Tuesday, October 6, 2015

When Meeting Men From Tinder

Be open minded.

So far the men I've encountered from the Tinder dating app are real hard workers and seem to be kind of on the shy side. They claim to not do much in this big city of Houston even though there is always something to do. One, which I haven't met yet claims to work every single day of the week unless he's feeling burned out. The two others seemed to not have much to say about themselves once I did meet them. Basically they're a mystery but I like mysteries.

Be open minded, but still have your guard up.

I've met two men from Tinder. I've heard multiple times that men use that site to get sex from women. It's easier than paying for phone sex or a prostitute. There is one that I'm definitely sure has sex on his mind. He didn't say that he joined the site for sex, but it's obvious he has a horny mind. I'm not Amber Rose or Blac Chyna. I'm not one of those women that easily sells sex or is easily willing to let a man stick his penis into me. My guard is up. My legs are closed for the moment.

Be curious.
As I said before, I like mysteries. You can't really meet a man from one online conversation or even from one meeting in person. So for the moment I'm curious about these men. I don't believe they are as boring as they seem and I believe the one that seems very horny has more to offer than sex. We'll see.

And if you're taking dating advice from me, you must be desperate. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I am trying to get chose.

Top notch hoes get the most, not the lesser.

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