Monday, July 22, 2013

Half On A Baby (Poem)

So I was listening to R. Kelly and this poem can to form. I'll just call it Half On A Baby. Enjoy.

Let's go half on a baby
I know it's driving you crazy
Seeing all the Facebook updates
One, two, three cute children
Designer strollers are in
Baby food can be bought anywhere
And fathers taking care of their children is a win
Women like me putting their beauty aside
All that matters is the life they're carrying inside
But I know it's not just a woman's intuition
You're a man
You want to know that feeling too
Contemplating no condom usage
Planting your seed and watching it grow
Helping me through the stages
And on that special day when the baby is born
You helped do that
You helped bring a new life into the world
Whether it's a boy or a girl
You know you want to
So let's go half on a baby

Wait, it's not just about that
Remember that night
Yeah, I know you do
It was just supposed to be sex
But we connected on a much deeper level
I wanted to know more
And you did too
Like, what's your favorite color
And what makes you smile
What do you do for fun most of the time
How often do you get nervous
Is it okay if I make you mine
Wait, how much money do you have
Yeah, we should be more than friends
Lovers is a better word
Cause the sex can only get better
And a cute couple sounds better
Because we look good together
And my emotions are running wild
I can't get you out of my mind
You're the man of my dreams
So we have to make this official
And one day go half on a wedding band

But see, it's not just about marriage
Or bringing a child into the world
Ever since your touch, I've been craving more
When looking in the mirror I feel sexier
Has my skin been glowing
Are my breasts perkier than yesterday
And in dreams, I touch myself
See, you haunt me and make me feel good
So it's only natural that we get together
Only right that we do what's natural
Come on and be mine

P.S. I need a drink now.

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