Wednesday, December 11, 2013

His Sexual Objectification (Sort of Explicit)

This is loosely based off stories some guy tells me.

He's every woman's sex object. From his smooth brown skin to the dick that refuses to stay in his pants, every woman that crosses his paths begs for a piece of him. The idea of passing him up is irresistible and he is willing to give as much as any woman requests. In the blink of an eye he went from being an innocent boy to a man having more sexual experiences than most. At the tender age of 30 it both excites and haunts him.

How many men can say they hooked up with their girlfriend and her mom? He didn't want to do it, but the mom kept coming on to him. His flesh became weak, but the experience was enjoyable. 

There were also the aunts of a girl he liked. While he and the girl were dating, the aunts took every opportunity to make a move on him when no one was around. Finally one day it worked. While they didn't have full blown sex, each woman took turns pleasing him orally. They gave him head until their mouths started to hurt. While doing it, each woman videotaped the other woman so they could watch themselves over and over again. 

How many men can say they were secretly videotaped having sex? He didn't know the videotape existed until the girl showed it to her whole family. The other women taunted him with their sexual fantasies. He fought hard to move past it, but then he watched the whole hour and a half for himself. It made him feel like the female Kim Kardashian, except with skills. He then wanted to show others, because it was worth being proud of. 

He tried to stop, because there's more to love than sex. He tried searching near and far for the woman of his dreams. Whether it was the grocery store down the street, a road trip across the country, or online he started up intellectual conversations with many woman. Somehow they all seemed to go back to sex. One in particular was a girl he'd known a long time. They'd known each other so long that they called each other best friends. Upon initially getting to know her as more than friends, it was love at first sight. They liked the same hobbies, both were into the same kinds of movies, and they already knew each other's families. However, the closer they got the more sexual the relationship started to get. He was trying to venture from the route, but he'd wake up at times with her holding his dick. They were only supposed to be cuddling. It had to eventually end. 

As much as he wants intellectual conversation, sex always seems to become the popular topic. Whether hanging with friends or at work, someone brings it up. If it's not him it is the women around him. They want him and most of the time he is confident him giving the women what they want. It's his life. They objectify him and he can't help but like it. 


  1. WHOA!!!!! I think that you are what you attract and he is attracted those types of women. I also think that he is a sex addict...though he probably wishes that he wasted. Great post!

  2. Hmmm… I think someone should seek counseling… interesting post