Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Am Not My Ass (And Neither Is Erykah Badu)

"Do you understand the metaphoric phrase light as a rock? It's explaining how heavy the young lady is. You know what I'm saying King? Yes my brother, but I would consider light as a rock because the usage of the word ass."-- MC Lyte, Lyte As A Rock
Via Rap-Up.com

I am not my ass. We women are way more than our asses. However, there always comes a moment where men reduce us down to that one body part. 

After watching the 2013 BET Awards we can all say this is the time of the young rappers. More than anyone else, people anxiously awaited J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar's performances and they both shined. However, an old school singer took over Kendrick Lamar's spotlight. 

That singer is Erykah Badu. During Kendrick's performance Ms. Badu came out and performed Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe with him. However, the performance was not what people were concentrating on. Twitter went crazy over Erykah Badu's ass. The men on twitter were so deep in conversation about Erykah Badu's ass that they practically forgot what exactly she was on stage performing for a minute. She must have realized this, because later on in the awards show she threw on a white jacket, which covered her backside. 

While Ms. Badu's ass is big, there is way more to her than that. She is a talented icon that we've grown to look up to. She has timeless hits, such as Call Tyrone, that we know every word to. So we should not be reducing her worth by focusing on her body part. 

There's someone out there that's thinking "Why does Lashuntrice care? She's not working with much back there. She just jealous." Nah, see I'm trying to be recognized for my talents and not my looks. Respect that. Stop reducing us women by focusing on our asses, breasts, and even hair. Focus on what's more important, the impression we're leaving on others. 

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