Monday, July 15, 2013

Devious Maids (I Think I'm In The Wrong Career Field)

Via Lifetime 
Rich unhappy people, adultery, murder, gossip... who knew being a maid was so exciting? There's a new original series on Lifetime called Devious Maids and it makes me think I might be trying to get into the wrong career field. Why? The juiciness is totally delicious.

Devious Maids started out with the murder of a maid named Flora Hernandez, played by Paula Garces. The maid gets stabbed, stumbles into a crowded party the house owners are throwing, and lands in the middle of their pool. As this happens another worker, a man, stumbles out with a knife. Everyone is shocked, but even more, the woman of the house is upset because there's no one to clean up to mess. Her maid was just stabbed to death after all. A new maid is soon hired, but there is something about this new maid no one knows. She also works for the police department. This is where everything gets more interesting.

Marisol Duarte, played by Ana Ortiz, is the undercover cop posing as a maid. Then again Marisol could also just be a mother going under cover for the police. The man that was possibly framed in the dead maid's murder is her son. In the midst of trying to find out what happened to the dead maid she has discovered some secrets that is leading to more questions. One is that the dead maid Flora was pregnant, but in the final autopsy report, there is no evidence of the woman being pregnant. Also, she found out that Flora was having an affair with the husband of the house and always planned to get impregnated by someone rich. I have a wish to carry a rich man's child too. However, I think the case is to find out who killed this maid. The man with the knife was supposedly framed.

Then there is Evelyn Powell, played by Rebecca Wisocky. Evelyn is one of the elite women of Beverly Hills and is married to Adrian. She's also great at keeping secrets, like the secret of who killed her maid Flora. All Evelyn cared about was who was going to clean up the blood in her pool.

Oh, but my favorite character is Rosie Falta, played by Dania Ramirez. Rose is the maid with a halo on her head. That is until she kisses (and possibly does more) with her boss Spence Westmore, played by Grant Snow. He runs into her arms after hearing his wife talk badly about his acting skills and she doesn't push back. Ooh!

There are a lot more characters, but these are the ones that have brought the most entertainment to me so far. I'm loving this show and really thinking I'm going down the wrong career path possibly. Is being a maid really that juicy? I live for entertainment. Have you been watching too?

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