Monday, October 12, 2015

Kaylin Garcia Was Told She Has Little Value For Herself #CouplesTherapy

Many of us absolutely know that we can never go back to a man once he's hurt us to a point of no return. However, reality star Kaylin Garcia has found herself on this season of Vh1's Couples Therapy to at least end on a friendship note with Joe Budden. But why?

On the very first episode Kaylin was told by Joe that she taught him that she has very little self respect by staying with him for so long. That shit had to hurt. Her spirit must have really been broken, because she did not jump up and attempt to choke him. While I couldn't find that clip, I found some other clips from the episode.

Could you sit in a room next to a man that cheated and lied to you multiples times over the years and let him talk about your self value? Would you want to repair a relationship with a man like that?

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