Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hollywood Exes Describes Rich Women Problems

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Hollywood Exes had it's season two premiere yesterday and it was definitely no Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. There was no ratchetness, no apartment living, no nice houses deprived of furniture, and definitely no pawning of engagement rings, and no arguing with exes. Instead we saw rich women issues. 

"How so?" you ask. Well, Nicole Murphy (Eddie Murphy ex-wife) showed off the Beverly Hills mansion she was in the process of building. I have to google to see if it's done already. She bragged about being with Michael Strahan and getting to travel between New York and California. Can you do that with no worries? Oh, and she show-cased her beauty. I'm jealous of Nicole's beauty. Plus she talked about how Michael gave her a black card. Do you understand what a black card is? It has an unlimited amount of credit. 

Then there was Jessica Conseco (ex-wife of Jose Conseco). Her first appearance on season two was of her buying up all the jewelry she could get her hands on. She said it was for her daughter, but she was grabbing some for herself too. Can you go into a jewelry store and just grab? I know I can't. Maybe I just haven't rubbed on the right genie yet. Oh, and let's not forget on this first episode we saw her and Jose buy their daughter a nice expensive car. In one of the confessionals Jessica said buying the car will help make up for time Jose didn't spend with her daughter. That's rich people code for spend money to make up for not being there. 

Mayte Garcia, prince's ex-wife may have been dealing with an issue that some of use women with less money can relate too. That's having a child to call her own. However, her problem wasn't the one that us young women go through. Hers related to the older crowd struggle with trying to have a child at the last minute. Mayte was talking about adopting. Now some of us are afraid to bring children in the world right now, but don't have financials to provide for other lives. Mayte, on the other hand, was showcasing how badly she wants to take care of another life. Wait, this is where it becomes a rich woman's issue. 

In the process of the adoption Mayte was able to meet the mother of the child she wanted to adopt. This means they were not going through the system's process. This was strictly a private adoption with money being given in exchange for a child. The middle man was cut out totally. Oh, and Mayte's mom would rather her go to a sperm clinic than do the adoption. In my community, we're trying to stop women from having babies with community dick. 

I'm not quite sure what life Sheree Fletcher (ex-wife of Will Smith) is living, but it is not the poor woman's life. While shopping with some of the other women she admitted no man has ever handed her a credit card. No man has ever given me his credit card either. We have something in common. It is clear Sheree is not hurting for money. We've seen at least one of her business ventures fail, but she didn't have any worries. Remember the Whoop-Ash hair products? Yeah, she ain't talking about it either. Plus she and her husband live in California and she travels to Los Angeles to hang with the other women. Cali is an expensive place. 

Now of all the women Andrea Kelly seems to stand out from the crowd the most. She is a dancer, down to earth, fun, but knows her age and will not tolerate mess. Andrea also knows the life of the less fortunate and is not tricking out like the rest of the women. Although I'm sure she could if she wanted to. 

Finally there is Shamicka Lawrence and Daphne Wayans. Shamicka was not talked about in this season two premiere of Hollywood Exes. However, from the looks of Vh1's description of her, Shamicka will be a poster woman for Lupus. Only rich people that we've never heard of can become representatives for any and every issue that touches our lives. Daphne, on the other hand, was introduced during Mayte's adoption announcement. Daphne is definitely not hurting for any kind of money. 

See, this is all rich people issues. I don't understand, but I'll keep watching. Are you watching too? 

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