Monday, July 1, 2013

Dear 2013 BET Awards

Dear 2013 BET Awards,

I'm not speaking for all the women who love hood celebrations mixed with a dash of classy activity, but   the 2013 BET Awards was great. Over the last couple of years the show has been falling off. There have been good moments, but overall hood messes. This year was a huge improvement over the 2012 awards show.

First off before the awards even started, I could have easily been sent to twitter jail. As a blogger, I had to pace myself a lot. I had to hold back some of my thoughts just to keep tweeting. Anyway, the show opened up with Chris Brown featuring Nicki Minaj. We could have done without Nicki using terms that had to be censored, but at least you caught it. From there the performances only got better.

I can't go into detail about everything, but R. Kelly was my favorite. I've been in love with that man since before I was old enough to admit my love for him. The band was a great touch for R. Kelly and his performance was a huge teaser for every great song he's ever done. I was so sucked in that I found myself forgiving the legend for auto-tuning himself on a song I'd rather not talk about in 2013. Now..

The best performance of all was when Charlie Wilson hopped on the stage after his tribute. It was nice of you to make us think it was an impromptu performance. We know that was staged. Joining him was Pharrell, Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion if you prefer that), and Justin Timberlake. Those old men were breaking it down dancing their hearts out. They had so much soul. Do that or better next year please.
Oh, and thank you for premiering Kendrick Lamar's version of Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe with Erykah Badu. That was the best. Now I'm waiting patiently for them to go in the studio and release it on iTunes. Oh, you definitely made Kendrick Lamar's life with this. He was gushing like a five year old as they walked off stage.

Oh, the part that was annoying was the phrase Turn Up thanks to Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart Definitely killed the term Turn Up. Kevin was so turned up that the people around him turned their own energies down just to handle it. Then Ray J screamed "Turn Up" after the awards. The phrase has to go.

There was so much that was good about this year's show that I can't write it all down. I tweeted a lot though. Anyway I love hood stuff. I love classiness. I love when hood meets classy. Do it again next year.

See You Next Year,
Lashuntrice Bradley AkA Mrs Star Staus

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