Monday, September 7, 2009


I wrote this poem a few days ago. It's different than what I usually write,but I'm trying to stray away from love poems for a while. So check out my latest poem called crying.

Happiness is where I want to be
But happiness, it just keeps escaping me
Running away every chance it gets
Seems like with me it wants to play hide and seek
And I chase and I chase until I get frustrated
Frustration then allows itself to take control of me
Want to yell at somebody
Want to yell at anybody
But everybody disappears
And when there’s nobody to get mad at
I turn the frustration on me
And that’s when the tears begin
Starts off as just a drop
But the drop feels so good
More drops start to follow
And as the wetness falls downs my cheeks
I start to float in a new kind of ecstasy
The ecstasy of pain taking over my body
Turning the drops into rain
Allowing the rain to keep falling
And as the rain keeps falling
Bad memories float to my mind
Taking over my thoughts
And allowing the rain to turn into a waterfall
And as the waterfall flows
I start to drown
And as I’m drowning
My face is soaked with tears
And to some this scene may look bad
But really the more the tears flow the more I find peace
It’s like Betty Wright said
No pain, no gain
So by the end I’m still not happy
But by remembering my haters
And those bad past experiences
I’ve managed to find some comfort in my tears
So this is the routine I go through
When I have no hope or answers for the moment
In an odd way it keeps me sane
And lessens the pain
So, next time I feel this way
It will be the same routine
Crying and not trying to wipe the tears away

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