Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Due to school work and other distractions I was not able to put up a school lesson of the week on Sunday so...
The lesson of the week is...There are always distractions.

Everyone once in a while Toni Braxton comes out with a new album. Well, she back again and the song of the week is...
Yesterday (featuring Chris Brown)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Smooth (IBW)

Lots of singers are supported when they make love songs, but not enough get support for sex songs. That is why my latest inspirational black woman is...

Smooth (real name Juanita Stokes) was a popular singer in the 90's. She is the daughter of Irene Stokes and younger sister of Chris Stokes. She started performing under the name DJ Smooth. Her first album did not do well on record charts. This did not stop Smooth though.

(Smooth and R&B teen sensation Aaliyah were pioneers in the use of jail bait gimmicking. Jail bait gimmicking is performing explicit material while underage. This technique was used for Smooths second album.)

She then came out with a second album, which was more sexually charged. The song featured on this album was "Mind Blowin." While the song was popular (reaching #7 on billboard charts) the CD did not sell well. After this Smooth signed with a different record label.

In 1998 Smooth came out with a third album. This album did not sell well either, but her most famous song "Strawberries" was the single that came from it. I'm sure a lot of babies were made from that song.

Smooth's career has not looked pretty. She was criticized before she was even an adult. Some said she was growing up too fast because of the raunchiness in her video "Mind Blowin." Others criticized her mom's parenting. I don't care about any of those criticisms.

In fact, Smooth is inspirational because she had to deal with those criticisms. She was told she was too sexual for her age, but continued to make sexual songs. While she continued to make sexual songs, her albums were not selling. She still continued. Plus, she had to deal with the fact that her brother's male group were becoming popular (Ex: Immature).

One more thing makes Smooth inspirational. If no one remembers any of her albums, she can positively know that no one will forget the songs "Mind Blowin" or "Strawberries."

And now both music videos will be put up and the songs can be found on the side of the page.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

School Lessons- Last Minute Caring

Your problems are never important unless your life is at risk. An example is the hospital. To be treated as soon as possible in a hospital you have to have had a heart attack, be facing a near death experience, or dripping blood everywhere.

And now the song of the week is:

Coolio Gangsta's Paradise

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Pedal For My Thoughts

Collaborative Poem
By Lashuntrice Bradley and Jerome Turner

A Pedal For My Thoughts

He loves me?
One pedal falls
He loves me not?
Then goes the second pedal
He loves me?
As I pick another pedal off the flower
The question plays
Over and over in my mind
He’s never given me an answer
But I never ask him
For fear that I’ve been wasting my time
So I pretend that there is something there
True love hidden under a brick wall
Just waiting to be broken down
And I feed him with
My love, affection, and time
Give him more attention
Than he deserves
Then give him space
In hope that while we are apart
He’s thinking about me
How much he cares about me
And doesn’t want to lose me
But as I get to the last pedal
I pause
Afraid to pull it
Because although the answer is clear
I’m not ready for reality to hit
So I play the role of Snow White
And while he and the rest of the world
Persists to move on
I keep dreaming
and going back to the question of
whether he loves me
Because surely the answer cannot be NOT
The picture shows clearly I’m in love
But unsure about the other party
Pedals seem to be my analogy for
Dealing with the reality of it all
But the truth is that he may not come back
Should I consider my other options
Or should I wait around and mope
Time will be the judge
Am I to wait on someone that
Doesn’t want to be waited for
A pedal from a flower, my analogy, how ironic…

Monday, November 9, 2009

IBW (Nicki Minaj)

Recently I heard that Mya had a new song out called "Poytail." It's been a while since Mya's came out with any music so I had to check it out. When I listened to the song I discovered a new (refreshingly familiar sounding) rapper. This rapper is Nicki Minaj.
Nicki Minaj is...

*Nicki Lewinsky

*Nicki the Ninja

*Nice Nipples Nicki

*Black Hannah Montana

*Drake's wife

But most importantly...
A female rap artist that has "single handedly annihilated" every other female rap artists by copying the styles of females artists such as Lil Kim and Trina. Many would say she copies Trina more than anyone else.

If any proof is needed that Nicki is copying the styles of others it can be found in her songs. She calls herself a bad bitch and says she lives by the slogan "Pussy By Any Means". Clearly from her first song to her last Minaj does not change up her style (and by style I mean she continues to bring focus on her body in every lyric).

Nicki Minaj not only uses her sexuality to sell herself. She is depending on Lil Wayne to form her image. Who wouldn't listen to a artist that Lil Wayne backs up?

Honestly she may not sound like an inspirational black woman. She has Asian in her so she barely looks black...But Nicki Minaj is inspirational because she puts everything out on the line, is becoming famous off of what has already been done multiple times, and has no shame.

Now to listen to one of her songs...
Ponytail by Mya featuring Nicki Minaj
(this can also be found on the side of the page under song of the week)

(Disclaimer: Each nickname and the quotes can be found in one of her songs)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

School Lessons- Kissing Game

A couple days ago I was having a discussion with my roommate and a few other people. Somehow our discussion went to sex and relationships. We all agreed that sex is not the most important part of the when it comes to intimacy. Kissing is more important. Kissing creates a connection between two people that sex can never match.

That is why the song of the week is..
Kissing Game by Hi Five

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good Deeds

Sometimes good deeds are just good deeds. There's nothing special for them and there's no reward for doing them.

Monday, November 2, 2009


I let it all out
Allowed myself
To become emotionally distraught
But it was not an easy task
The first tear struggled
Feared going down my cheeks
Fought hard
Cause it was afraid of feeling weak
Was taught everyone goes through hard times
But in no one’s hard time
Should it feel any reason to appear
Cause tears show fears
And tears says a person is not ready
Cause tears only appear
When a person breaks under pressure
But because I was already broken
The tear could not fight my emotions
It fell
Slowly at first
Cause like I was feeling lonely
It was too
And although it knew
It could not erase all my hurt
It was determined to try its hardest
But I didn’t want that tear to suffer
So while I chose to cry alone
I decided to give it some company
So a second tear fell
And then a third tear
Then more started coming
So fast I lost count
And before long
I was an emotional wreck
Could not stop the tears from coming
Until they were ready to stop
And by the end I didn’t feel better
But the pain was gone
Replaced with an empty feeling
But I already knew the feeling was coming
Because I’ve cried before
And it’s always the same result
But sometimes the result does not matter
Which is why yesterday I allowed the tears to leave my eyes
Wet my cheeks
Soak my face
Encompass my mind
Take hold of my emotions
Just flow
It’s why
Yesterday I cried

School Lessons- Unfound

Sometimes things happen and we find ourselves looking for the reason why. We try to find a meaning in disappointments and happy times, but really there is no meaning. Sometimes we just have to learn to accept and embrace what happens and then move on.