Monday, November 9, 2009

IBW (Nicki Minaj)

Recently I heard that Mya had a new song out called "Poytail." It's been a while since Mya's came out with any music so I had to check it out. When I listened to the song I discovered a new (refreshingly familiar sounding) rapper. This rapper is Nicki Minaj.
Nicki Minaj is...

*Nicki Lewinsky

*Nicki the Ninja

*Nice Nipples Nicki

*Black Hannah Montana

*Drake's wife

But most importantly...
A female rap artist that has "single handedly annihilated" every other female rap artists by copying the styles of females artists such as Lil Kim and Trina. Many would say she copies Trina more than anyone else.

If any proof is needed that Nicki is copying the styles of others it can be found in her songs. She calls herself a bad bitch and says she lives by the slogan "Pussy By Any Means". Clearly from her first song to her last Minaj does not change up her style (and by style I mean she continues to bring focus on her body in every lyric).

Nicki Minaj not only uses her sexuality to sell herself. She is depending on Lil Wayne to form her image. Who wouldn't listen to a artist that Lil Wayne backs up?

Honestly she may not sound like an inspirational black woman. She has Asian in her so she barely looks black...But Nicki Minaj is inspirational because she puts everything out on the line, is becoming famous off of what has already been done multiple times, and has no shame.

Now to listen to one of her songs...
Ponytail by Mya featuring Nicki Minaj
(this can also be found on the side of the page under song of the week)

(Disclaimer: Each nickname and the quotes can be found in one of her songs)

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