Sunday, February 19, 2017

Can't No Woman, Woman Like Me (Searching For My Star's Book Feature)

by Jessica Gallion 

I recently saw this beautiful book title with a very personal cover float through my Instagram timeline. It's called "Can't No Woman, Woman Like Me," and it's definitely on my list of books to read soon. Check out the description below:

I always thought being a woman meant being a symbol of strength, perpetual confidence, and just having it all together. I am not that. I am random breakdowns, praying in the car with tears, and "where the hell are my keys?" A cast iron pot greased in beautiful uglies over open flame, resilient and bold enough to get up and fight again another day. This book of poetry speaks to all the roses growing between cracked pavement, blooming in the sun yet never thirsty I am a Creole woman, born in Louisiana raised in Los Angeles, bayou boogie and back alley in yo face. "What am I" is a question I have been asked at least once every single day. It's amazing how being blended with everything can make you an outcast everywhere. These poems reflect everything I have been called, answered to and self diagnosed as. Can't No Woman, Woman Like Me is Ruby red lip stick kisses, hot sauce on home fried catfish and "who you think you talking to" 18k gold big hoop earrings. It's a "my mama told yo grandma" recipe of raw reflections in single motherhood, growing pains, love, heartbreak and self discovery.

Purchase your copy on Amazon here

I Felt Like A 2017 Aaliyah

I don't think myself as a model. Deep down in my mind I'm a writer waiting for people to notice. However, on social media people tend to notice pictures more than anything. So for Valentine's Day I did a mini photoshoot inside of my dining room area. The outfit in the pictures came from Fashionova and it made me feel like a 2017 version of the singer Aaliyah.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

One Day We Will Be The Black History Others Celebrate And Study

Lately I've been doing less writing and more dreaming. I've been promoting a lot more of myself and a lot less of others. I've been trying to convince others that I'm just as great as the people they admire.


Because one day there will be someone my age. It could be next year, 20 years from now, or even 50 years from now. They'll be studying their black history, or possibly looking up the black authors of the last few years that have released good writing that touches their soul like I did when I was younger. One of my experiences involved a book that featured short stories from black authors that started from the 60's to the present. They'll research and they will find me.

In "Woman Manifested: A Poetic Tale," they'll get an idea of a young single woman's development into society in the early 21st century. They'll read a book that shows how some people approached family, friendships, and intimate relationships during this time period. However, from reading this book they'll also know why there will be big gaps in our history. In the introduction I wrote about how my great grandma's life was not documented for anyone to research. See this is important because we're just learning about the women of Hidden Figures, which means our grandchildren and great grandchildren will be uninformed about so much.

This is my start, but one day it'll be someone's black history. It's the same for you.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Khalid's Song "Location" and My Inspired Writing

I was inspired and wrote three different poems from listening to this song. 

Poem One 
At times I wonder why I fool with you
The stupid shit you do
Like tell me that you’re interested in me
For some reason my body has you infatuated
And I’ve gave you a chance
In your dreams, I can please you just right
But in reality, for some reason you hold back
My mind you claim you want to explore
But you always disappear before you can get to know more
How long am I supposed to wait?
1 week, 2 months, 3 years, or more?
Because you’ve been playing this game for a while now
Sending your thoughts to my social media messages
Telling me we should meet up
But you never follow through
At this point you’re really just a fan
So you can watch me
You can read mind when I pour my deepest thoughts into a poem
But keep your phone number to yourself
There’s no focusing on communication
And I’ll never invite you through

Poem 2
At times I wonder why I fool with you, the stupid shit you do; Like be too busy to respond to my phone calls, or have me wondering if my texts ever went through, or just not even show up when you promised you’d be here, and even have me questioning if I’m good enough. Because while you’re telling me that I’m beautiful, you’re only acting like this because you like me, and the depth of my mind has the power to hold your attention, you also find time to be with some other girl, stroking her ego, lying to her and telling her she’s your world. So we need to stop the communication. No, we can’t find a location to meet up and work this through. 

Poem 3

At times I wonder why I fool with this, this stupid love shit. It drive my mind wild, can never just be happy or sad, always confused, and breathless. And I always feel new to this, so not used to this. Like I’ve never felt myself falling, but instead of hard concrete, or carpet that might hurt, it’s a special someone that might not be there to catch me. Never just sat back and waited for the phone calls. You were thinking about me? Of course you can come over right now. Never let anyone walk all over my heart like you. Lonely nights. Days where the realization hit; I wasn’t on your mind.  What happened? It was just an infatuation, the minute we had sex you had gotten what you wanted, or you thought I might be the one until the one for you actually came along. And just when I start to get over you, there’s another you waiting for his turn to start up the communication and plan locations of where we’ll meet up… until he gets tired and moves on as well.