Monday, October 19, 2015

The Friendly Mechanic That Desperately Wanted To Help

There are many weird occurrences in my life that no one will ever know about because no one that knows me was there. Well, this is one of those weird occurrences that I feel like sharing with you all.

It started sometime last week. After work I needed to grab something from the store so I made a quick trip to a Walgreens that was still open. Upon leaving Walgreens I headed home with no worries. However, when I'm in my most peaceful state something always seems to happen to ruin it.

In this case it was a car in the turning lane that decided to cut me off. There was no intersection at the spot they decided to turn at, so I was definitely cut off by them. Because I was going the normal speed I had to hit my brakes hard to keep from hitting the other person. I had to absolutely stop my car because after turning in front of me the other person hit their brakes too. It was a scary incident and it definitely did a little damage to my tires. I could smell the burn that was put on them at the time. I think that is when whatever was wrong with my car started.

Fast-forward to the weekend. It was a Saturday where I had worked 10 hours straight. I was exhausted after work and wanted to get some food in my starved tummy. I had ordered my food to go and was almost there. I stopped at a red light and the restaurant was my very next stop. However, before I could turn into the parking lot I noticed a man in the passenger side of a car trying to wave me down. I turned into the restaurant parking lot and the people in the car followed me.

This is the part where in a movie it would either end in a car jacking or the driver that's alone (me) ending up dead and getting robbed. Those could also be real news scenarios. Neither happened in this case. The people in the other vehicle were mechanics and they noticed something was wrong with my brakes.

The mechanic from the passenger side tried to explain best to me what was wrong with my car. I didn't understand everything that he was saying, but I did understand that my brakes weren't supposed to be making the certain noise when I pressed down on the brake pedal. I still didn't fully want the man's help, but he explained that my engine would overheat if I kept driving like that. He said my car wouldn't make it a mile down the street. My reaction was to call roadside assistance to fix it, but he claimed he had the part needed to fix the problem in his friend's trunk.

These types of services cost money. However, this man did not seem to be worried about the money at first. He just wanted my car to be okay. He did bring up cash in the midst of fixing it though. He said the part cost $200, which I did not have. I explained it to him, but it fixed it anyway. Then he prayed with me, which caught me off guard even more. Who was this guy and where had he come from? If it would have all ended there, it would have been a very blessed moment in my life. However, the man's money-hungry side took over and he wanted to be paid.

I explained to him that I didn't have any money on me afterward and I was paying for my food with a credit card. After paying for my food, I called my dad about the issue. As soon as I got my dad on the food and started explaining, the man came back to me and said free of charge.

This is the part that I hate about Houston people. I know for a fact that this happens in New York City too, but we're focusing on where I live now. Some people are super nice individuals, but they have this hustler spirit embedded in them. This man turned out to be a good man who wanted to do a good deed, but somewhere in the midst of it his hustler spirit tried to attack. Who really has money for car work they didn't plan for in the middle of a restaurant parking lot?

I told a couple of people what happened in order to figure out how they would have handled the situation. The opinions were mixed.

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