Friday, October 16, 2015

A Number One Fan's Journey And Deep Emotions

I always knew there would be consequences that came with writing about the L words, love and lust.

See once upon a time someone told me I was good at writing emotional poems. I was just expressing my feelings, but it was so exciting I continued on and wanted everyone to become one of my readers. However, no one prepared for me the fact that one of my readers would proclaim himself my number one fan and end up moving to the same city I live in.

When did he move here? Why did he decide Houston would be his new home? I don’t have all the details. Two years ago he was getting on my nerves with inbox stories. He loved to talk about the random women and coworkers he was having sex with. While the stories didn’t turn me on, they ended up as great inspiration for a blog post, His Sexual Objectification. After writing the blog post, he continued. He would say things about how he wanted me to succeed, which was good, but he would also have these fantasies of us being together. I was in no way attracted to this stranger and I soon hit the un-friend button. 

Well, recently he decided to request me again and since my page is filled with tons of strangers, I once again accepted. It was all peaches and cream at first because there were too many people on my newsfeed for me to notice him. However, he had to make his presence known. On a Tuesday night he hit up my inbox to let me know of all the details about his new life.

He’s now in the city of Houston. He moved from Miami to here because he received a promotion and was able to get paid more here. I’m pretty sure anywhere, except New York City and Los Angeles, pays more though. However, that was how he put it. He received a promotion and ended up in the same city as his favorite online writer. Since he is here he also wants to meet me.

The answer is no. When he first asked the answer was no. I was already caught off guard by the fact that my self-proclaimed #1 fan that is a little obsessive had did a move like that. However, he took things even further. He poured his heart out to me and said why he really wanted to meet me.

He’s in a new city, lonely, and the emotions in my poems are what he always wanted to experience. I’m still not going to meet him. Maybe if I had a friend that was willing to meet him with me then I would go, but in the movies going alone is what gets a woman kidnapped and killed.

Okay, as you all know I joined dating sites recently but then I removed them all. I'm just trying to meet a very normal man and go on some very normal dates. That means I don't want the man to think sex is about to happen five minutes after meeting him and I don't want to deal with the guy that already has wedding plans made either. This doesn't seem to be the time for meeting normal men, so I quit.

However, if I was to meet a man and get enticed by everything he consists of I'd still want to take it very slow. If I could compare my feelings to any song, it would be Karina Pasian's Slow Motion.

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