Tuesday, October 27, 2015

After The Tattoo, Does He Fall Madly In Love?

Recently Masika Kalysha, of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, decided to express her opinion on women getting tattoos of men who aren't even publicly claiming them yet. 

In so many words she said strippers are out here getting tattoos of men who aren't even claiming them yet to show their love is real and how crazy all of it is. Her opinion came after Blac Chyna posted photo of Future's name tattoo'd on her. Who knew Blac Chyna and Future were dating? Who knew she would be the girl with the silicone ass and Brazilian weave? Many people assumed Masika was throwing shade toward her, but there was a twist. 

The Instagram shade was actually meant for a stripper by the name of Alexis Sky. Alexis recently got Fetty Wap's name tattooed on her to show him that her love is real, but no one actually knew he was dating her until he backed up her IG comment by claiming her. 

If you were really feeling a man and a tattoo was the answer to letting him know how for real you are, would you get that tattoo? Remember tattoos are permanent for people who aren't rich enough to afford that laser ink removal surgery. 

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