Monday, July 8, 2013

Drop Dead Diva Is Back For Another Season

Via Huffington Post 
Drop Dead Diva is back with season 5. It seems like just yesterday this Lifetime original series came on for the first time and I've been hooked ever since. Who knew a woman could die, go up to Heaven, and press a button that would send her back in a another woman's body? Who also knew that guardian angels could accompany you in your new life to make sure you behave? Well Drop Dead Diva has been making it happen for four seasons and the 5th season is off to an excellent entertaining start.

It seems as if Jane is finally over Grayson. That story line was getting old anyway. However, she's broken the heart of the lawyer, Owen, who wanted to marry her and cannot seem to repair it no matter what she says. The weird part is he gives her a case of a woman whose heart was broken when her ex-fiance cancelled the wedding two days before they were supposed to get married. Crazy! Jane does her job though. She wins the lawsuit as usual.

Fred is gone now. I loved his cute angelic self. However, there's a new person on the scene. His name is Paul, he's another angel, he's cute, and he's homeless. Jane and Stacey are letting him crash with them. According to TV Fantatic he'll be naked a lot and by the looks of this episode, I don't mind.

Stacey has come a long way too. She use to be a shallow model. Now she's a business woman who started up with a half a pie. I like the new Stacey. She's so mature and business-minded. Oh, and she also helps at the law firm when she can.

Grayson used her in this first episode to get the names of the biological future parents in the case of a pregnant woman. The case involved a surrogate who thought the people who wanted the child had decided to abandon it with her. She was taking them to court. However, only their lawyer showed up. The case didn't hold up because there were no legal documents and the one carrying the child is considered the mom by law. The lawyer in the surrogacy case also ended up with a warrant for her arrest for illegal practices.

Kim worked with Grayson on the surrogacy case, but there was something very glowy about her. She's pregnant and raising the child on her own. This is super interesting.

P.S. I learned via twitter that surrogacy is not recognized in the court of law.

So I have to watch the first episode of the season still. Also, the show was initially going to be cancelled and I'm just realizing it. WOW! I'm glad they decided not to cancel.

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