Thursday, September 3, 2009

Without A Cellphone...

Lately I've noticed that we are dependant on technology and one technology most of us cannot live without is the cell phone. Most people would probably go crazy if their cellphones were not working so I'm going to point out some ways where we'd be lacking without our cellphones...
Without cell phones

*People would not be able to access the internet. Most people choose to use their cellphones instead of computers to access the world wide web. (From my previous posts in this particular section I've already expressed what the internet does for people).

*People would not be able to text. Most people are addicted to texting. Texting is so popular now that it has it's on section of fans and it's haters.

*People would not know what to do with their lives...

*People would lose connection with all other people. Who uses house phones anymore?

So, without cellphones the world would be lacking a very important invention.


  1. so true! im rotfl laughing @ the pic of the funeral! & julliard! i thought i was going to die when i had my cell but the battery was dieing n i couldnt find my charger