Sunday, September 27, 2009

School Lessons- The Problem With Children

Ok, this is not directed toward all children, just the ones born from parents that were never in a relationship at all. The problem results like this...
Because men aren't the ones who pee on a stick to find out if they are pregnant...and because they don't carry a child in their stomach for 9 months...and because they don't give birth to that child...they really can't comprehend the fact that they are responsible for that child too.

See, it all started when they were children.

Little girls were busy playing with barbie, ken, and watching a million movies involving couples falling happily ever after in love. This in turn filled their minds with the idea of meeting a man and falling happily ever in love.

Little boys on the other hand were playing every sport imaginable. They also learned about cars, getting dirty, and playing rough was fun. Then as they got older they started to develop the physical feelings for girls. They were patted on the back and told it was good to have to feelings and act them out. This in turn gave them the idea that having sex with a girl was the best thing. However, because of this process of knowledge it wasn't built into their minds that the consequences the girl might face would also be their problem too.

And now for the song of the week:
Situations like this is why women have to really think before they react and that is why the song of the week is...
The First Night by Monica

(Disclaimer: This is a generalization, but I do know that not all men think like this)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pet Peeves- The Irresponsible Control Freak

As you are reading the title you might be thinking...
"How can someone be irresponsible and a control freak?"

Well, I recently discovered it is possible and that is a pet peeve of mine.

It all started a week ago with a group assignment. One girl appointed herself the group leader but she did not give anyone any way of communicating with her. Then she had a million excuses as to why she was later than what late is for a group meeting. Then without trying to get in contact with anyone she ran to the professor and complained, but of course she had an excuse as to why she did not try and get in touch with anyone. Then she still wanted to try to give everyone orders once she got in contact with a few people. Soooo freaking annoying...

I already hated irresponsible people with a million excuses and now because of her I hate people that match that description and are also control freaks...
If you are like that please do not talk to me or at least do not act that way around me...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kiss Me On My Neck

From my School Lessons post you can probably tell...
That I have love on my mind.

It seems as if in certain situations (especially love) you have to approach it half heartedly (or partially serious) to keep from getting hurt. At some point, however, it becomes serious. Whether you want or not, the feelings of wanting someone to love pops up and stays on your mind.

That is why the song of the week for 9/20-9/26/2009 is...
Kiss Me On My Neck by Erykah Badu

School Lessons- Partially Serious/Good Man

Since school started I've learned...
Most people are only partially serious.

This statement can relate to several things.

*One being love--
Usually when people take chances on finding love they are only partially serious. They believe what they say, but they don't have the confidence to believe they'll get the response they want. (Hence the breathtaking feeling of love/like being given back).

Now in the process of finding love we have to figure out what type of man/woman we want to be with.

I've learned that...
*Saying I want a good man is not a good enough description--
A good man can leave me open to any man and just because a good man approaches me does not mean he is the man for me.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Is Wrong With....

* There was a story in the news today where a woman got mad and spanked a strangers 2-year old child after the stranger had told the woman to leave them alone. It's not acceptable to spank your own child in public, so what would give this woman the idea that it was okay to put her hands on someone else's child???

Monday, September 14, 2009


My song of the week expresses how I feel sometimes. Sometimes people just get on my nerves. Today was no different, except it was not people working my nerves.

It was the television company...

I was excited earlier today when I heard Whitney Houston was going to be on Oprah. I rarely watch Oprah because her show is just not interesting anymore. However, Whitney Houston is a diva who noone can fall out of love with so I just had to watch it today.
Well, that did not happen. At the time Oprah was supposed to be on, the local stations (channel 9 for me) was showing a tennis match. I was mad because I really wanted to see Whitney Houston. Then I saw that they rescheduled it for a later time. Well, that later time turned out to be on another channel, a channel that is not available on regular cable.

So, yeah comcast screwed with my mind. I then decided to look on the internet. Usually I can find everything on the internet, but I could not find that interview at all.

I did find this video, however. The name of the song is I Look to You and it's beautiful.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

School Lessons- Breaking Up and Making Up

I have two school lessons to share with you today. I'm going to try and keep them short so here I go...

*Breaking Up--
It's sad to say, but sometimes good things do come to an end. Those good things could be relationships, friendship, and even education. It happens and it's best to leave before the situation (whatever it is) gets worst.

*Making Up-
This is a term usually used when two people reconcile, but I'm using it differently. Just because a situation ends doesn't mean everything is better. Whether in relationships, friendships, or even furthering our education we tend to neglect ourselves. So in order to get better sometimes the best thing to do is make up with yourself. In order to make up with yourself rediscover who you are as an individual and you can start on your journey to feeling better.

Somebody's Gettin' On My Nerves

Unfortunately there's always that one person who feels the need to work a person's nerves. What's even worst is that person who persists to work someone's nerves adn then plays dumb. That is why for 9/13-9/19/2009 the song of week is...
Somebody's Gettin On My Nerves by Salt N Pepa
(P.S. It's footage from a Harry Potter movie but this is the actual song)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Random Person

If a Mustang had a dick I would fuck it.
-random person


It's September 11Th again. This is a day that will burn into people's minds forever because of the terrorist attacks on September 11,2001. Every one's reflecting on where they were on that day, but I want to do something different...

These are some reflections on my life

At this point in my life I feel like I may be going through a quarter-life crisis. I'm evaluating every single move I make and questioning every single move I need to make in the future. I'm confused so the best way to heal some of this confusion is to go back in my past.

*People pleaser--
I remember when I was little and lived in Missouri City (to be exact Hunters Point). I hated playing outside alone and was an only child at that period of time. I would bring snacks outside for the other kids when they came to play with me. My mother stopped that soon after I started doing it. I realized at that point that if I had something to offer people then I would never have to feel lonely. This may have been the start of my people pleaser stage.

*Inevitable change--
In middle school I started growing apart from those people I had called friends for so long. I didn't want to grow apart from them so I tried to force the change away for a little while. The change became apparent when I had to switch schools in the middle of my eighth grade year. This is when I learned change is inevitable (whether anyone likes it or not).

*Standing Out--

In high school everyone has their bad experiences and I am no different. During these times I thought (despite the fact that I went to a small high school) that if I didn't draw any attention to myself then life could go by smoothly. I was wrong. I now realize that there is no hiding in the shadows. Everyone gets noticed and judged for something. Standing out in the crowd is inevitable.

*Since those days I've faced a lot more dilemnas. I've learned to deal with some of the craziness thrown my way and I am sure more lessons to learn will be thrown my way in the future.

These are some of my reflections. Hope you enjoyed.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pet Peeves- Regrets

I saw someone today and that person inspired this pet peeve...

Regrets make the world go round. There's a homework assignment someone didn't do today and they are going to regret it. There's a sixteen year old who probably found out she is pregnant today and the daddy doesn't like her anymore so she's regretting ever getting with him. Bill Clinton probably regretted being with Monica Lewinsky. Obama at one point probably regretted running for president. Plus, there are things that I regret but none of this stuff can be changed.

So, regrets make the world go round but they are such a pet peeve of mine.

*When I think of regrets I get mad cause I made the decision to do whatever I regretted.

*When I think of regrets I get mad cause I can't press the rewind button.

*When I think of regrets I get mad because I have to live with those regrets for the rest of my life and one day come to a conclusion of how to appreciate those moments in life. Do you really want to appreciate moments you don't want to remember?

*Hopefully I will not regret writing this...

So REGRETS...I hate them but what I hate most is that I will probably do something in the future and regret it...UGH!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


I wrote this poem a few days ago. It's different than what I usually write,but I'm trying to stray away from love poems for a while. So check out my latest poem called crying.

Happiness is where I want to be
But happiness, it just keeps escaping me
Running away every chance it gets
Seems like with me it wants to play hide and seek
And I chase and I chase until I get frustrated
Frustration then allows itself to take control of me
Want to yell at somebody
Want to yell at anybody
But everybody disappears
And when there’s nobody to get mad at
I turn the frustration on me
And that’s when the tears begin
Starts off as just a drop
But the drop feels so good
More drops start to follow
And as the wetness falls downs my cheeks
I start to float in a new kind of ecstasy
The ecstasy of pain taking over my body
Turning the drops into rain
Allowing the rain to keep falling
And as the rain keeps falling
Bad memories float to my mind
Taking over my thoughts
And allowing the rain to turn into a waterfall
And as the waterfall flows
I start to drown
And as I’m drowning
My face is soaked with tears
And to some this scene may look bad
But really the more the tears flow the more I find peace
It’s like Betty Wright said
No pain, no gain
So by the end I’m still not happy
But by remembering my haters
And those bad past experiences
I’ve managed to find some comfort in my tears
So this is the routine I go through
When I have no hope or answers for the moment
In an odd way it keeps me sane
And lessens the pain
So, next time I feel this way
It will be the same routine
Crying and not trying to wipe the tears away

Pet Peeves- The Guilt Trip

The older we get the more we are taught to put others before ourselves. We have to consider every word we say for fear of how someone else will react. BUT what about our own feelings???...And that bring me to another pet peeve.
When we say or do stuff without considering others they have this habit of trying to make us feeling guilty. They send us on a guilt trip. We can consider others every moment of our lives, but the minute we focus on something else they get mad. Even more these same people more than likely never show any concern towards us. I hate, hate, hate this...

I shouldn't feel 'GUILTY' about thinking about ME...

(P.S.) Plus if I do I might end up like this picture.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

School Lessons- Frienemies

In school you can learn a lot but not all lessons come from a book. Remember when you once had that friend and then they later turned into an enemy. Well school lesson #2 is...
Your frienemies never go away. Going away and leaving you alone is too easy. Instead those that were once friends but are now your enemies are either...

*making their presence known still. They might be calling you up every once in a while acting like everything is still normal. They might just see you around and still want hugs and kisses (and all that other icky friendly stuff). For some reason your sarcastic remarks and crazy stares do not stop them.


*they are waiting for your downfall. At this point all communication between you and them are cut off, but they are still finding ways to spy on you. They might be getting their friends to find out what is going on in your life or they might have a friend that spy's on your through an internet website (facebook, twitter, etc.).

Or (this is the biggest one

*they seriously hate you now. They are probably popping up at every function you attend just to show you how much they hate you. This is the most childish one of them all, but remember mentally some people do not grow up.


Lately I've stopped trying to figure out why I'm single and started focusing on what type of women men say they want. In my observations I've noticed a lot of men claiming they couldn't find good women, but their actions weren't the kind to keep a good woman's attention.

That is why the song of the week for 9/6-9/13/2009 is Kick Your Game by TLC.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Without A Cellphone...

Lately I've noticed that we are dependant on technology and one technology most of us cannot live without is the cell phone. Most people would probably go crazy if their cellphones were not working so I'm going to point out some ways where we'd be lacking without our cellphones...
Without cell phones

*People would not be able to access the internet. Most people choose to use their cellphones instead of computers to access the world wide web. (From my previous posts in this particular section I've already expressed what the internet does for people).

*People would not be able to text. Most people are addicted to texting. Texting is so popular now that it has it's on section of fans and it's haters.

*People would not know what to do with their lives...

*People would lose connection with all other people. Who uses house phones anymore?

So, without cellphones the world would be lacking a very important invention.

Lady's Night

Lady's Night by Mark Anthony

This book is amazing. It describes the life of a girl named Tina from when she is young and molested by her mother's boyfriend to when she decides to leave the bad situation and live on her on while still a pre-teen. From there this book describes Tina's life from when she meets a pimp and is given the nickname of Lady. After meeting this pimp the book describes how Lady, which Tina starts calling herself, goes from a prostitute to the top of the hip hop game in New York. This book starts off interesting and ends interesting.

So, if you like good street fiction you should definitely read Lady's Night.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

IBW (Lucille Bogan)

I created this section to show love to the inspirational black women of today, but since knowing our history is important I want to show love to Lucille Bogan.
Lucille Bogan was an American Blues singer who lived from 1878-1948. She was among one of the first Blues singers to be recorded. She first started singing during the 1920's, but after 1930 most of her songs were about drunkenness and sex. After 1935 Bogan stopped recording songs, but by this time she had already made her mark as an IBW.

Bogan is an IBW because she is the original queen of freaky songs. Everyone talks about how nasty Lil Kim and Trina are, but Bogan knew how to say nasty things in her songs without the most mature people knowing what she was talking about. She could talk freaky in a song and make it sound classy....
And this is why Lucille Bogan is an IBW to me.

(If you want to know what I'm referring to in one of her songs check out the previous post).

Old School Freak

The title of this post represents the fact that more than anything else I am in love with old school music...

It also signifies the fact that

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pet Peeves (Hanging Out/In)

"When are we going to hang out?"

This question gets on my nerves. The reason is because usually when men ask it they have no actual intention of hanging out. There's no movies planned. There's no trip to a nice restaurant and no thought of McDonald's either. There's no interest in getting to know each other floating around in the males head. They just want to get to a girl's house/apartment, get her comfortable, and then see if she'll have sex with them.