Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What Wakes You Up Everyday?

Or better yet why do you go to work? Who are you there for? What does it do for you? Is that your final destination? What about your hobbies? Why do you call the fun things fun? Why do you go home at the end of every day? Is home the last place you want to be when you close your eyes at night? Maybe you have thoughts of moving somewhere else one day, eventually getting a better job, or maybe you're just content with where you are at.

A couple of months ago, a woman I follow on twitter asked if she had any business owners following her. There was silence in the twitter atmosphere. No one responded. The twitter trolls ignored it. Not even a single spammer came out of hiding. However, since I saw it and I consider myself an entrepreneur-in-training, I did respond. I responded by trying to help her find these business owners, or even trying to find people who eventually want to be business owners.

I feel like unless you are viewing this blog for the first time you should know my professional heart. As you make plans for the future, do you ever wonder what is motivating the people around you? I wonder about you.

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