Sunday, July 7, 2013

Marriage Bootcamp: Porsha And Byron's Marriage

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I was going to blog about every single episode of Marriage Bootcamp, but laziness got in the way. However, I have been watching. Every marriage in the bootcamp is messed up, but the weirdest one so far is Porsha and Byron. Here's what has happened so far and why it is strange.

From the beginning Porsha has been loud and kind of annoying to people. Of all the people in the house, she doesn't hold back from expressing her feelings. Well that is up until the last episode. Byron has been the quiet guy that has to deal with annoying Porsha. Everyone has walked around thinking Byron is the perfect dude and Porsha is putting him through Hell for no reason. Although one thing about him has remained clear. He's been hiding something.

The main reason these two ended up in Marriage Bootcamp was because Byron would not let Porsha see his phone. That was the main sign that he was hiding something, but he insisted he was telling the truth. He insisted he wasn't cheating and she insisted on continuing to yell. See, the good thing about their dysfunctional relationship is they haven't created any children together. She has a child from a previous relationship and he has three children from previous relationships. The bad part is for several episodes (who knows how long they were in the house) Byron was lying.

After having a health problem that led to him passing out, Bryon finally confessed to the husband marriage counselor that he had indeed cheated on Porsha. Not only did he cheat while they were married, but he was cheating before they put on their wedding band. That's horrible. Upon finding out, Porsha did not turn into a bridezilla. Why?

If I found out my husband cheated on me, especially if I had been insisting on knowing for a while, I'd attack him. I'd shout, scream, kick, and be ready to take the ring off. Who wants to wear the ring that came from the man who has not been honoring the vowels? He's not just ignoring his vowels. He's continuing to lie after confessing the truth.

In front of the marriage counselor Byron said he would start over. He would be faithful. He would get on Porsha's phone plan she could see who he was talking to. He would let Porsha look at his phone. It was all a lie. After the counselor left, he was singing the same song.

Oh, and the only thing Porsha said that would come off as mad was "This'll be the last time you make a fool of me." Other than that, she was concerned about his well-being since he'd just got out of the hospital.

Listen, I don't give a damn what a doctor said. I'll put him back in the hospital for lying this whole time and then continuing with the same issues after confessing.

But something is wrong with Porsha, or should I say was? These episodes are very pre-taped so she could have gotten counseling to deal with her own issues. She could have also just had an epiphany on how good of a woman she really is. Those issues involve very low self esteem. How can I tell? She asked Byron what she did to make him cheat. She wanted to know what was wrong with herself. WOW!

As women, we've all asked ourselves this a time or two (or three or four). Well, that is unless a woman married her childhood sweetheart and they've never had any problems. The rest of us have wondered what the Hell was wrong with us, or maybe just me. I've pondered what was wrong with me. What do I need to change? What is it about me that makes him want to be with me, but not exclusively? Why do I keep getting the short end of the stick? Porsha said she feels like she's always been the dealt the short end of the stick.

See, I was watching for entertainment purposes only. Now this Bridezillas Marriage Bootcamp has me thinking. Ugh! Have you been watching? What do you think about Bryon and Porsha.


  1. Number one did I actually see Porsha sucking her thumb on TV? wow! Give me a break Porsha just wants a man, she is not going anywhere. Of course she has low self esteem she is a young lady who s clearly out f shape and when she was passing gas that was disgusting.

  2. Keep in mind she had daddy issues as well. Porsha father had abandon her and she met him on the show or at least that is how they made it seem, with that said and Byron being a cheater she would have low self esteem. I feel bad for her and she needs counseling.