Monday, January 26, 2015

#BigWomenBigLove My Thoughts on Jessica

Dating is an issue no matter what size a woman is, but according to this show on Lifetime women with a whole lot of weight on them struggle the most. The show is called Big Women: Big Love and I'm guessing because each woman has a lot of love deep down inside of them to give to some man. However, I advise you to not take any dating advice from these women; especially Jessica.

Although she lost a lot of weight, 100 pounds, she still looks like she's around 300 pounds. Don't tell her she's fat though. In almost every scene she refers to herself as skinny. In fact she doesn't like the other women on the show because they recognize how much they really weigh and they bond over it. Her confidence is on point though. She's so on point that in one of our first instances of seeing her she is on a date with a fine dude she went to high school with. She's there with all her glorious weight and the dude is there  with his 8-pack. They are on two different levels and he's way too shallow. She is shallow too, but she can't see why he is not interested in her.

In order to find out what her issue is Jessica goes to a seminar where other women are trying to find out why they can't find the perfect man for them. Jessica's confidence is too high for he seminar and she leaves with barely any advice. She does learn that she's controlling but will she utilize it?

Jessica is so blind to herself that she decides to give an ex-boyfriend a second chance. The reason they broke up is because he thought she was fat. Who goes back to someone that found that type of problem with them? You probably already know how their new date on national television went. In the midst of ending the date Jessica says she needs help getting up. Then it switches to the confessional where she refers to herself as "light as a feather now" because of her weight loss.

Initially I wanted to do a big summary of this show. However, it's more fun to break each woman down. The next woman I'll talk about is Jenn. Are you watching Big Women: Big Love. What do you think about Jessica? Would you date her?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jhene Aiko~ Spotless Mind (Music Video)

Her Expiration Date (Short Story)

She just had to see him one more time, so she invited him to her home. On this special night they would be more than just secret lovers. She would leave a part of herself ingrained into his memory forever. She would leave a fantasy.

She was his dream woman on the side. Her hair was always on point with the finest of big curly hair. Even when they had the roughest of sex, it always seemed to naturally bounce back to how it was before. Her body was what really attracted his attention.  Her shape gave off a Black Barbie look, even though she was only 5’2. She knew how to make herself look good and it worked for him. What he admired most about her was that his girlfriend had only been mentioned once. Some questions needed to be answered when they first started their affair.

Their time spent together was getting to both of them. His deep long-strokes drove her to always want more. She never got tired and he could tell. The way she always called him hers messed with his mind. She claimed him in their most intimate moments to set the mood even higher.  The way she never bruised even if he was a little rough with anxiousness turned him on even more. He could grab her arms, push her on the sofa or the floor, and throw her into the bed.  He could use sex to relieve himself of his most irritating days and she didn’t mind at all. Their sexual attraction drove him to spend more time away from his own woman to be with her. He’d sit through Lifetime movies, try out new food, and was even thinking about making her his main chick. If he took that step, she would become his only woman too.

In essence, their relationship had become like any other couple. The only difference was the time limits they set for spending with each other. What always confused him was her ability to be totally relaxed one moment and the next pushing him to leave. Then before he could gather his thoughts, she would be gone from the scene as if she was never there.

10 pm. 2 hours left. She thought of the moments they had. Throughout their months together his body had become a canvas for her. He was at her command. She painted him and conformed him to what she needed. After all she was supposed to be the dream woman. He was wrapped around her finger, but by midnight she would feel like a daydream to him.

11 pm. She was tempted to call him, but it was a bad idea. What if they became so engrossed in conversation that her time ran out in the midst of it? She stared at the phone but never touched it.

11:59:45 pm. She closed her eyes and knew it was over.

Midnight: Her time had expired. She no longer existed. He would remember her as if she was a series of dreams, but he wouldn’t remember cheating on his woman.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

(Music) Never Gonna Be Alone by Amina Buddafly & Peter Gunz

While watching Love & Hip Hop New York we may see chaos when we look at Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunnz.

After all Peter's story line started off with him still being stuck between his feeling for Tara and the fact that he had married Amina and she was about to give birth to his eighth child. What made it worse was that he lied to Amina about a trip he was taking with Tara and his other children. That trip also almost made his miss Amina giving birth. It's all a big huge tornado of drama that I wouldn't want to be a part of. 

However, Amina is determined to show us that she has found the love of her life and her way is through music. Recently Amina & Peter recently a video to a song called Never Gonna Be Alone. The lyrics are all about how they feel about each other. 

The video to Never Gonna Be Alone coincides with the show because Amina was still pregnant.