Sunday, December 29, 2013

Some Poems I Wrote In 2013 (#SundayReflections) And Their Meanings

This year was a very creative year for me in writing. This blog post will actually make this 358th one written in 2013 and I'm dedicating it to the many poems I wrote during the year. These are my creations from July to this month and the meanings behind them. If you haven't read any or some of them, take the time to browse.

No Angel
This was inspired by Beyonce's song off of her self titled album.

Freakin' You
I started writing this poem after listening to the classic Jodeci song with the same title.

This was written after a Facebook conversation with a guy. The words that he was saying more than likely don't match up to the meaning of the poem, but the poem has been the definition of my of love so far. Although I don't give every single man a chance, somehow they manage to label me crazy because of their own insecurities.

Like A Researcher
First Sage The Gemini came out with his hit song "Red Nose" and then Plies remixed it. Plies called his version "Picasso" because he's painting her. After listening to both versions I came up with "Like A Researcher" because that's what a girl like me does.

Success Doesn't Want You And Me
I've come to the conclusion that while I'll always have some sort of an audience, it'll be the others succeeding more. Writers aren't really meant to succeed. We're meant to document the success of others while having a little fun on the side.

Breakfast Can Wait
Prince came out with a new song this year titled "Breakfast Can Wait," so I decided to write my own version of it in a poem.

Out of It 
This poem was featured of Slaiir Zonee, a website run by a very talented writer named Shaneice. She'll feature anyone that is willing to write and is very good at it. My poem, Out of It, derived from the song by B.o.B and Nicki Minaj. I wanted to write it a year ago but the inspiration wasn't there then.

Tamar Braxton has this beautiful song Pieces on her album. Upon hearing it for the first time I knew I had to write my own version. It was how I was feeling in the moment about the way these men continually push sex without adding much else to my life. I know I'm worth more than what some of these men want from me.

Envisions of A Driver
This came from Ace Hood and Chris Brown's song "Rider." They were actually saying ambitions, but you get the point. In the song Ace Hood is asking the woman how far she would go to be with him, so in my poem I'm laying down my requests.

If I Was
There's this beautiful song by singer Ayo called "Down On My Knees." She's explaining how greater she is than the woman he has left her for. Although I'm probably greater, I'm not the begging type. I'm the type that'll thirst over pictures of men around the web, in the club, or across the room at a nice restaurant. I love eye candy until that one man catches my attention and has me thirsting for him only.

Love of My Life
This poem was simply about the love of my life that I haven't met yet. Every once in a while I write one of these to keep hope alive.

First Love
This one is about how I thought I had experienced my first love, but it hasn't happened yet.

Half On A Baby
This is inspired by R. Kelly.

The next few are a series of poems I wrote about adoption. No, I've never done it.
Baby Cravings
Someone's Child

Feministic Submission
This was a poem I wrote using Beyonce songs in the middle of the year. You know how they recently had a big discussion on her being a feminist? Well, I used the label for my poem a couple months ago. Of course I incorporated a little bit of Rihanna in it too. There are really a lot of women singers that have feminist lyrics.


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