Friday, October 30, 2015

The Explicit Birthday Poem

I wrote this poem around the time 2 Chainz came out with his Birthday song. I plan on repeating it every years since it's my birthday and my birthday poem. Happy 29th year to me.

All I want is a big dick nigga who will still his big dick in me. 
But first he'll lick my pussy, stick his tongue all the way in it
Til its good and wet 
And before I realize it I'll beg for him to slide between my legs 
And if he plays hard to get I'll grab his head and rub it like a genie in a bottle
While guiding it to its rightful place. 
Then he'll take over
Put me in total lust 
As our bodies fall in sync I'll leave scratches on his back
Make the walls echo with our pleasure
It'll be about more than regular sex
Cause it'll be my birthday sex
And it'll be the best birthday present ever.

Cause it'll be my birthday sex. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

After The Tattoo, Does He Fall Madly In Love?

Recently Masika Kalysha, of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, decided to express her opinion on women getting tattoos of men who aren't even publicly claiming them yet. 

In so many words she said strippers are out here getting tattoos of men who aren't even claiming them yet to show their love is real and how crazy all of it is. Her opinion came after Blac Chyna posted photo of Future's name tattoo'd on her. Who knew Blac Chyna and Future were dating? Who knew she would be the girl with the silicone ass and Brazilian weave? Many people assumed Masika was throwing shade toward her, but there was a twist. 

The Instagram shade was actually meant for a stripper by the name of Alexis Sky. Alexis recently got Fetty Wap's name tattooed on her to show him that her love is real, but no one actually knew he was dating her until he backed up her IG comment by claiming her. 

If you were really feeling a man and a tattoo was the answer to letting him know how for real you are, would you get that tattoo? Remember tattoos are permanent for people who aren't rich enough to afford that laser ink removal surgery. 

Getting Older And Becoming More Self Conscious

I should be concentrating on the fact that I want to start writing for other websites. I should also be concentrating on creating content to submit to the websites I know I want to start writing for. However, there is a bigger issue on my mind. It's the feeling of being self conscious.

I'm self conscious. There I said it. I'm aware of my beauty, but I'm also aware of my flaws.

Maybe it's because I've spent the last 10 years digesting tons of thoughts on the internet. People have so much to say about other people's looks. There is the continual light skin vs. dark skin argument, which has actually made me become more sensitive about how others perceive my skin tone. There is also the continual argument of skinny women vs. thick women. In the past couple years it's really become about thick women, which I'm not one of them.

Maybe it's because from the time I was a little kid I remember people talking about how skinny I was or always pointing out that I wasn't eating a lot. They weren't telling me that I was skinny in a way that they wished they could be. They were saying it in ways that suggested I needed to gain weight. Actually at my current age I'm loving my figure more than ever, but in the back of my mind I still hear the childhood comments about my weight.

I'm most self conscious about my career. I still have this determination to become a paid writer. I want the art of writing to pay my bills one day, but that day hasn't come. I'm becoming more afraid to really express my dreams and aspirations, because it seems like in 2015 and beyond people are so focused on what hasn't happened yet. For instance I've had these amazing experiences in the past couple of years, but I went to visit family during the summer and they wanted to know when I was going to publish a book. A few asked and that was what they cared about most. They didn't want to know about the amazing experiences I've had or how I finally accomplished this beautiful goal of living on my own.

I'm currently more aware of myself and my surroundings than I've ever been. That is actually why soon I'll be ready to release my book, Woman Manifested. It captures my awareness in the form of success and romance and it's inspired by Jill Scott's Womanifesto. The name might change, but that's what I'm going for now.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ex-Best Friends (My Hotline Bling poem)

I wanted to write my poem version of "Hotline Bling," but I didn't want it to sound like everyone else's lyrics. Instead I wrote it to the people I used to think of as close friends, but no longer speak to. 

I used to call you on my cellular device
I wanted some friends, a couple of people I could depend on
We could share stories of how our days went
The good times, the crazy events, anything we missed
And best of all we could create memories
After all once we’d become friends, we’d be known as a clique
Inseparable is how they’d see us
Because no matter how close together or how far apart,
The goal was to always remain friends
Remember how we made plans to be in each other’s weddings
And we’d be the aunties of each other’s kids
But friendships do fall apart
You weren’t one of those meant to be in my inner circle
So numbers did get lost or purposely deleted
What happened with us?
I look through my texts and you’re not there
And in pictures you disappeared years ago
And every now and then when someone asks about you,
I don’t know what to say
My only reference is social media
For some reason we still follow each other’s online lives
So do I lie to them and say you’re doing fine
Yesterday’s Facebook post showed you smiling
Or do I tell the truth
I don’t really care
The same way you haven’t spoken to me in years,
I stopped caring about you

P.S. I've always sucked at writing poems about past friendships and where I stand now. This was the real first attempt at finishing one.

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Friendly Mechanic That Desperately Wanted To Help

There are many weird occurrences in my life that no one will ever know about because no one that knows me was there. Well, this is one of those weird occurrences that I feel like sharing with you all.

It started sometime last week. After work I needed to grab something from the store so I made a quick trip to a Walgreens that was still open. Upon leaving Walgreens I headed home with no worries. However, when I'm in my most peaceful state something always seems to happen to ruin it.

In this case it was a car in the turning lane that decided to cut me off. There was no intersection at the spot they decided to turn at, so I was definitely cut off by them. Because I was going the normal speed I had to hit my brakes hard to keep from hitting the other person. I had to absolutely stop my car because after turning in front of me the other person hit their brakes too. It was a scary incident and it definitely did a little damage to my tires. I could smell the burn that was put on them at the time. I think that is when whatever was wrong with my car started.

Fast-forward to the weekend. It was a Saturday where I had worked 10 hours straight. I was exhausted after work and wanted to get some food in my starved tummy. I had ordered my food to go and was almost there. I stopped at a red light and the restaurant was my very next stop. However, before I could turn into the parking lot I noticed a man in the passenger side of a car trying to wave me down. I turned into the restaurant parking lot and the people in the car followed me.

This is the part where in a movie it would either end in a car jacking or the driver that's alone (me) ending up dead and getting robbed. Those could also be real news scenarios. Neither happened in this case. The people in the other vehicle were mechanics and they noticed something was wrong with my brakes.

The mechanic from the passenger side tried to explain best to me what was wrong with my car. I didn't understand everything that he was saying, but I did understand that my brakes weren't supposed to be making the certain noise when I pressed down on the brake pedal. I still didn't fully want the man's help, but he explained that my engine would overheat if I kept driving like that. He said my car wouldn't make it a mile down the street. My reaction was to call roadside assistance to fix it, but he claimed he had the part needed to fix the problem in his friend's trunk.

These types of services cost money. However, this man did not seem to be worried about the money at first. He just wanted my car to be okay. He did bring up cash in the midst of fixing it though. He said the part cost $200, which I did not have. I explained it to him, but it fixed it anyway. Then he prayed with me, which caught me off guard even more. Who was this guy and where had he come from? If it would have all ended there, it would have been a very blessed moment in my life. However, the man's money-hungry side took over and he wanted to be paid.

I explained to him that I didn't have any money on me afterward and I was paying for my food with a credit card. After paying for my food, I called my dad about the issue. As soon as I got my dad on the food and started explaining, the man came back to me and said free of charge.

This is the part that I hate about Houston people. I know for a fact that this happens in New York City too, but we're focusing on where I live now. Some people are super nice individuals, but they have this hustler spirit embedded in them. This man turned out to be a good man who wanted to do a good deed, but somewhere in the midst of it his hustler spirit tried to attack. Who really has money for car work they didn't plan for in the middle of a restaurant parking lot?

I told a couple of people what happened in order to figure out how they would have handled the situation. The opinions were mixed.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Ebony Magazine, What Is Going On With The Cosby Show Cover?

If controversy is what Ebony Magazine was looking for towards the end of 2015, the goal was accomplished. Everyone is talking about this cover with the shattered image of the family from The Cosby Show.

Just an FYI for anyone that may be confused, this was a legendary show about a successful African American family. Bill Cosby did not lead the family. His character, Cliff Huxtable, was the successful doctor that provided for the household along with his successful wife. However, since my generation grew up being educated by television, many of us (not me) have trouble separating the man from the character. That is quite possibly how we've gotten to this (soon to be) legendary cover photo.

However, the cover photo is not about Bill Cosby and his character Cliff Huxtable. It's about the brokenness in the Black community. That shall be a good read.

A Number One Fan's Journey And Deep Emotions

I always knew there would be consequences that came with writing about the L words, love and lust.

See once upon a time someone told me I was good at writing emotional poems. I was just expressing my feelings, but it was so exciting I continued on and wanted everyone to become one of my readers. However, no one prepared for me the fact that one of my readers would proclaim himself my number one fan and end up moving to the same city I live in.

When did he move here? Why did he decide Houston would be his new home? I don’t have all the details. Two years ago he was getting on my nerves with inbox stories. He loved to talk about the random women and coworkers he was having sex with. While the stories didn’t turn me on, they ended up as great inspiration for a blog post, His Sexual Objectification. After writing the blog post, he continued. He would say things about how he wanted me to succeed, which was good, but he would also have these fantasies of us being together. I was in no way attracted to this stranger and I soon hit the un-friend button. 

Well, recently he decided to request me again and since my page is filled with tons of strangers, I once again accepted. It was all peaches and cream at first because there were too many people on my newsfeed for me to notice him. However, he had to make his presence known. On a Tuesday night he hit up my inbox to let me know of all the details about his new life.

He’s now in the city of Houston. He moved from Miami to here because he received a promotion and was able to get paid more here. I’m pretty sure anywhere, except New York City and Los Angeles, pays more though. However, that was how he put it. He received a promotion and ended up in the same city as his favorite online writer. Since he is here he also wants to meet me.

The answer is no. When he first asked the answer was no. I was already caught off guard by the fact that my self-proclaimed #1 fan that is a little obsessive had did a move like that. However, he took things even further. He poured his heart out to me and said why he really wanted to meet me.

He’s in a new city, lonely, and the emotions in my poems are what he always wanted to experience. I’m still not going to meet him. Maybe if I had a friend that was willing to meet him with me then I would go, but in the movies going alone is what gets a woman kidnapped and killed.

Okay, as you all know I joined dating sites recently but then I removed them all. I'm just trying to meet a very normal man and go on some very normal dates. That means I don't want the man to think sex is about to happen five minutes after meeting him and I don't want to deal with the guy that already has wedding plans made either. This doesn't seem to be the time for meeting normal men, so I quit.

However, if I was to meet a man and get enticed by everything he consists of I'd still want to take it very slow. If I could compare my feelings to any song, it would be Karina Pasian's Slow Motion.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Kaylin Garcia Was Told She Has Little Value For Herself #CouplesTherapy

Many of us absolutely know that we can never go back to a man once he's hurt us to a point of no return. However, reality star Kaylin Garcia has found herself on this season of Vh1's Couples Therapy to at least end on a friendship note with Joe Budden. But why?

On the very first episode Kaylin was told by Joe that she taught him that she has very little self respect by staying with him for so long. That shit had to hurt. Her spirit must have really been broken, because she did not jump up and attempt to choke him. While I couldn't find that clip, I found some other clips from the episode.

Could you sit in a room next to a man that cheated and lied to you multiples times over the years and let him talk about your self value? Would you want to repair a relationship with a man like that?

Melanie Fiona~ I Tried (Video)

Melanie Fiona is making a powerful statement about violence in the music video for her song I Tried. In it she uses herself to represent a victim of domestic violence while major news stories show up throughout the video. Watch below.

The Story of An Awkward Tinder Date

Well, is meeting a man at 11 pm on a Monday night at a sports bar considered a date? This isn't something I would normally do, but I reasoned that there would be enough people around to where it wouldn't be a huge risk. Plus I get off at 10 pm on Mondays, so planning on meeting someone on that day has to be done at night. So on a Monday night I met a guy that I had been talking to on the Tinder dating site.

Tinder is a dating app you can download through iTunes. Then you get to look at pictures and swipe as much as you want. If a guy swipes your profile it more than likely means he's shallow, likes your pictures, and wants to see more. He might even have sex on his mind, so you have to think carefully about what you want. Now let's get back to the date.

We met at the Buffalo Wild Wings closest to him. It was about 10 minutes away from where he lived, but he claimed he didn't know his way around. I gave him directions, but he more than likely did not use them. I think he used his GPS.

We made it to the restaurant at the same time. He sent me a text letting me know. Upon meeting him, there was a little bit of friendliness. He said hello, but not much after that. The waiter actually said more to me in the beginning than he did. The waiter actually complimented me on my looks, which was kind of weird and exciting at the same time.

Upon being seated, he started watching sports, which really made me feel uncomfortable. He claimed he wanted to meet me, but was barely paying attention. At one point he asked me if I like sports. When I said not really, he wanted to know why I suggested a sports bar. The simple answer is there's nothing else open during that time of the night, except iHop. Maybe I should have suggested iHop.

Throughout the time I tried to get him to talk by asking questions. He'd answer and then ask those questions back. It was clear that he wasn't really interested in me, but he did do something that no one has ever done before.

He asked if he could have some of my alcohol. While he didn't order anything, I chose to order an alcoholic beverage. It was a really light drink and I wasn't rushing to finish it. He asked if he could help me finish the drink. I was caught off guard, but gave him the okay. He then actually put his lips on my cup and had some of it. Then because I don't really like to drink off the same up as others, I didn't even want to finish it.

The date ended. Right before it ended he asked if I was going to write about him. I had not thought about it before that, but I told him maybe. Well, this is for the guy I met on Tinder that will more than likely never read this. Oh, and there is no second date.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sheree Whitfield and Her Reality Television Career

Sheree Whitfield is back in reality television. This time as a co-executive producer of a show, Selling It: In The ATL, that is coming soon.

This proves that reality television really is a career and you can work your way from the bottom on up. I'd like to think being on television was the bottom for Sheree, but being an executive producer is moving on up to the top.

FYI: Todd Tucker being on reality television and in production doesn't count. He was already behind the camera before he appeared on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Less Than 12 Hours On Plenty Of Fish

This is the story of a girl who couldn't handle a dating site called Plenty of Fish. That girl is me.

I download the app on my lovely iPhone at 6 pm on a Tuesday. 35 men (maybe more) sent me messages. There were some unread messages because I got tired of scrolling down and replying. There were over 90 notifications of men wanting to meet me, but you have to upgrade to find out who they are. It showed that 45 men (42 when I took the screenshot) in all viewed my profile and there were notifications that a couple of them favorited my profile. Oh, although there is an option to swipe left and right, I only swiped at the most of 5 times because I didn't need to.

Doesn't that sound exhausting to you? Out of those 35 men, around 33 of them wanted me to give out my number but lucky for me, I wasn't in a giving mood. I told a couple of them to request me on Facebook.

There was one guy with hypnotizing hazel eyes. His profile said 24, which will be five years younger than me at the end of the month. I thought he was too young, but at the same time he started up the chat first. I had made a Facebook post about him and then told him to request me. Upon seeing my page he mentioned that he wasn't really 24. He's actually 37. According to him, POF wouldn't let him fix his age. That was disappointing. If his age wasn't accurate, were his hazel eyes also a lie?

 By the time I fell asleep at 3 am I was so tired of the notifications that I removed the app from my phone. I wanted to delete my profile, but there is no option for that.

I want to date, but not the men at work. These free dating sites don't seem to be working. I used to meet men at clubs, but men at the club aren't looking for relationships. Men on the dating sites aren't looking for relationships either. Maybe I'll just go chill at a bar and talk to strangers. That could lead to somewhere. It might be a new man or it might be alcoholism. We'll see.

What's most confusing about meeting men is that foundation. I want to start off as friends and work from there. I don't really want to have discussions about sexual positions when I barely know his last name. Even if I wanted to have sex, I'd at least need to know if there's any sexually chemistry between us and Oh I did meet some men from Tinder and wrote about it. Click the link to read the post.

P.S. My birthday is on the 30th. How does a girl celebrate going into the last year of her 20's? Yes, I'll be 29.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

When A Man Asks Why We Love Wigs & Makeup...

Recently a man from my past decided to inbox me on Facebook. I had not spoken to him in any way in a good five years. I literally forgot his name until he found me online again.  He explained at the beginning that he was tipsy, so I knew whatever he was going to say would get kind of crazy. Instead of focusing on the crazier stuff he said, we'll focus on one particular question he asked. He wanted to know why I wear wigs and makeup.

I don't actually wear a lot of makeup. I love loud ass blue eyeshadows (sometimes the green eyeshadows too) and $25- $30 wigs. I'm currently wearing one that is still looking good on week 3. Why I love the wigs really shouldn't matter to him. I like different looks, can afford to buy different types of wigs, and I'm happy.

Why do men ask about things they're not paying for? Even if I was wearing a different wig every week it wouldn't matter because the money isn't coming out of his pockets. I'm not dating him. He's not even on my radar of men I'm interested in. Plus there are bloggers getting major attention for changing up their hairstyles. They get paid to show off new looks.

Plus I'm young and having fun. Let me have my fun in peace.

When Meeting Men From Tinder

Be open minded.

So far the men I've encountered from the Tinder dating app are real hard workers and seem to be kind of on the shy side. They claim to not do much in this big city of Houston even though there is always something to do. One, which I haven't met yet claims to work every single day of the week unless he's feeling burned out. The two others seemed to not have much to say about themselves once I did meet them. Basically they're a mystery but I like mysteries.

Be open minded, but still have your guard up.

I've met two men from Tinder. I've heard multiple times that men use that site to get sex from women. It's easier than paying for phone sex or a prostitute. There is one that I'm definitely sure has sex on his mind. He didn't say that he joined the site for sex, but it's obvious he has a horny mind. I'm not Amber Rose or Blac Chyna. I'm not one of those women that easily sells sex or is easily willing to let a man stick his penis into me. My guard is up. My legs are closed for the moment.

Be curious.
As I said before, I like mysteries. You can't really meet a man from one online conversation or even from one meeting in person. So for the moment I'm curious about these men. I don't believe they are as boring as they seem and I believe the one that seems very horny has more to offer than sex. We'll see.

And if you're taking dating advice from me, you must be desperate. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I am trying to get chose.

Top notch hoes get the most, not the lesser.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Tinder and My Addiction To Personalities

Hello, my name is Lashuntrice Chevelle Bradley, and recently I joined a dating site. Its part of why I've slowed down with updating posts. Cuffing season is approaching soon for us Houston folks and I want to get chose. I'm not exactly sure if Tinder is the right spot to meet that man of my winter dreams, but it's a start.

Initially I joined Meld (click the word to read my post about it) and after a couple weeks I was over it. I was swiping many profiles, but most of them were nowhere near Houston or the state of Texas. Someone told me to join Plenty of Fish to have more fun, but for some reason I ended up on Tinder instead.

Tinder started off boring. My method was to swipe past any man that was not Black or was younger than me. As I was swiping I was making screenshots of profiles I thought were cute, even though I had no access to message them yet. I was actually posting some screenshots on my Facebook page for added fun. No one initially commented, but then one day a girl felt the need to complain, so I stopped. My posts have never been reported and I didn't want to tempt her.

A couple of matches finally happened and then a guy finally messaged me. He was in his 30's and really looking for love. He started telling me about the kind of woman he wasn't looking for and I eventually hit that un-match button. Then I started another conversation and actually gave that guy my number. The second guy is either a potential winter boo or a good phone buddy (aka pretend boyfriend).

You know how you hear about people having long-distance relationships with people they've never even met in person? Outside of being catfished, has anyone ever started a relationship with someone in their own city that they've never met in person? Don't be afraid to let me know.

While I haven't met anyone from this dating app in person, I've matched up with around 30 men, did a little un-matching, and had conversations with half of them. Oh, and I've taken a risk and given out my number to a few of them. Seven years ago a man would have had to be an avid Facebook user to talk to me or know one of my friends, because I was not giving out my number that easily. What happened to that girl that had to have a full background check on him before giving him her contact information?

Tinder is annoying. Some of the men really can't spell, some are too lazy to read even the description on the profile, some have some really sad sob stories, and some of them are worthy of writing about. In the last couple years I've either come in contact with men I already knew or met them at some club. It hasn't been easy, but on this dating site there are a crazy amount of men sending messages just to start conversations. While I'm overwhelmed and have no plans of giving my number to anyone else, I'm also developing an addiction to these messages on the site. There are tons of personalities and my creativity is being fed from them.

Then again, I can turn the app off at any time.

Rosewood, Morris Chestnut, And His Many Acting Talents

What can Morris Chestnut not do?

We already knew that Morris Chestnut was good at acting conceited from his numerous roles. We also knew that he was good at playing a sex symbol, because just look at him. Then in his last big movie role as the (supposedly) good boyfriend for Sanaa's Lathan's character in The Perfect Guy, we found out he can play a man afraid of commitment. Well, in the show Rosewood all of Morris' talents are combined to make an interesting show.

What is Rosewood about exactly? I think it's all about watching that dark chocolate man do what he does best. That is be an actor. If you were looking for an actual review of the show Rosewood, you came to the wrong blog.