Friday, October 16, 2015

Ebony Magazine, What Is Going On With The Cosby Show Cover?

If controversy is what Ebony Magazine was looking for towards the end of 2015, the goal was accomplished. Everyone is talking about this cover with the shattered image of the family from The Cosby Show.

Just an FYI for anyone that may be confused, this was a legendary show about a successful African American family. Bill Cosby did not lead the family. His character, Cliff Huxtable, was the successful doctor that provided for the household along with his successful wife. However, since my generation grew up being educated by television, many of us (not me) have trouble separating the man from the character. That is quite possibly how we've gotten to this (soon to be) legendary cover photo.

However, the cover photo is not about Bill Cosby and his character Cliff Huxtable. It's about the brokenness in the Black community. That shall be a good read.

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