Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Feministic Submission (Poem)

Hey baby 
You must not know
Hey baby
I'm in control
Hey baby
I'm a rockstar
So baby bow down
If you got a foot fetish
Show some respect
Kiss my toes
Admire my feet
Or if you're breast man
Remind me how perky they are
And if you're a sex fiend
Want me day and night
If you really need me
Beg and plead
Prove that it's me you need
Whatever I want
Take your time
Figure me out
Cause you're just my type
You're just the kind
Make me lose control
Treat you right
As you cater to me
Make me feel whole
And want to go half on a baby
Prove your love to me
And I'll be here to serve you
No main chick
No sideline games
Your one and only
Let me call you my man
And you claim me as your woman
Boy I know you want me
So let's stop playing games
Unless you're just not ready

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