Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kid Fury Voices His Opinions Again....

and it's funny. Watch below.

I don't understand why he's so mad about Keri Hilson's video. No one has said anything about Beyonce's contradictory videos and songs. He referenced the fact that no pussy can keep a man off the streets, but what about the fact that lame men don't do shit to keep women around? I guess it's okay for Nicki Minaj to perpetuate that lie.

P.S. I do agree with him on Lil Kim. Let's all pray that the Notorious K.I.M. find herself.

Positive New Programming That's Not Getting Enough Attention

Everyday I read some new comment complaining about the craziness of television programming. People complain that certain networks, such as BET, only portray negative images of blacks. People complain that Tyler Perry, who's one of the few with family programming on television, don't show families in a positive manner. There's always someone saying not enough shows are focused on bringing families together. However, when a new positive show comes on television everyone seems to neglect it.

The Diva Of Football Wives: Pilar Sanders (Inspirational Black Women)

She's a model, former actress, and co-founder of Prime Time Achievers, which is an summer camp that caters to helping young girls with self esteem. She's also the mother of five children and the wife of Deion Sanders. While she has a pretty busy life going on, she's also known to be a diva. This diva's name is Pilar Sanders.

While Mrs. Sanders has been seen on many televison shows, the cover of many magazines, and on many walkways lately she is known as a football wife on the VH1 show Football Wives. On this show she's shown  many inspirational qualities.

For instance she's showing future divas everywhere that there's nothing wrong with being a diva. During the very first episode of Football Wives she walked out of a prayer meeting. During another episode Chanita Foster, another football wife, told one of the other wives that Pilar would only show her one room at a time when she goes to her house. That's funny, but smart at the same time. It keeps people coming back to see what they didn't get to see before.

Pilar's biggest inspirational move on the show is her loner attitude. She proves that divas don't need friends (especially the kind that are constantly being mean). On the episode where she was on a boat she successfully separated herself from the other girls. On the episode where she invited the girls to go horseback riding she successfully walked away from an argument in which one of the other girls started. The other girl didn't like Pilar anyway, so she shouldn't have shown up.

Her biggest accomplishment in life has been keeping her age a secret. Every star aims to keep part of herself a secret and Pilar is doing that. On the show she told the  other women she was 28. Anyway in their right mind knows that's a lie. On one website it said she was 34, but I think that was written years ago. How old is she? Maybe it will stay her successful secret.

Pilar Sanders is truly an inspirational woman. If you have a "Pilar" attitude then take her advice. Be a diva, make sure to have only one or two friends, be the loner of the group, and keep part of your life a secret.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Nicki Minaj MTV Documentary: The Unanswered Questions

Recently MTV aired a documentary where Nicki Minaj gave a deeper insight into her life, her fans, doing features on albums, and working on her own album. Below are a few clips from the documentary and questions that popped up  in my mind while I was watching.

Who would try to take advantage of a Barbie? Why be so kind to help out others when it's time to just focus on yourself?

Ms. Minaj doesn't want to be a rapper turned actress, so what is she exactly? Is she a rapper or an actress? She didn't answer the question in the documentary. She avoided it with a joke. I once heard a saying... "You are what you do." So she knows who she is and what she's doing.

While in college I learned that you have to write to where people can understand you. So, is Nicki Minaj trying to get people to think deeper when it comes to her lyrics? Or does she believe she is making total sense?

There was another clip where Ms. Minaj spoke on her family experiences. She said her dad immediately started doing crack as soon as he arrived in the U.S. This meant he was strung out on drugs, couldn't keep a job, and had no money. Her mother worked so the family could have money. At an early age she lived with her grandmother.

Barbie is perfect. She has any job she wants, the man she wants, any car she wants, and lives anywhere she wants. The best thing about Barbie is she doesn't work for what she has. She's pretty so she just gets it. I'm wondering if that's why Nicki Minaj chooses to be Barbie.

Maybe this life isn't real to her. Maybe she's just putting on a role for her audiences (since she is an actress). Maybe Nicki Minaj doesn't consider her acting or rapping a job. It could just be another day in the life of her. Someone should ask her what kind of life is she really living. Is she the normal 25-year-old whose living out her ambitions. Or does she really see herself as a Barbie girl living in a Barbie world where cruelty only exists when there's an audiences cheering the cruelty on in a positive manner?

P.S. Maybe one day I'll get the chance to interview Nicki Minaj.

The full documentary can be viewed at http://mtv.com

R.I.P. Alysha Tann: Some People Take Argument's Too Far

Earlier I was browing http:/globalgrind.com when I passed up a story about a facebook beef in Arlington, Texas that ended in tragedy.

Apparently two girls, 19-year-old Alsysha Tann and 18-year-old Nikki Bogan, were fighting online and decided to settle their argument in person. Then the two girls got into a fistfight. When Bogan lost the fight she couldn't just end it. Instead she took her anger to a new level. She called upon her boyfriend, Darius Howard, and told him to shoot Tann. Tann and another person was shot. Unfortunately Tann died at the hospital.

Howard and Bogan are now being held in the Arlington jail. Howard is charged with murder and assault. Bogan is charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Tomorrow I'll have more on the subject of when it's time to kill an argument and move on.

R. Kelly Performs At The 2010 Soul Train Awards

Last night I had doubts about watching the 2010 Soul Train Awards, but the opening performance convinced me that it was a must.

R. Kelly was the opening performer and he sang his heart out. He took the audience back into the 90's, brought them to the present, went back in time again when he sang When A Woman Loves Bebop style. The best part of it all is he did it all live. There was absolutely no lip singing. Watch the performance below.

Bridalplasty (And Reality Television Gets Crazier)

Have you ever heard of men complaining that the woman they originally knew was not the same woman they married? Well, there's a new show on television that allows women to compete to change their appearance for their wedding day.

This show is called Bridalplasty. The show is about a competition between several brides. The winner of the show gets to have a plastic surgery make-over for her wedding day. Crazy, right? Well, these women are not only competing for plastic surgery. They also allow a plastic surgeon to point out every area on their body that he thinks they need work done at. The show is the craziest I've ever heard, but lets hope the winning bride's husband likes her make-over.

Chanita Foster (Inspirational Black Women)

Chanita Foster, the loud one on the show Football Wives, has spent the last couple of Sundays gracing the VH1 audience with her opinions.

In just a couple of weeks we've discovered that she can play sports just as well as her husband George Foster. We've also found out that she's a struggling mother (that was by accident) of 6 children and a few pets, works extra hard when in stress, and plays games to win. She also works with several charities in Swaziland, Africa. She also has degrees in Communications, Sports Marketing, and photography.

What makes Foster an inspiration is the lessons she has taught the VH1 audiences. One of her lessons was to play to win. This came during the episode where the women played golf. During the episode Foster told the other women that she doesn't play games for fun. She plays them to win.

Foster also taught the audience that a person is supposed to work until they can't work anymore. This came in episode four where Foster had to be rushed to the hospital for a terrible migraine. Before the migraine she'd been doing non-stop work. Some women would have thought about relaxing, but not Foster. It didn't occur to her to relax until the migraine came along.

Foster's biggest advice has been to speak your mind. In every episode if she has something to say she will say it. During the first show she got into an argument with Pilar. Since then she's expressed herself about many different issues. The only person she has avoided since the first episode is Pilar. Any other time she speaks her mind.

P.S. Pilar Sanders is going to be my next inspirational black woman.

Keri Hilson- The Way You Love Me (Official Video)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A White Man's Baby (Short Story)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 
Yesterday boredom kicked in and my creative mind started working. From it came this short story called "A White Man's Baby." Leave your comments on it please.

A White Man’s Baby
By Miss Too Sexy AKA Lashuntrice

“Everyone,” Shanice shouted from the kitchen as she poured drinks for us all. “I have an announcement to make.”
“Please tell me you are not marrying Trenton,” Krissy said as she rolled her eyes.
“No,” Shanice responded. “None of you ever give a girl a chance to respond before you jump to conclusions.” All five of us laughed, because she was right. It was our personalities and what had made each of us become good friends.
“What I’m trying to say is I left Trenton.” Shanice smiled as she handed each of us a Blue Hawaiian alcoholic drink.
“Well, let’s toast to that,” Mona spoke up. Shanice and Trenton had dated on an off for the last five years. During three of those years he’d cheated on her twice. During the last two years she’d cheated on him three times. “I’m glad you finally came to your senses and left him. He was no good anyway.”
“No good,” Candace, the youngest one of the group and also my sister, repeated.
“Absolutely no good,” I said as I finished up the chant.
“Well, Catrece how is your man doing?” Candace asked. Everyone looked at me and waited for me to answer. For the past six months I’d been seeing a guy name Roman. Roman was everything I ever wanted. He was intelligent, fun, and sexy. Picture Tyrese. Roman looked better. Together we brought life to India Arie’s song Brown Skin. However, things never moved passed the getting to know each other stage. Finally two days before he’d confessed that he wasn’t ready for a relationship, so we decided to be friends.
“Well,” I said, hating the fact that all eyes were on me. “We’re not together anymore. He told me he wasn’t ready for a relationship.”
“Aww,” everyone else said sadly.
“I’ve heard that one before,“ Krissy said. “It just means he was never that into you. He probably just liked the sex.” I blushed at the thought of having sex with Roman. It was always good.
“Why do these black men keep doing this to us?” Candace said. “All we ever do is try to be queens and go after our black kings, but they never want us.”
“Right,” Mona chimed in. “They always have something wrong with them. They’re never ready to commit.”
“And the older we get the more kids they have,” Krissy said.
“What do you mean?” We all looked at her.
“Trenton had a child by the first girl he cheated on me with,” she responded. “I think that was the downfall of our relationship.”
“And they all act like babies,” I added. Everyone looked at me, so I explained some more. “Roman didn’t know how to cook, clean dishes, do laundry, or pick out nice furniture for his place. I had to help with all of it.” Everyone else shook their heads at the thought of dealing with a black man that didn’t know how to do anything.
“Why don’t we just date guys in other races?” Candace asked. Everyone looked at her as if she’s spoken in a different language. “For real, we might meet better men. Lets try it out.”
“Okay,” we all agreed but Shanice threw out an important reminder.
“Candace and Catrece,” she looked at us both, “neither of you can get pregnant by a man of another color. You know how serious your family is about the paper bag test.”
“True,” I laughed. “There are no light skinned folks in my family. My parents would freak out if I brought home a white man and they’d die if I got pregnant by one.”
“But,” Candace brought us back to the point. “None of us are aiming for marriage or kids. We’re just trying to find a better man and that man could be of another color. You know they say we black women are way too picky and never consider doing stuff out of the norm.”
“Well,” Mona said. “I’m about to go find me a Mexican man.”
“Or maybe he’ll be Asian,” Krissy added.
“I’m going after a Puerto Rican,” Shanice said.
“Well Shanice, you might as well stay with black men,” I told her. “I think I’m going to do white men.”
“Do them?” Candace asked with a smile on her face.
“You know what I mean. Now lets do a toast to dating outside of our race.” We toasted and then changed the topic.


“Yo, this club is poppin,” Mike said. “And look at the girls. They are hot.”
“Man,” Chris looked at Mike and the other two guys he was with. Mike and Chris’s friend Harris were both white. While Chris’s roommate Steven was black. Chris was a mixture of Armenian and Dominican, but he always classified himself as black. “Don’t embarrass me. This is just a normal club. The only difference is the music.”
Chris looked around as he and his friends walked into the spot. The hip hop music was alright, but the women were sexy. They were all showing off their assets. Some of the women wore tight jeans and shirts that barely covered their cleavage while others came wearing one-piece bathing suits. However, unlike his friends he didn’t not get excited. He just stayed in a chill mode.
After 2 hours in the club each of the guys had danced with several girls, but none of them had received any numbers. Chris looked at his watch. It was 2 A.M., but the club was going to be open for another hour. He was ready to go, but his friends were still having lots of fun.
“Check out that girl over there,” Mike said. Chris and the rest of the guys looked over at the bar and spotted a cute dark skin girl. She looked to be about five foot two. Her hair was cut Halle Berry short and her yellow dress fit her curves perfectly. “She is hot.”
“Yeah, she is,” Chris said. The girl noticed them staring and proceeded to walk over. “She’s coming this way. No one do anything embarrassing.”
“Hello,” the girl said to the group. “See anything you like?”
“Yeah,” Mike said before anyone else could speak up. “You, what’s your name?”
“Catrece,” she responded.
“You’re beautiful,” I said trying to drag her attention to me. The rest of my friends were cool, but they were jerks. She looked as if she needed me in her life.
“Thanks,” she said and then turned her attention back to Mike. “How old are you?” she asked.
“25,” he said with a big silly grin on his face.
“Me too,” she said.
I wanted to let her know that I was also 25, but she didn’t seem to care about anything else I had to say.
“Can I get your number?” Mike asked. I was shocked that he would ask her that question. Out of all of us Mike had to be the lamest and rudest when it came  to how to treat women. Plus, she was no ordinary woman. She was black. She would chew him up and spit him out for his actions.
“Yeah, of course,” she responded. She pulled a piece of paper from her purse, wrote her number down, and gave it to him. I was shocked and annoyed.
“Let’s go,” I told everyone. They all laughed at me before she walked away.
“You’re jealous,” Steven said. I turned away from him and headed toward the exit. They were all still laughing at me.
“Keep laughing and you’ll be left at this club,” I said. The laughter finally stopped.
“Man,” Harris said. “Don’t be jealous of Mike. That girl was probably drunk anyway. She won’t remember when he finally calls.”
“Yes she will,” Mike said. “And when I get up in her Chris will be the first one I call.” They started laughing again. I rolled my eyes and proceeded to take everyone home.


“Hello,” I answered the phone in my drunkenness.
“Hey, is this Mike?”
“Yes,” I responded recognizing the voice. It was Catrece, the girl from the club.
“Can I see you?” she asked. I was shocked. I didn’t think the girl would really want to see me. She seemed to have been drunk or real tipsy at the club. Since it had only been an hour since I received her number and gave her mine she was probably still drunk.
“Yeah,” I said. “Where do you live?” She gave me her address. While I was drunk, I knew that driving to see her would make me sober up. Hell, getting lucky would force me to sober up for the time being.
“I’m on my way,” I said before hanging up. I forgot to say bye, but that didn’t matter. We would be reunited in a few minutes.


As I woke up, I grabbed my head. It felt as if it would explode. I slid out of the bed and walked into the bathroom. As I looked in the mirror I noticed I was wearing a t-shirt, but I could not remember changing out of my dress. My hair was a mess, but that could be fixed.
“OMG,” I said out loud as I tried to make myself look presentable. “What really happened last night?”
I grabbed the Aleve out of my cabinet and proceeded to walk toward to kitchen. However, before I made it out of the bedroom, I noticed a body on the other side of my bed. As I crept toward him the first thing that was noticeable was the fact that he was white. He wasn’t a cute white boy either. He looked like Eminem during the days where he rapped about wanting to kill his wife and mother.
"Hey,” I said trying to wake him up without scaring him. “Who are you and how did you get here?” My questions may have been too forward too soon, but I was curious.
“Hey,” he said realizing where he was. “How are you this morning? You were wild last night.”
“Hunh? What? Are you serious? If you don’t tell me who you are right now I will grab a knife, stab you and tell the cops it was self defense.”
“Mike,” he responded with a scared look on his face. “We exchanged numbers at the club last night. Then you called and invited me over.”
“Oh,” I said back. “Well, what happened?”
"Well,” he said as if he was thinking. “You wanted to have sex. I didn’t have a condom on me, but you didn’t care. We did it raw.” He smiled as he thought about it. I, on the other hand, ran to the bathroom and puked at the thought of letting him slide in me raw.
“You have to go,” I said. “Go and never ever ever ever call me.” He climbed out of the bed and gave me a confused look.
“Are you sure you don’t want to see me again? We can have a repeat of last night.”
“Get out,” I said.
I followed him as he walked to the front door. Once he was out I locked the bottom and top lock. Then I proceeded to the shower so I could scrub every part of my body clean. The thought of him made me want to scrub my skin off.
This was all my friends and sister’s fault. We’d made that stupid pledge to hook up with men outside of our race. I never even planned to follow through with it, but it happened.
For the rest of the day thoughts about what probably happened floated through my mind. Each time his face popped into my head I started to feel queasy all over again. Who knew that searching for the right man could get this bad? The girls would definitely want to know about this one, but they couldn’t. No one would find out. I was too embarrassed.


“Guess what,” Mike said before I could ask who was calling.
“What happened?” Since it was Mike I knew it had to either be something interesting or something crazy.
“Last night after the club I hooked up with that girl Catrece,” he excited said. I started to ask how, but he continued before I could speak. “She told me where she lived so I drover over there. I was still drunk, but that was an opportunity I wasn’t going to pass up.”
“You drove drunk?”
“Yeah, but that’s not important. When I arrived she was all over me. She wanted to have sex with me badly. I’m not surprised either, but of my sexy and charming ways. However, before we could do anything she passed out from drunkenness. I made sure she was still alive and changed her clothes so she could sleep more comfortably.”
“Man, you’re insane,” were the first words that slipped out of my mouth. “You just wanted to see what she looked like naked. How did she react one she woke up.”
“She was scared and threatened to stab me if I didn’t tell her what happened.” He laughed a little and then continued. “I then lied to her and told her that she let me hit it raw.”
“WOW,” I said laughing a little. “That girl is probably freaking out.”
“Yeah, ooh I got to go. Football games are about to start.”
He hung up before I could tell him bye. I imagined the beautiful black girl in the yellow dress and then pictured her freaking out because she couldn’t remember what happened. On one hand I felt sorry for her, but at the same time she chose the guy she wanted.


Three weeks went by without any thought of the nightmare, but it all seemed to come back to haunt me. It was a Saturday and I was hanging with Candace and Krissy at Krissy‘s house. Krissy was talking about her struggles as usual while Candace and I listened.
“Do you think it’s stupid that I went back to him?” Krissy asked.
“No,” Candace and I spoke at the same time. Actually I was thinking that she was stupid. She and Trenton had been on their rollercoaster ride for too long. They should have stayed broken up.
“It’s just I couldn’t do the dating outside of my race thing. I couldn’t date in my race. I’ve been in love with Trenton for too long.”
I looked at her as if she was insane. However, it wasn’t her words that were pissing me off. I’d been throwing up after every meal for the past couple of days. Every kind of food that was good for eating made me feel sick. Sometimes I even felt light headed.
“Are you okay?” Krissy asked. “You don’t seem happy at all.”
“I think I’m pregnant,” I blurted out because I was tired of keeping it to myself.  They both gave me shocked looks.
“But you haven’t been with anyone,” Candace finally responded. “Or have you? Is there something you haven’t told us?”
“If I’m pregnant the baby will come out yellow,” I said with my head held down. I couldn’t look at them, because of the looks on their faces.
“You hooked up with a high yellow dude?” Krissy asked.
“No,” I said feeling even more ashamed. “He was a white guy at a club. I don’t even remember his name anymore and I definitely don’t have his number.”
“Did you say white guy?” Candace asked. “Ooh, mom will be so mad at you.”
“Your mom is going to freak out,” Krissy said. “Not only is the baby going to come out light, but it will be mixed.” Krissy started laughing and it made me angry.
“It’s not funny,” I said. “Candace, you know how serious are family takes the paper bag test. It was used as discrimination back in the day. Now we take it as beauty.”
“But I didn’t laugh,” Candace responded.
“Catrece,” Krissy said. “Have you even taken a pregnancy test? You may not be pregnant. It could be food poisoning.” I looked at her with hope. “See, I’m trying to be positive.”
“Well, thanks,” I said. “It was cool being with you two, but I have to go. I have some errands to run and maybe it will take my mind off of this problem.”
“Bye,” they said at the same time.
“Call me once you’re sure,” Candace said right before I walked out of the door.


“WOW,“ Krissy said. “Candace your sister is really upset.”
“I know,” I replied.
I felt sorry for my sister. She really seemed devastated over this pregnancy situation. However, if she was pregnant our family would chastise her. One of our cousins had a baby a few years ago and the baby came out light. Everyone looked at her with disgust until the baby started gaining color. Then our cousin and her baby were happily accepted back into the family circle.
My parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents didn’t even like light skinned black people. They blamed it on my grandparents and great grandparents not being able to join sororities and fraternities because of their skin color. It was a shame, because I found light skinned men attractive.


“Hey,” I called out to the girls in the blue jeans and pink t-shirt. “I remember you.” She stared at me confused. When I took a good look at her I realized she had been crying. “Are you okay?”
“Yes,” she said. “Where do you remember me from?”
“A club a couple weeks ago,” I said. “You and one of my friends exchanged numbers.” She seemed to get a little more excited at the mention of my friend.
“WOW,” she said. “I never thought I’d hear mention of him again. What’s your name?”
“Chris,” I said. “Are you sure you’re okay? You seem sad.”
“Well,” she responded, “if you must know I’ve been feeling sick the last couple of days and I think it’s because of your friend. He may have gotten me pregnant.”
At the mention of possibly being pregnant I started laughing. I didn’t mean to, but his story of what happened ran through my mind.
“What’s so funny?” she said angrily. I stopped laughing, because although she was a small girl she looked as if she could still beat me up.
“You’re not pregnant by my friend,” I said with a smile.
“How do you know?”
“He told me what happened between you two,” I told her. “Do you want to know what happened?”
“Yeah,” she responded.
“He said he showed up to your house and you were drunk. Then you passed out on him. Then when you asked him what happened he lied because that’s the kind of guy he is. He lies to make things sound more interesting or to piss people off more.”
“Wow,” she said.
“Yeah,” I responded. “Could another man be the father?” I asked even though she probably would not respond.
“No,” she said. “My friends suggested it might be food poisoning. I did eat Chinese food a couple days ago.”
“Well,” I said trying to make conversation, “do you have any pans for the rest of the day?” As crazy as this girl’s situation was I didn’t want to leave her. She was too pretty to be left alone.
“Not at all,” she said looking at me. I could tell that she was finally checking me out. “Do you?”
“Not at all,” I repeated her words. “Let’s go grab something to eat.
“Okay,” she said.
“Are you cool with me driving? I’ll drop you back off at your car.”
“Yes, I’m cool with that,” she responded and we left.


I wanted to tell my friends the good news, but Chris was such a gentleman that I couldn’t just abandon him. We went out to eat at Boudreaux’s. The food was delicious and I didn’t feel sick afterward.
It was odd. I’d been sick for the last coupe of days. The food poisoning or whatever it is was obviously gone. I didn’t get sick after eating at the restaurant. In fact I felt great. Maybe it was all in my mind the whole time or maybe it was Chris that made it all better.
I later found out that Chris wasn’t exactly black. He was mixed with Dominican and Armenian. However, I was happy that he wasn’t white. I was very happy that I didn’t have to end up with a white man or his baby.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The One You Call by Keke Palmer (Music Video)

Keke Palmer has a new song, The One You Call, out from her upcoming album. Check out the music video below.

Kirko Bangz- They Be Yellin (Music Video)

The sexy Kirko Banz has a new music video out called "They Be Yellin." Check it out below.

Step Away From The Hand That Knocks You Out (Karrine Steffans Interview With Vibe)

Karrine Steffans, aka Superhead, has stirred up lots of controversy over the years. She rose to fame by being a video vixen and sleeping with a countless amount of men. However, fame couldn't force her to forget the abuse that she received as a child. It also couldn't keep her from continuing to endure more abuse as an adult.

Recently Steffans did an open letter interview with Vibe Magazine about how she's still being abused.

On Being A Victim
I’ve been a victim of abuse all my life –– literally, for as long as I can remember. It is my norm. Whereas most people would run in the other direction the moment someone physically, emotionally, or mentally abuses them –– I stay.

It’s a sickness and just when I think I am cured, the cancer spreads.

On Receiving Support
I have found little support from my friends and family because I complain, and I cry, then I go back for more. I go back knowing that, one day, he’ll kill me but he’s all I have. He’s the only one who understands because he’s stuck in this cycle, too.

On Still Loving Him
I love him though it pains me to admit. It sickens me to know that I will return to him in an instant and that the next time could be the last time and that breath, my last breath. Still, I hold out hope that one day we’ll learn how to love one another without pain. I pray that those who look on with smirks and judgments know one thing –– domestic violence is very real and, at times, very final.

 Because of her reputation Steffans receives a lot more criticism than support. However, in situations like this it's best to start offering more support. Remember it could be you. So if you know anyone, such as Steffans, that is in a domestic violence situation help them get out of it. Let them know that loves doesn't hurt and love definitely doesn't kill.

I put up a status about this on facebook and the first thing someone said was that she probably just likes bad boys. In reality we don't look for bad boys to hit us. We look for them to protect us, because they have a rough appearance. We need to stop coming up with reasons as to why the girl may be with the boy that continues to use her face as a punching bag. If you're one of those people stop judging and help.

For the full article go to http://vibe.com
Conact the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at (800) 799-7233 you are or know someone that is in a domestic violence situation.

Perfectly Different by Karina Pasian

It's amazing how music can say what you have a hard time telling others. In the years that I've been on the hunt for my perfect man every time something has gone wrong I've always had friends that told me he wasn't good enough for me. If the guy was good then a friend would say he wasn't compatible with me. However, what they haven't understood is I don't mind dealing with a guy that's not exactly like me. I don't even mind dealing with a guy that's not good enough for me. His difference wouldn't matter as long as he was perfect in my eyes. 

That's why I love this song, Perfectly Different, by Karina Pasian. It's beautiful and describes exactly how love should be. Check out the music video below. 

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Girls Fall Like Dominoe's-- Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has a new song called Girls Fall Like Dominoes, which is off her debut album Pink Friday. I have to give Nicki her props on this one. She finally went hard on one of her own songs.

Pink Friday is in stores today.

Jealous Of Willow Smith (2010 American Music Awards)

Picture via Necolebitchie.com 
Last night Willow Smith showed up at the 2010 American Music Awards dressed like the 9-year-old fashion diva she is. Ever since Willow premiered her Whip My Hair video she's had young and old fans dying to be just like her.

Well, I can't help but admit I'm jealous of this little diva. Yes, I'm jealous of a 9-year-old. She fabulous and I try to be fabulous. She's plays with real microphones and gets on stages and sings in front of millions of people. When I was her age I played by myself. She's wearing those boots and I don't have any shoes that are that cute.

Actually I'm really mad at my parents. I could have been a 9-year old diva writer, but they brushed off my talent as just a hobby. Now at 24 they're forcing me to be jealous of kids. Now I know how Kathy Griffin felt when she said her mom didn't give her the childhood she deserved. (P.S. Kathy Griffin was referring to the one that involved possibly sticking her in every child beauty pageant ever created.)

Rihanna On The American Music Awards Red Carpet

Image via necolebitchie.com 
Last night Rihanna showed up on the American Music Awards read carpet in all red everything. She's really making sure red is worn to it's fullest capability. She also showed off some dance moves on the stage. Check out the video below.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Underground Female MC's~ Lola Monroe

Although at least one Lola Monroe video has graced 106 and Park, she's still underground and she has a new video out. Check it out below.

Overtime-- Lola Monroe ft. Trina

Sunday Reflections (Young Fun Times Are Over)

Recently I was thinking about the club scene. The club scene always seems flashy, exciting, and overall fun. However, I can count on one hand the amount of times I hit up a club this year. My last club scene appearance was at Club Metropolis in Houston earlier this year. That was also my only club appearance in Houston. Then last night I got a call from my (so far) only hangout buddy in this city. She told me that because of her living situation we won't be able to go out any more at night.

That phone call was devastating. It meant that I would not have anyone to hit up any clubs, bars, or unfamiliar places with. It also means I would not be hitting up any of the places anymore since only dumb girls go to the club by themselves. However, then it occurred to me that maybe it's time to put away all of the party energy. Maybe it's time to be strictly business. 

The problem with this is when I think back over the years I feel as though I've put off having fun a lot. At 18 when I moved out of my parents house and off to college I discovered freedom. However, along with that freedom came hard work and excessive stress. I always thought later on the "real" good times would come. Well, now it seems as though the good times that I've barely had are trying to end. 

It's too bad because I'm only 24. It's also too bad because I still had plans to hit up a lot of clubs, some jazz spots, poetry spots, and nice grown-up chill spots. Some of these clubs include Metropolis (again), The House of Blues, the i-Bar (even though I heard it was ghetto), and shhhh Sundays at the Sneak Lounge. The flyer for Sneak Lounge is shown above. 

One the other hand I'm still young and I'm taking applications for new hangout buddies. If you're in Houston hit me up. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

He's Mine... (Poem)

(Disclaimer: I felt like writing about love and this came out. Enjoy)
He's Mine 
By Miss Too Sexy

Every morning when I wake up I look for his text 
And if there's none I listen for his phone call
Whenever I get online I look for his profile
Could he still be on Myspace?
Is he on facebook?
Or has he joined the world of tweeters constantly grasping for attention?
Every time I step out the door I'm constantly looking out for him
Hoping he doesn't pass me by
Hoping he's looking for me too
Was he the man that walked past me in the grocery store?
Or could he have been that man that approached me in the club?
Sometimes when I do laundry I imagine an extra load that's not mines
And sometimes I cook for two knowing I can't eat all that food
But for a day or two the food sits in the refrigerator
And like a kid sitting out cookies for Santa Clause
I hope he smells it and comes running to my door to claim his plate
Some may call my actions obsessive 
But I've been waiting for a man to call mine for a long time
Met a few over the years
But as quickly as the came, they were gone
So now I'm waiting for a man to call my own
Maybe he'll approach me
Or maybe I'll make the first move
All I know is he'll be mine

Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj Beef (Comparisons Between The Two)

Comparisons Between The Two And Who's Really The Best

Music Playlist at MixPod.com
Lil Kim
“I will erase this b*tch’s social security number, first of all I don’t even need a record right now and I’d kill that b*tch with my old sh*t. My records ain’t just enter the charts, they made history. WTF is this bullsh*t, this sh*t come and go.”

Nicki Minaj
You know what scares people? Success. When you don’t make moves and you don’t climb up the latter, everybody loves you because you’re not competition. I feel like, you are going to go down in history now as a sore loser, as opposed to going down in history as the Queen.

Sometime either late last year or earlier this year a beef sprung up between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim. From any onlooker it may seem as if Lil Kim just came out of thin air with hateful words, but Nicki Minaj had been trying to anger Lil Kim (or any other female rapper) for a long time. 

Itty Bitty Piggy

The craziest thing about this beef is during Nicki Minaj's start it was as though she was idolizing Lil Kim. She did everything she could (with the exception of the disses) to be the 21st century Lil Kim-look-a-like. She used  the underwear posed. As slutty as it looks, it works for a female rapper who's constantly spitting sexual lyrics. She took the colorful wig idea, although no one can do the wigs better than Lil Kim. She took the heavy make-up. Well, on the other hand every female in the entertainment industry wears too much make-up. Then Nicki Minaj went a step further and hopped on songs that previously had Lil Kim's voice. 

Freaky Gurl song
Jump Off

However, taking Lil Kim's parts in songs and rapping them better wasn't enough for Nicki Minaj. Everyone knew that back in the day B.I.G was Lil Kim's man. Well, since Nicki could not rap with him she decided to take one of his songs and make a music video to it. By the way this is before she started medically/surgically enhancing herself. 


When Lil Kim started off her career she was the Queen Bee. Her competition at the time was Foxy Brown, but their styles were so different they didn't need controversy. Lil Kim was just an original and she still is. Until this day Lil Kim can be known as a female rapper who paved the way for others, such as Nicki Minaj, to be able to express themselves in any way possible. 

Nicki Minaj started off her career as a replica of Lil Kim. Then she slowly started to diss Kim. Maybe it was because of the comparison or maybe it was because Nicki thought that was the only way she could advance her career further.

 The difference between Nicki and Kim is Nicki started off as a Barbie. Now she's advanced into a character. From day to day no one knows what Nicki will say when she opens her mouth. While her bi-polar act is hot now, soon audiences across the world will eventually get tired of her. 

Another problem is Nicki hasn't made anything that will be worth playing 5 to 10 years from now. Lil Kim's career may have started in 1996, but her songs are still very relevant in society. Lil Kim recently stated that she would kill Nicki Minaj with her old music. Well, actually she has because Nicki has tried to take Kim's old music and make it sound better. 

Lil Kim is a legend in the rap game and Nicki Minaj has clearly worshipped her career. Recently Nicki made remarks saying that Kim is going down in history as a sore loser and not the Queen. Well, Nicki is wrong. Lil Kim has already gone down in history as the Queen. 

Quotes via @ necolebitchie.com
First Picture via @ hellobeautiful.com 

Poor Pussy Management

Yesterday I watched this video and fell out laughing. It's about how pussy rules the world, but the penis can have mind control over the pussy. Really you have to watch for yourself.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tyrese Has A Book Coming Out Soon

How To Get Out of Your Own Way is the title of Tyrese's book, which will hit shelves in June of 2011. According to Tyrese it will be a biography, motivational book, and  inspirational book. To the right is the cover. It looks nice.

(Information via Tyrese's twitter)

Trey Songz Is Confident About His Sex Skills

Recently Trey Songz talked to Chelsea Handler about tour experiences and his sex game. Watch below.

Keri Hilson Covers Jones Magazine

Keri Hilson is on the cover of the winter issue of Jones Magazine. Below is some behind the scenes footage of her getting ready.

Standing Out Physically (Starting Life Over)

As I get older I care about how society views me more. That is why I always try to stay on point. In the photo above I'm rocking my favorite boots, which came from Wet Seal a year ago, and my favorite pink shirt. I also have on the red lipstick to show that I am a diva.

While my wardrobe is important I purposely positioned myself in a business chair located in front of a computer. Every serious writer is always around a computer.

Blue Hawaiian (Photography Girl)

One part of my transition into the real world is to continue to do what I love, so every chance I get I photograph new things. Yesterday was one of those photography moments.

I was at a friend's house and she wanted to make alcoholic drinks. The drink she chose for her mother and I was a Blue Hawaiian. Below is what the drink looked like on paper and what she managed to create.

On paper

The finished product

I loved the drink.

Indented In The Mind

The title describes an unforgettable thing that happened to me yesterday. It was a surreal moment in time, a scary  moment, a moment that one of my friends also witnessed.

See what happened was I put a dent in the back of my car. The picture to the right is what it looks like. As much as I'd like to give you the juicy descriptions, the descriptions are not that juicy. There were no other cars involved. I didn't back up at a fast speed into any large signs. I didn't hit anyone. Instead there was only a curve and a CVS pharmacy sign.

The actual hitting of the curb was not bad at all. I felt it enough to stop before driving over the curb. However, the dent is indented in my mind forever because it's the first dent I ever put in a car.

P.S. Initially the feeling was not so bad. Then panic consumed me because of what my parents might say. I was also afraid, because as little as this was something was could have happened. I was actually nervous about driving, but this is grown-up activity and I am supposed to be a grown-up now.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Streetz- Is You Ready To Die? (Street Music)

As much as I love my main stream music, I love to listen to a little bit of everything. A few minutes ago I checked my twitter and someone had sent me a link to a song called "Is You Ready To Die." The title scared me a little, but then I listened to the song.

The rapper's name is Streetz and the song sounds like something that definitely gets played in the streets and not on the radio.

Check it out.

Being Inspired By Running Russell Simmons

"Things turn out the best for those who make the best out of the way things turn out"-- Russell Simmons

Last night I watched the show Running Russell Simmons. I've been tuning in ever since it started three weeks ago. It's a little cheesy, but I like how the focus of the show is on the women.

As I've watched the show one thing has really stood out to me. That is the interns. While Simmons' interns seem to be smart, they are also a bit lazy. If I was in their position I know I could do a lot more. I'd be working extra hard just because I'd be working for one of the biggest names in the entertainment and fashion industry. This brings me to my next point.

I worked hard throughout my years in college. In fact I worked hard for my degree. Recently I realized that it's been six months since I've graduated. That means it's been six month since I haven't had classes and six months since I've been able to feel financially secure. As of now I'm broke and still applying for jobs.

One thing that I continuously struggle with is focusing on one thing at a time. That is why I love writing. Writing allows my mind to wander from topic to topic. That is also why one of my goals I set this year was to blog every day. Since writing is my passion and ultimate goal I had to figure out a way to discipline my to do it without someone giving me a topic.

However, since I don't have the official title as reporter yet and it's not as simple as applying for a reporting job, I need cash to come from somewhere else. That is why I'm setting another goal. For the past couple of months I've been submitting my resume to a minimum wage every now and then. It was something that I did just to say I did it, but lately I've realized I need one of those jobs. In fact that's my main focus now.

So the goal is to get a job somewhere (anywhere) by the Monday after Thanksgiving. This gives me a week and a half to hustle. Wish me luck.

P.S. The job search can be very depressing, but I know I'm not the only one going through this.

Reporter Shawn Robinson Goes On The MoNique Show and Talks About Book

Last night reporter Shawn Robinson was on the MoNique Show. While there she advised anyone looking up to her to not try to be like her. Instead she said that everyone should aim to make themselves better.

Miss Robinson has a book out now called Exactly As I Am. In the book women offer advice on to help girls believe in themselves. I haven't read it yet, but it's about to be added to my collection soon. If the link to look at it from here doesn't work go to www.amazon.com to check it out.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pole Fitness Will Be Gracing A New Magazine Soon

Are you bored with your regular workout? Have you ever considered pole dancing? Are you curious about others who love to pole dance? Did you know that there are pole dancing championships?

Those are just a few questions that Pole Spin, a new pole dancing magazine will answer. I'm interested in reading it.

Q & A and Other Games On Facebook... What's The Point In Them?

At one point in time thoughts and private questions were left to wander in the minds of the curious people. However, over the years social networks have found ways for people to air out their dirty laundry and secret desires without fear of what others may think.

The first way was the honesty box. A person would post the honesty box on their profile and receive anonymous questions and statements. The problem with that is many people took the honesty box too far. The stuff being sent ranged from secret crushes to death threats and the sender had nothing to worry about because they were anonymous. 

Well then a new game came along to make it easier for the readers. This was form spring. Form spring gave the options of whether a person wanted to hide their identity or not. Many people rushed to play it the same way they'd gotten hooked to the honesty box. The hype of the game died down soon because a person's curiosity only goes so far. 

However, a few days ago a new game hit the scene. It's called The Q & A Game. For this game people ask questions in a person's inbox and that person answers on their facebook status. It's the same as the other two games, except it's better. A person knows who is asking the questions or even making the statements in this game. The person also gets the privilege to air out their dirty laundry without the rest of the world knowing who they are referring to. Well, if you just happen to know all of someone's business you probably do know who they are talking about. 

As interesting as all of these games have been, what are they really promoting? For some I think they are just promoting a boost of confidence. For example, when reading many q & a statuses it's seemed as if a lot of people have made up questions just to have answers to put up. Actually one of my friends told me that her first status was made up just so she could get others to realize she was in the game. 

These games are also promoting self awareness. Everyone wants to feel important, so these games allow that. For example several people learned that someone they had not seen in at least 5 years had crushes on them back in the day. Several men/women also learned that people of the opposite sex were wondering if they ever had a chance of having sex with them.

The biggest thing these games promote is fun. Remember when you were little and you played outside for hours just because you wanted to run, jump, or even be in the sun. The games are grown-ups ways of 'being in the sun.' Even the people who weren't playing them were getting some kind of joy from watching others play.