Monday, November 22, 2010

Jealous Of Willow Smith (2010 American Music Awards)

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Last night Willow Smith showed up at the 2010 American Music Awards dressed like the 9-year-old fashion diva she is. Ever since Willow premiered her Whip My Hair video she's had young and old fans dying to be just like her.

Well, I can't help but admit I'm jealous of this little diva. Yes, I'm jealous of a 9-year-old. She fabulous and I try to be fabulous. She's plays with real microphones and gets on stages and sings in front of millions of people. When I was her age I played by myself. She's wearing those boots and I don't have any shoes that are that cute.

Actually I'm really mad at my parents. I could have been a 9-year old diva writer, but they brushed off my talent as just a hobby. Now at 24 they're forcing me to be jealous of kids. Now I know how Kathy Griffin felt when she said her mom didn't give her the childhood she deserved. (P.S. Kathy Griffin was referring to the one that involved possibly sticking her in every child beauty pageant ever created.)

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