Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Someone's Child (Poem)

This is the third and last poem in a series of poems I wrote about how a woman wants a child, but ends up giving the child up for reasons. Well, at least this third one is about going through the birthing process, but choosing adoption over keeping the child. All three poems will be posted on my Facebook together in one post soon. In the mean time enjoy Someone's Child

Via A Friend's Instagram

Someone’s Child
Sometimes I imagine what she’d be like
Would she have hair like me?
Tough enough to break a comb
Hours to create a style
But point some leave-in conditioner on it
Or oil that hair heavily
And the process would not be a problem
And what kind of clothes would she like
Would her style be like mines?
Meaning she’d throw anything on
Or would she have an organized wardrobe
Nothing but girly stuff for a pretty girl
Or would she be a tomboy
Hiding behind baggy clothes
Always staying silent
Never letting anyone into her world
But alas I wouldn’t know
On that day I decided I couldn’t handle her
The responsibility was too much
So right after giving birth
I opted not to hold her
And just gave her up

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