business. 

"This one's dedicated to my homies in that gangsta lean. Why'd you have to go so soon? It seems like yesterday we were hanging around the hood. Now I'm gonna keep your memory alive like a homie should."

Since filing for bankruptcy, the store has closed tons of locations across the country. Those include the locations in Houston that I used to spend a lot of time at. In fact only Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina still have locations open, but after this weekend they will be closed forever. It's tragic that a corporation that was once popular enough to compete with Forever 21 is now just a memory. 
In remembrance of Body Central, I've posted some pictures to represent my great styles that came from shopping there. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Anhayla ~ Mary On Da Corner (Music)

The 20th of the month has gone by but you can still indulge while listening to Anhayla's new song Mary On Da Corner

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Awkward #Poem #Poetry

Dedicated To The Past

This shit is just awkward
They call it a game so someone is meant to get played
But your name is still fresh on my mind
And every moment I try to be friendly
You pretend we were just a waste of your time
Even though I was the one who lost out on what could have been
You tell everyone I’m a stalker
All I did was click the like button on one of your IG pics
But you’re around your punk ass friends
So you want them to think I was a real Bitch
You didn’t follow through on any plans
No planned dates to any movies or restaurants
No picnics in the park
No romancing at all
Which is why I never told anyone we were going out
To them you were simply a friend
And you’re making me regret that
Shouldn’t have told anyone you existed at all
Badmouthing me in public when it was your ass begging for sex
Do they know you’re just another heaux
Thinking you’re being unique
But spitting the same lines as every other dude just to get to one thing
And do you realize once you’re done ditching every girl
It’ll be you that ends up lonely
“It’s okay. You don’t know no better. You’re better off being alone.”

Quote from a Jhene Aiko song 

#RBDivasLA Chante Moore "Baby Can I Touch Your Body"

Before the arguing on the reunion show of R&B Divas got too bad I noticed a new marketing technique to showcase the singers. It was directed more toward their music.

Last year in order to show(maybe prove) that the women could really sing, in between each segment there would be a woman doing a tune for a few seconds. This time there was no woman showing her vocal skills off. Instead there were advertisements for a song by each woman. Chante Moore went first.

Her song is called "Baby Can I Touch Your Body" and it's sexy as Hell. It makes me wish I had a man so we could do foreplay to this. Listen this the song below and make a baby if you have a man.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How Does A Black Woman Jump Into Dating Non-Black Men?

The following was influenced by Naturally Moi and MadameNoire. If you want to read the articles that tell us to date men of other races in order to increase our net worth, just click on the links.

Once upon a time I went on a date with a white guy. It was five years ago right before graduating from college. He showed up with flip flops on and took me to Subway. Yes, we left my place but he showed up to a date with flip flops on. Why could I see his feet on the date? I couldn't get that part off of my mind but there's more. 

Upon ordering my sandwich he revealed that he was a vegan and gave me a lesson on how eating meat is bad for you. This might sound terrible, but he really lost my attention at the flip flops. I was trying to be a good sport by following through but the lesson on eating meat was a bit too much. Even more, I paid for my own sandwich. We were in college so maybe paying for our own food was okay, but the rest was not. 

I struggle with dating men that are not Black. I struggle with listening to music that does not have Black people as the artists or isn't Hip Hop or rap music. My educational background involved me being surrounded by nothing but people that looked like me for so long that I now naturally gravitate to hanging out with people that look like me. However, these new articles are saying, "Open your eyes to something new." 

Remember that movie that Sanaa Lathan did almost a decade ago? It was called Something New and the whole focus was that she found love with a man that wasn't Black. These articles aren't exactly telling us to find love the way she did. They are telling us to date men that are not Black to increase our net worth. It's all about environmental growth, hitting the jackpot, getting more money in that bank account. 

There is one problem with this. I don't know how to meet men that don't have my skin color. They don't approach me and I tend to only give men that approach me a chance. The only reason I met the flip flop wearing white guy was because he was attending an HBCU. 

Do you have any tips on how a girl like me could broaden her dating horizons? Where do I meet the perfect White dude, or cute Hispanic? Where is the Chinese man with a big bank account and a love for Black women hanging out at? 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Marrying Men of Another Race Makes Us Black Women Better Off?

This was a requested post. I don't have much to say on this topic.

An article was recently published on Naturrally Moi stating that us Black women suffer economically because we are not marrying outside of our race. Is it just me or is that the stupidest statement you've ever heard? 

We already have the good hair problem. We've been told we don't look exotic enough, whatever that means. We have the light skin vs. dark skin debates that always pops up out of thin air. Okay, maybe those debates are triggered by something. We are constantly reminded we have to work 10 times harder than any other person just to be half as accomplished as everyone else. Now we have to marry men in other races in order to live a good lifestyle? 

You mean to tell me that in order to get my white picket fence (I don't want that), 2 story dream home, and some cute children I need to marry a white, Hispanic, Asian, and any other man of a different race other than my own. I can't do that with a Black man? 

The article doesn't totally go against Black men. It does state that some Black men do have college degrees, but it also reminds us we want men as accomplished as us and more of us Black women have degrees than the men we want to marry. It digs a little deeper to say that some of us Black women who do want to get married end up with men less accomplished and making less money than us. Well, damn. That one was a low blow. 

Now, I know the options for my future. What do you think? Would you start dating white men just because an article tells you Black men will have you living in poverty forever?