Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Q & A and Other Games On Facebook... What's The Point In Them?

At one point in time thoughts and private questions were left to wander in the minds of the curious people. However, over the years social networks have found ways for people to air out their dirty laundry and secret desires without fear of what others may think.

The first way was the honesty box. A person would post the honesty box on their profile and receive anonymous questions and statements. The problem with that is many people took the honesty box too far. The stuff being sent ranged from secret crushes to death threats and the sender had nothing to worry about because they were anonymous. 

Well then a new game came along to make it easier for the readers. This was form spring. Form spring gave the options of whether a person wanted to hide their identity or not. Many people rushed to play it the same way they'd gotten hooked to the honesty box. The hype of the game died down soon because a person's curiosity only goes so far. 

However, a few days ago a new game hit the scene. It's called The Q & A Game. For this game people ask questions in a person's inbox and that person answers on their facebook status. It's the same as the other two games, except it's better. A person knows who is asking the questions or even making the statements in this game. The person also gets the privilege to air out their dirty laundry without the rest of the world knowing who they are referring to. Well, if you just happen to know all of someone's business you probably do know who they are talking about. 

As interesting as all of these games have been, what are they really promoting? For some I think they are just promoting a boost of confidence. For example, when reading many q & a statuses it's seemed as if a lot of people have made up questions just to have answers to put up. Actually one of my friends told me that her first status was made up just so she could get others to realize she was in the game. 

These games are also promoting self awareness. Everyone wants to feel important, so these games allow that. For example several people learned that someone they had not seen in at least 5 years had crushes on them back in the day. Several men/women also learned that people of the opposite sex were wondering if they ever had a chance of having sex with them.

The biggest thing these games promote is fun. Remember when you were little and you played outside for hours just because you wanted to run, jump, or even be in the sun. The games are grown-ups ways of 'being in the sun.' Even the people who weren't playing them were getting some kind of joy from watching others play. 

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