Friday, October 2, 2015

Tinder and My Addiction To Personalities

Hello, my name is Lashuntrice Chevelle Bradley, and recently I joined a dating site. Its part of why I've slowed down with updating posts. Cuffing season is approaching soon for us Houston folks and I want to get chose. I'm not exactly sure if Tinder is the right spot to meet that man of my winter dreams, but it's a start.

Initially I joined Meld (click the word to read my post about it) and after a couple weeks I was over it. I was swiping many profiles, but most of them were nowhere near Houston or the state of Texas. Someone told me to join Plenty of Fish to have more fun, but for some reason I ended up on Tinder instead.

Tinder started off boring. My method was to swipe past any man that was not Black or was younger than me. As I was swiping I was making screenshots of profiles I thought were cute, even though I had no access to message them yet. I was actually posting some screenshots on my Facebook page for added fun. No one initially commented, but then one day a girl felt the need to complain, so I stopped. My posts have never been reported and I didn't want to tempt her.

A couple of matches finally happened and then a guy finally messaged me. He was in his 30's and really looking for love. He started telling me about the kind of woman he wasn't looking for and I eventually hit that un-match button. Then I started another conversation and actually gave that guy my number. The second guy is either a potential winter boo or a good phone buddy (aka pretend boyfriend).

You know how you hear about people having long-distance relationships with people they've never even met in person? Outside of being catfished, has anyone ever started a relationship with someone in their own city that they've never met in person? Don't be afraid to let me know.

While I haven't met anyone from this dating app in person, I've matched up with around 30 men, did a little un-matching, and had conversations with half of them. Oh, and I've taken a risk and given out my number to a few of them. Seven years ago a man would have had to be an avid Facebook user to talk to me or know one of my friends, because I was not giving out my number that easily. What happened to that girl that had to have a full background check on him before giving him her contact information?

Tinder is annoying. Some of the men really can't spell, some are too lazy to read even the description on the profile, some have some really sad sob stories, and some of them are worthy of writing about. In the last couple years I've either come in contact with men I already knew or met them at some club. It hasn't been easy, but on this dating site there are a crazy amount of men sending messages just to start conversations. While I'm overwhelmed and have no plans of giving my number to anyone else, I'm also developing an addiction to these messages on the site. There are tons of personalities and my creativity is being fed from them.

Then again, I can turn the app off at any time.

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