Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Soul Man Season 2 The Insider Episode

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It's a couple episodes into season two of The Soul Man, but I'm starting recaps now. However, this isn't a full episode recap. This is only the popular phrases that are popping up in the season. Check out some sayings below.

In that last episode titled My Brother's Keeper Boyce (Cedric The Entertainer) and Lolli (Neicy Nash) start to enjoy their empty home. The enjoyment only lasts a little bit and then Stamps (Wesley Jonathan)  ends up moving in with them. Lolli is so mad she gives Boyce a look. To explain her look she says "In my mind I was slapping you." 

"In my mind I was slapping you" is probably going to be my favorite phrase of the season. I'm just waiting to use it on some unsuspecting man. 

The Insider episode, that came on last night, has it's own catch phrase to remember, which is "He don't want it." 

"He don't want it" is repeated several times after Lolli's sister comes into town. As they joke about Boyce in front of him, before he can reply they say "He don't want it" and laugh. This is definitely very laugh-worthy. 

I'm definitely tuning in every Wednesday night for more popular phrases and laughs. 

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