Thursday, July 4, 2013

Da Brat Has New Song And Visuals To It

"I'm a pretty mothafucka with a lot of gangsta and I will bust a cap in you." Shawntae Harris, also known as Da Brat, is back with new music.

While some old school rappers have retired for different careers, Da Brat is not giving up. After being released from prison in 2011, she did a few remixes to other people's songs. However, it seems as if she is ready to continue her career with her own original sound.

I knew this was coming. Last year Da Brat let stylist June Ambrose give her a brand new look. This had to mean she was coming back with brand new music and here it is. The new song Da Brat has released is called Is It Chu and a music video accompanies it.

Check it out below.

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