Wednesday, July 3, 2013

BET Apologizes To B. Scott For Discrimination

The rumors that B. Scott was discriminated against at the BET Awards was true. Why invite someone to be a host when you're going to disrespect them?

Well, BET realized they were wrong. Maybe it was a guilty conscience from someone who disrespected B. Scott's look or maybe that many blog posts supporting him forced the networks opinion. Either way, they gave their most sincerest apology. Read it below.

“BET Networks embraces global diversity in all its forms and seeks to maintain an inclusive workforce and a culture that values all perspectives and backgrounds,” the statement read. “The incident with B. Scott was a singular one with a series of unfortunate miscommunications from both parties. We regret any unintentional offense to B. Scott and anyone within the LGBT community and we seek to continue embracing all gender expressions.”

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