Monday, August 31, 2015

Brandy Explains How Validation Works

Do you need others to validate you or do you believe in yourself enough to where no one else's opinion matters?

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna Make A Statement At The #VMAs

We can definitely say that Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are feminists. However, they are not just women who are striving to be recognized the same as men. They're owning every title someone has ever given them.

In the outfits they wore on the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet, several words were displayed across their bodies. Some were Bitch, slut, whore, stripper, and gold digger. These are all words they've been called because of their past professions and the men they've dated. Let's never forget that after Amber Rose had forgiven Wiz Khalifa for his childish ways, he released a song that really demeaned her.

What do you think of their outfit choices? Could you walk around with these words displayed on your body?

Who Told Miley Cyrus To Reveal Her Breasts To Us? #VMAs

Miley Cyrus may have been the perfect host for the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. She stepped on the red carpet looking very controversial with her barely-there outfit and her blonde dreadlocks. We just knew we were in for a wild couple of hours. Of course Miley took the wildness as far as she could. 

The craziness quite possibly started after Nicki Minaj called Miley a Bitch twice before exiting the stage. The second time she said Bitch, her mic had been turned off because nothing good was about to happen between the two of them. However, after the argument and several wardrobe changes Miley took things as far as she could. She flashed a boob for everyone to see. 

By the time Miley showed her little tittie to the viewers I was no longer watching. I stayed tuned in long enough for Kanye West to give a very entertaining 13 minute speech after receiving his vanguard award. However, there was enough craziness in the show. Miley did not have to reveal anything to make herself more appealing. 

But she did. Currently one of Miley's titties is floating around the web playing peek-a-boo. Did you have any interest in seeing her boobs? I could tell by her clothing that they are smaller than mines? 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

#SundayReflections When Communication Goes Wrong

For most of 2015, I've been by myself. Anytime I've wanted to go out, I've just gone. Almost all my restaurant trips have been a table for one. Social media, television shows, waitresses at restaurants, cashiers at grocery stores, and the homeless people standing on the nearby corners have become the familiar faces I see a lot and the people that recognize me. At the beginning of the year I decided to put the people I already knew and the idea of meeting new people at a distance. This is what I learned. 

Some people just don't get that they have to pick up the phone and communicate too. There are a few people that I talk on the phone with (or text) regularly. One lives on the other side of Houston while the rest live in other states. I used to communicate with more than a few, but my energy was being drained from all the effort. They weren't returning phone calls when they didn't answer or they were always making excuses for their own lack of communication. I took it as them saying I didn't matter at all to them.

As many of you know I went to Florida A&M University. During my time there, I met tons of people. Some of those people know lots of people and that has opened the gateway for me to sometimes meet people that I otherwise never would have come in contact with. There is this girl out here in Houston that happens to be one of those people.

One of my college friends went to middle school with her. Somehow they got back in touch after she graduated college. She didn't go to college in Tallahassee. He gave me her number last year after she moved out here and told me to get in contact with her. The only people she was hanging out with at the time were her (then) new coworkers. We met, but then my schedule got crazy. When my schedule gets crazy, I usually stop trying to keep up with everyone else. Plus I was pretty sure she'd have no problem with getting acquainted with this big city and meeting lots of people. However, because my friend knows I haven't been hanging with anyone lately, he suggested I get back in touch with her. I did. 

I called her to suggest going to this event coming up in a couple weeks. However, in the conversation she had to say what others love to say. It was that she doesn't really call anyone and has a bad habit of not keeping in contact with people. Her saying it was just something casual that she felt she should mention because we hadn't talked in a while.

People around my age love to throw out how bad they are with communicating. They love to put on social media for others not to call them and not to call them while they are texting that person. They love to put the worst moments of their friendships and relationships on blast for the public to see. They give this perception that they are better off alone even though none of us are. Then they turn around and complain when no one is communicating with them. 

I will also admit this. I'm becoming like everyone else. Outside of the couple of people I make an effort to communicate with, my skills are getting horrible. I just hope the friends of the past remember the times I did make the phone calls, ask them how they were doing, make plans to hang out and actually follow through. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Red Lips In the Workplace: Is It Appropriate?

Is red lipstick appropriate for work? 

It's Friday and most of us are preparing for the weekend. Some of us are making plans to get out and enjoy our surroundings. Others, on the other hand, are just glad to get that two day break. I'm getting three days because sometimes I have to spend my Saturdays at work. Speaking of work, I read this blog post that talks about a specific lipstick color and if it goes well with the workplace. That color is red  and not everyone seems to think it is always appropriate. You can read the blog post here

Is red lipstick appropriate for the job? I think it is. I think red lipstick, big hair, and loud colors are perfect for the workplace. There is a traditional look for what we women should wear. It's generally plain suits, mainly black or white dresses, and the black heels that go with everything. The traditional looks are supposed to help us blend into environment more easily. However, most of the time we need to stand out. 

For me, standing out makes me feel better in the workplace. It makes me work better. When I have my red lipstick, sometimes my big hair, and an outfit no one else there would think of wearing I feel alive. I feel like an individual that is there with a purpose. I feel noticed. I don't feel robotic. 

Okay, maybe we are supposed to feel robotic in corporate America. We are supposed to lose our identities and take over whatever identity the workplace is giving us. That's not how life is supposed to be. I say go to work today, wear the best red lipstick you have, and put on something that stands out and makes you look fabulous at the same time. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tracee Ellis Ross~ Work That Body

The following video is why you just have to love Tracee Ellis Ross. Recently she recreated her mom's (Diana Ross) 1981 Work That Body video. It's absolutely wonderful.

If The Love Doesn't Feel Like 90's R&B...

I'm probably single because I learned everything I know about relationships from music. Hello, my name is Lashuntrice and I grew up on 90's R&B. 

I loved how the singers possessed this feminine nature, but at the same time showed that they had just as much power as any man in their lyrics. I grew up wanting to dress like the singers I listened to. While there were examples of Black love in my family and nice fashion too, I didn't want to look like them. I wanted to do what the R&B singers were doing. 

Fast forward to 2015. There are memes that say, "If the love doesn't feel like 90's R&B, then I don't want it" have been going around. As I reflect on my love life, I can successfully say it has felt a lot like the 90's. I've experienced the Butterflies, the confusion of not knowing whether a man was really into me or not, and the pain from realizing I had been used. I've experienced the moments of pure passion and the confusion of not knowing whether I should fight to keep that particular guy around. 

Actually I have this manuscript that describes my journey. I'm currently trying to decide whether to self publish and sell it or to put it up as a free download for you all to read. Stayed tuned. I promise it'll be good. 

Gilbert Arenas Is Not The Father!!!

While Gilbert Arenas gave Laura Govan all the babies when they were together, he is letting everyone know she is the only mother of his children. Via Instagram, Gilbert let all of us know that Draya's son is not one of his children. He never had a child by her. He only gave her money to move to move to California. I wish I had a male friend like that.

If you're a man and you're reading this, would you give a woman money to move to another city and follow her career aspirations?

Read Gilbert's long IG note below.

THEY TOOK the bet No take backs!!! I'll end this quick ,from the Internet draya son was born 11 yrs ago that should be around 2003-4.. my teammate @dsteve92 intoduced me too draya feb 4th 2008 while we were playing #76ers I took my (rook) @swaggyp1 with me becuz i forced him to go with me everywhere and be my slave....BUT that means draya son was atleast 4 years old when I met her,me and her were coo friends...the summer of 2010 I was getting a gag order on #laura so she wouldn't waste her whole time running my name in the dirt with lies on #bbwla...Draya was casted but since the show wasn't paying her to move to Cali to shoot and live we came to an agreement if I help *u move too persue ur career in hollywood u wouldn't talk about me on that show* adding to #laurasMediablasting becuz at this point in my life I had the shaq rumor, gun charge, probation,got served on a nba court then blasted as a deadbeat father all less the 15 with them filming during the summer once the new season started that show would be airing during basketball season and I'll be looking at another year of a BLACK cloud over my name so I decided to put a gag order on the whole damn show so if my name was mentioned in shooting they couldn't air it......So this is why know one understood who draya was with too be on that show becuz the show was gagged and.......I thx her for making a name for herself and not uses my name to pogo her career when she was doing interviews#respect ..I wouldn't have never entertained this story but her son is kids are 9,8,5,4 and they can access the Internet and shit like this floating around can have kids confused and it needed to stop already....#CHECKMATE #OUCH #SEXYCHOCOLATE lololol NOW THIS SITE works for me hahahaha
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Friday, August 21, 2015

There Are Two Ways To Discredit People In America

There are two ways to discredit people in America. One way is to question what ethnicity a person is.

Are they Black? Are they Hispanic? Could they be Asian? Or maybe they are mixed. Then again, they could be White and pretending to be another race to gain attention. Black people get the most attention, for good and bad reason. 

Shaun King, the founder of Life Goals University (not to be confused with the singer Sean Kingston), is currently in the media because some people don't believe he is really biracial. This all stems from Rachel Dolezal, who was outed as a White woman pretending to be Black earlier this year. While Rachel wasn't really known outside of the state of Washington, she held a leadership role with the NAACP. To make herself seem more legit for the job, she told everyone she was Black. For a while her colleagues either believed her or didn't care, but this year a family member decided to reveal her lie to the media. The lie made her famous around America and made her lose her job. While Rachel and Shaun are two different people, Shaun is sticking to his story that he has a White mom and a Black dad that he never met. 

Many people first heard of Shaun when he came out with the popular online event called Life Goals University. It was a motivation website that was supposed to be the start of him mentoring as many people as he could reach online to follow their goals. After getting the website up and running, having tons of motivational videos from people, and starting a blog, he stopped. He had other obligations to tend to. However, it was the beginning of really being noticed by strangers worldwide. 

According to his resume, he has been fighting for the rights of Black people for as long as he can remember. However, many of us just found out who he is within the last few years. Even more, we have been exposed to both the good news surrounding him and the crazy rumors. One such rumor has been about him asking for money for to donate to Black areas, such as Ferguson, and then stealing the money. When rumors hit, he continually said he never asked for money from anyone. Maybe he didn't ask for any money and the rumors always died down, but it seems like there is one rumor he is having trouble defending. That is the rumor that his skin tone may be so light because he doesn't really have a Black father. 

Does it matter if Shaun's father is Black or White? To some it does and to them his movement means nothing if he has been lying about his race this whole time. For the people who decided to come forward and make his skin tone a huge topic, it's helping discredit him. 

There is another way to discredit people. That way is to question their sexuality. Whether people are straight, Gay, confused, or transgendered will forever be a popular controversial topic.